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Magical Forest Theme

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Theme History

The Magical Forest Theme is made up of prizes from Fairy Falls, Magic Mire, Alyssa's Star Challenge, and Woodland Wonders, as well as several eStore items.

Theme Preview

File:Magical Charm Forest Theme Preview.png

Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type
Alyssaplush.png Alyssa Plush Magic Mire Prize
Ancientbronzefairyshield.png Ancient Bronze Fairy Shield Woodland Wonders Prize
2437-1.png Charm Armoire Fairy Falls Prize
2438-1.png Charm Credenza Fairy Falls Prize
File:Charmforestarmchair.png Charm Forest Armchair Ganz eStore (Mystery Bag)
File:Charmforestbathtub.png Charm Forest Bathtub Ganz eStore
File:Charmforestbed.png Charm Forest Bed Ganz eStore
Charmforestcoffeetable.png Charm Forest Coffee Table Magic Mire Prize
2278-1.png Charm Forest Dining Chair Fairy Falls Prize
2279-1.png Charm Forest Dining Table Fairy Falls Prize
2292-1.png Charm Forest Floor Fairy Falls Prize
Charmforestflowers.png Charm Forest Flowers Magic Mire Prize
File:Charmforestfridge.png Charm Forest Fridge Ganz eStore
File:Charmforestkitchencounter.png Charm Forest Kitchen Counter Ganz eStore
Charmforestmirror.png Charm Forest Mirror Magic Mire Prize
File:Charmforestroomdivider.png Charm Forest Room Divider Ganz eStore (Mystery Bag)
Charmforestrunestone.png Charm Forest Rune Stone Magic Mire Prize
Charmforestsofa.png Charm Forest Sofa Magic Mire Prize
File:Charmforeststove.png Charm Forest Stove Ganz eStore
2293-1.png Charm Forest Wallpaper Fairy Falls Prize
Charmforestwindow.png Charm Forest Window Magic Mire Prize
2282-1.png Charm Tree Box Fairy Falls Prize
Emeraldeyepyramid.png Emerald Eye Pyramid Forest Key Prize
2280-1.png Fairy Falls Fountain Fairy Falls Prize
Fairyhighcouncilthrone.png Fairy High Council Throne Alyssa's Star Challenge Prize
2283-1.png Fairy Topiary Fairy Falls Prize
Goldleafarmoire.png Gold Leaf Armorie Forest Key Prize
Goldleafdiningchair.png Gold Leaf Dining Chair Forest Key Prize
Goldleafdiningtable.png Gold Leaf Dining Table Forest Key Prize
2281-1.png Grand Charmling Tree Fairy Falls Prize
Magicmiremarsh.png Magic Mire Marsh Magic Mire Prize
2284-1.png Magical Forest Crystal Forest Key Prize
Magicalforestkeyplaque.png Magical Forest Key Plaque Forest Key Prize
Malefairyplush.png Male Fairy Plush Woodland Wonders Prize
Nafariaplush.png Nafaria Plush Magic Mire Prize
Pixiepodballoons.png Pixie Pod Balloons Forest Key Prize
Wandsparkletree.png Wand Sparkle Tree Woodland Wonders Prize
Woodlandwonderscollectionbox.png Woodland Wonders Collection Box Forest Key Prize

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