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Mazin' Hamster Hamlet

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Hamster Hamlet

The Hamster Hamlet is a place in the Mazin' Hamsters section of Webkinz World which can be explored for Mazin' Moolah and prizes. It is divided into activities that can be done only once a day (Daily Activities) and an Explore the Hamlet! section that can be done more frequently.

Daily Activities

Moolah Mountain

File:moolah logo.png

The Moolah Mountain was introduced in April 2011. Hamsters race down a mountain, gathering Mazin' Moolah during a timed session. Players that reach the bottom of the mountain have a possibility of winning a prize. Players that do not reach the bottom in time will receive the Moolah but no prize.

(Picture Gallery) Mazin' Hamsters

Gift Grab


In Gift Grab, players search with their Hamsters for up to three floating gifts. The gifts can contain Mazin' Moolah, tube pieces, or maze rooms. This activity can be performed only once per day, and once three gifts have been opened, Hamsters are forced to exit the Gift Grab part of the Hamlet. Accordingly, it is suggested that players collect all the Mazin' Moolah in the Gift Grab section before opening the third gift. Note that if you leave this part of the Hamlet before collecting all three gifts, you cannot return until the next day. There is no time limit on this activity.

Key Craze


Key Craze, was added November 23, 2010. Players have three minutes to search the Hamster Hamlet for a key to unlock a treasure chest that contains room or pet prizes. If you find a key, 10 seconds are added to your time. When a key is found, a blue arrow appears showing the path to the treasure chest. If a key does not yield a prize, players can search for another key. Since every key does not yield a prize, don't waste time collecting Mazin' Moolah! Once a prize is unlocked, players are forced to exit this part of the Hamlet.

Click HERE to see pictures of the prizes awarded in the Key Craze activity

Explore the Hamlet!


Hamster Hamlet was introduced in October 2010 allowing Hamsters to explore for Mazin' Moolah and special prizes.


In the Explore the Hamlet! area, players can choose to simply "Explore" and collect Mazin' Moolah by walking/running hamsters through coins or players can participate in either timed or untimed "Challenges". In the picture above, the left gate takes your hamster to the Forest Zone, the middle gate to the Mountain Zone and the righthand gate goes to the Lagoon Zone.

In December 2010, Explore the Hamlet! was divided into two zones (Mountain and Forest). In May 2011, the Lagoon was added.

The three Hamlet Zones are:

(Hamster Hamlet) Forest Zone
(Hamster Hamlet) Mountain Zone
(Hamster Hamlet) Lagoon Zone

Hamlet Challenges

Main Article: (Hamster Hamlet) Challenges


The Hamlet Challenges are an excellent way to attain KinzCash, Mazin' Moolah, a food prize and an object prize all in a single activity.

There are currently four challenges that can be found in the Explore Hamlet area. These challenges can be timed or not timed. The "Beat the Clock" timed activities provide special prizes (food prize at level 5 and object prize at level 10). The "Take Your Time" activities provide only Moolah and Kinzcash.


Completing level 5 of the timed challenges will provide a food prize. Completing level 10 awards a non-food prize.

=> Click here to see all the possible challenge prizes

Find the Flags

In this activity, you explore mazes to get flags.

Hidden Objects

This activity involves looking for sparkles that appear in the ground and standing over them to find gems.

Matching Pairs

In this activity, you search for the sparkles as above, but you look for the pairs, example: If you find a moon shape, you have to find the other moon shape but if you find a heart, the moon shape is replaced with the heart and now you have to find another heart.

Zum Round Up

In this activity, you go looking for zums and collect them then take them "to the party" which is a blue circle surrounded by baloons in the Hamlet.

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