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Manic Magic Theme

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Theme History

The Manic Magic Theme was introduced to Webkinz World in April 2011.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
FIle:beautifulassistantdress.png Beautiful Assistant Dress Ganz eStore ? points
FIle:beautifulassistanthat.png Beautiful Assistant Hat Ganz eStore ? points
File:beautifulassistantheels.png Beautiful Assistant Heels Ganz eStore ? points
File:herculeanbutterflyillusion.png Herculean Butterfly Illusion[1] Ganz eStore 7000 points (6000 for Deluxe)
FIle:incrediblelevitatingpetillusion.png Incredible Levitating Pet Illusion Ganz eStore 4500 points (3500 for deluxe)
FIle:isthisyourcardcrystalball.png Is this Your Card? Crystal Ball Ganz eStore 4000 points (3000 for deluxe)
FIle:manicmagicaudiencechair.png Manic Magic Audience Chair wShop 125 KC
File:manicmagicescapetank.png Manic Magic Escape Tank Ganz eStore ? points
FIle:manicmagicproptrunk.png Manic Magic Prop Trunk Ganz eStore 5000 points (4000 for deluxe)
File:manicmagictophat.png Manic Magic Top Hat Ganz eStore 2000 points
FIle:manicmagiciancostume.png Manic Magician Costume Ganz eStore ? points
FIle:manicmagicianhat.png Manic Magician Hat Ganz eStore ? points
File:manicmagicianshoes.png Manic Magician Shoes Ganz eStore ? points
FIle:manicmagicshowflooring.png Manic Magic Show Flooring Ganz eStore 1000 points
File:manicmagicshowwallpaper.png Manic Magic Show Wallpaper Ganz eStore 2000 points (1500 for deluxe)
File:mindovermatterillusion.png Mind Over Matter Illusion Ganz eStore ? points
FIle:theastoundingtransportedpet.png The Astounding Transported Pet Ganz eStore 6500 points
FIle:thedeceptivedisappearingzangoz.png The Deceptive Disappearing Zangoz Ganz eStore ? points
FIle:trickybouquet.png Tricky Bouquet Ganz eStore 2000 points

  1. The Herculean Butterfly Illusion is a vehicle.

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