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Lil' Kinz

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This is a work in progress. Lots of details still need to be filled in. 

File:Lil kinz.PNG

Overview of Lil' Kinz Pets

Lil' Kinz pets are identical to Regular Webkinz Pets but they're smaller - only 6 1/2" tall.

In Webkinz World, their image is also smaller but their PSI, PSF, and Adoption Gifts are exactly the same as the regular sized Webkinz pets. The only difference is the size of the plushie, the size of the WW image, and their price! Sometimes you can find GREAT sales on Lil' Kinz pets. Lil' Kinz generally cost less than Regular Webkinz Pets.

Lil' Kinz pets have appeared in the Valentine's Day bags and Easter/Spring Bags which have been sold at some retailers.

Nobody knows if Ganz discontinued the line or not, but the last Lil' Kinz released was the Tomato Clown Fish in July 2009.

List of Lil' Kinz Pets

This is a sortable list of Lil' Kinz Pets. For additional information on the pets listed below, please see the Full List Of All Webkinz Pets.

Pet Name Item Number
Alley Cat HS042
Basset Hound HS013
Black & White Cat HS016
Black & White Cheeky Dog HS192
Black Bear HS004
Black Lab HS136
Black Poodle HS191
Blue Triggerfish HS526
Bluejay HS504
Bulldog HS126
Bullfrog HS114
Canary HS511
Cardinal HS503
Chickadee HS501
Chicken HS205
Chihuahua HS104
Clydesdale HS139
Cocker Spaniel HS011
Cow HS003
Dalmatian HS123
Elephant HS007
Frog HS001
Gecko HS186
Golden Retriever HS010
Googles® HS021
Gorilla HS040
Grey & White Cat HS015
Hippo HS009
Horse HS103
Hummingbird HS502
Husky HS120
Koala HS113
Lamb HS201
Leopard HS031
Lion HS006
Lioness HS193
Monkey HS008
Orange Cat HS017
Oriole HS510
Panda HS111
Penguin HS132
Persian Cat HS110
Pig HS002
Pink Glitter Fish HS525
Pink Poodle HS107
Polar Bear HS116
Polka Back Fish HS524
Pug HS105
Purple Goldfish HS512
Rabbit HS078
Robin HS513
Seahorse HS507
Seal HS023
St. Bernard HS012
Tiger HS032
Tomato Clown Fish HS516
Tree Frog HS109
Unicorn HS069
White Mouse HS207
White Poodle HS014
White Terrier HS106
Yorkie HS070