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Lily Padz 2

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Lily Padz 2 is a Webkinz World Arcade game that was created as a sequel to the game Lily Padz. It was added to the Arcade on March 17, 2010.




The object of Lily Padz 2 is to get your frog without drowning or touching the water. You have to skillfully move your way through the lily padz, rocks, and flowers, as well as avoid the bees and survive the Downpourz. After you complete all 10 levels, you will recieve a trophy.


Control the frog with the arrow keys. When you press the right arrow key, the frog will hop approximately 1 1/2 lily padz, so be careful.

To jump, press your spacebar. Hold to get the power gauge to the power you want, and then let go. To change the angle of the jump, press the right and left arrow keys while holding the spacebar.

If you know you will need a different angle soon, but you don't want to jump, press the Shift button and find the angle you want by moving the left and right arrow keys.


There is a trophy for this game. It is awarded after Level 10 of the game has been completed. Only one trophy can be won per account, and it can not be KinzPosted, traded, or sold.


There is currently one known My Page badge available from Lily Padz 2, the Dry Heights Badge.

It is currently unknown what triggers the badge to be awarded.


Below is a snapshot from each level of the main obstacle or sequence of events needing to be conquered.

  • Level 1 - A basic, "get to know things" level.
  • Level 2 - Moving through constant Downpourz.
  • Level 3 - Getting used to mushrooms and aiming. Introduction to logs.
  • Level 4 - Learning to move accurately, developing strategies, moving on logs.
  • Level 5 - Skills in accuracy, mushrooms, and logs.
  • Level 6 - Moving quickly on rocks through downpourz. Difficult sequences.
  • Level 7 - Jumping on logs through long sequences of tall flowers.
  • Level 8 - Introduction to bees.
  • Level 9 - Has a beginning that involves making it to a mushroom sequence before the Downpourz begin. Moving across mushrooms through Downpourz.
  • Level 10 - Large jumps across log sequences and onto mushrooms.


  • Don't stay on the lily padz or mushrooms too long, as they will sink. If the rain comes, don't stay on the rock because you will drown.
  • It's a good idea to memorize levels as they come along.
  • In some levels, the sequences of obstacles vary in a few places. For example, in Level 1 sometimes there is a flower after the first mushroom platform and sometimes there isn't.
  • Try to avoid the bees. If they touch you, you can't move for a bit of time.
  • Try to finish the level as fast as you can. The faster, the more bonus you will get at the end.
  • Shelter on mushrooms in rain, but try to move frequently.

High Scoring

According to the the WI High Score Board, the highest score achieved by a WebkinzInsider member in Lily Padz 2 is 21,419 by member monkeecj.