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Language Class

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General Description

This course is a little bit like a word puzzle. Several words will appear on the left side of the chalk board. Each word will have one or more letters that don't belong. On the right side of the board are rows of squares, the same number of rows as words on the left side. Each of those rows of squares has one or more squares filled in. You match up the words on the left with the squares on the right to line up the letters that don't belong with the squares that are filled in. You do this by "drawing" an arrow using your mouse pointer.[1]

Language Class Screenshot


Like with all Kinzville Academy Courses the Language Class awards prizes after members complete Level 5 and Level 10.

Level 5

File:action_hide.jpgWhen you complete level 5 with your first pet you will get the Hide Eyes action.

Level 10

For each pet that passes level 10 you will receive one Academy Language Class Gift Box Each box allows you to pick one of the following items.

Class Act Chalk Board
Decorative Inkwell
Overstuffed Bookshelf
Pencil Chair
Pile of Books Trophy Pedestal
Writer's Desk
Writing Award


Due to the fact that you can only choose one item per box if you want all 7 prizes you will have to get 7 of your pets to pass Level 10. None of the prizes can be traded, sent via kinzpost, or sold back to the wShop.

(The class act chalk board is newer than the other prizes and was added in June 2016.)[2]


Antigonus wrote a great guide to the Language class that is located at:

  • If you don't see the answer quickly, keep moving down the line and then go back and then match up the remaining one(s).
  • Start by eliminating the boxes with the most amount next to each other, like 4 boxes (letters) together then 3 etc.