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Kooky Scientist Theme

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Theme History

The Kooky Scientist Theme was added to Webkinz World in 2006. Most of the theme is composed of Rare Curio Shop Items. A few of the items in the theme are Arte's Favorite Items (also known as CSOs). The Kooky Scientist theme existed without wallpaper or flooring. In January 2013 after retirement of the the room theme (see the retirement section below), Webkinz members reported the first appearance of the Kooky Wallpaper. [1] Kooky Test Tubes were also reported as a prize in January 2013. The Kooky Flooring is the one other prize that has emerged.


The theme was retired in April 2010. All of the items in the theme were retired with the exception of two Arte's Favorite Items: the scientific trophy pedestal and the thinking chair. Both of these items are still sold from time to time in the Curio Shop. The Kooky Scientist theme was the first Rare theme to be retired. A second rare theme, the Egyptian Theme was retired in June 2012.

Theme Preview


Rare Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type
1149-1.png Clock of the Future Officially Retired
1156-1.png Domo Roboto Dresser Officially Retired
1152-1.png Dream-o-Meter Bed Officially Retired
1275-1.png Experiment Station 1 Officially Retired
1278-1.png Experiment Station 2 Officially Retired
1279-1.png Experiment Station 3 Officially Retired
1280-1.png Experiment Station 4 Officially Retired
1269-1.png Formula Blackboard Officially Retired
1271-1.png Geographic Globe Officially Retired
1272-1.png Incubation Chamber Officially Retired
1270-1.png Interstellar Telescope Officially Retired
1268-1.png Manic Monitor Officially Retired
1157-1.png Opus Sofa Officially Retired
1155-1.png Robo-Handy Table Officially Retired
1276-1.png Super-Secure Trapdoor Toy Box Officially Retired
1273-1.png Thoughtful Think Tank Officially Retired
1170-1.png Ultimate Experiment Station Officially Retired

Other Furniture

The Screwy Lamp was officially retired in April 2010. The other two items are still available.

Picture Name Item Type
File:Kookyscientistflooring.png Kooky Scientist Flooring Trading Card Series 1 [2]
File:Kookytesttubes.png Kooky Test Tubes Trading Card Series 1 [3]
File:Kookyscientistwallpaper.png Kooky Scientist Wallpaper Trading Card Series 1 [4]
728-1.png Scientific Trophy Pedestal Curio Shop Only, 450 KC
1171-1.png Screwy Lamp Officially Retired
1169-1.png Thinking Chair Curio Shop Only, 1325 KC

Trading Cards

The Kooky Scientist Theme is featured on some Webkinz Trading Cards:


"Any brilliant scientist would be lost without this high-tech, dream-o-meter bed. It not only measures and records all of your wildest dreams, but it also analyzes them and stores them for later viewing. This bed is the prototype, developed by Webkinz World's very own leading scientific mind, Harold "Goober" Hausenfeffer Jr."


"Built specifically for a scientists who needs an extra hand while performing a complicated experiment, this table offers the use of a special robotic arm. The arm can assist by holding vials, beakers, and cups of coffee. Goober has at lest three of these useful tables in his lab, and he always recommends them to aspiring young scientists!"


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