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KinzStyle Outlet

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Image:KinzStyle Outlet.png

The KinzStyle Outlet is run by Pollie Jean Collie and opened in Webkinz World on September 16, 2009.

The KinzStyle Outlet sells clothing for Webkinz Pets to wear. Before the KinzStyle Outlet opened these items were sold in the W Shop.


Where is the KinzStyle Outlet?

The Kinzstyle Outlet can be reached through the Map of Kinzville.

The Clothing Machine

Image:Make It! Button.png

The KinzStyle Outlet has a unique feature in where you can make your own clothes. These clothing recipes are sometimes referred to as outfits. For more information on the Clothing Machine and Clothing Recipes take a look at the following pages:

KinzStyle Outlet Specials

Image:Specials Sign.png

PJ offers a different special every hour at the KinzStyle Outlet. Her specials can be found in the lower left hand corner of the KinzStyle Outlet. The item can be seen under the Specials Sign. You can only purchase one special item an hour.

Times and Time Zones

Unlike the Curio Shop, (where items appear according to the local time for each time zone) the same item will be on sale simultaneously in all three time zones. So if you're seeing an item on sale at the Kinzstyle Outlet on your American account, you should also be able to see that same item in your European account and Asian account at that exact same moment. This makes it impossible to predict what items will be on special in advance.

Getting the discounted price

You must buy the sale item from the area marked "Specials" (right below PJ) to buy it at the discounted price because it will still be listed at the regular price in the categories section (see prices circled in the picture below.)

(Don't forget, you can also find clothing sales in the Clearance section of the Kinzstyle Outlet, at the Curio Shop, and in the Daily Activities too!)

PJ's Specials

PJ has started selling "special" clothing that can't be purchased anywhere else. There is no way to predict in advance when PJ will have something good for sale, but as soon as an item is discovered, it is posted at the top of Webkinz Insider, and it is "tweeted" at WIdotcom

To see a complete list of PJ's Specials with pictures visit the (Picture Gallery) KinzStyle & KinzClothes.

Making Money From Sales

You are able to make money if an hourly Special Sale item is more than 50% off by selling that item back to the W Shop.

Effective Oct 8th, 2009, you could not buy multiple items at the sale price at the Kinzstlye Outlet. This meant that you could not buy multiple items who's sale was more than 50% and sell them back to the W Shop for a huge profit. [1]


The Items

Because of the introduction of seasonal clothing by Ganz, the number of items available in the Kinzstyle Outlet for sale changes with the time of year. Below is a list of all items that have been for sale in alphabetical order.

Picture Name Category Cost
File:Academyblazer.png Academy Blazer Tops 110
File:Academydress.png Academy Dress Dresses & Skirts 110
File:academymaryjaneshoes.png Academy Mary Jane Shoes Footwear 80
2729-2.png Academy Sweater Tops 80
File:Academytshirt.png Academy T-Shirt Tops 50
File:Appliqueripcordpants.png Applique Ripcord Pants Bottoms 75
File:Argyle Sweater.png Argyle Sweater Tops 55
File:Army Pants.png Army Pants Bottoms 75
File:Army Shirt.png Army Shirt Tops 45
File:Artesbomberjacket.png Arte's Bomber Jacket Tops 110
File:Autumnknitsweater.png Autumn Knit Sweater Tops 150
1819-1.png Aviator Hat Hats 55
1217.png Baby Blue Beanie Hats 35
File:Baggy Jeans.png Baggy Jeans Bottoms 75
File:ballerinaleotardtop.png Ballerina Leotard Top Tops 50
File:Ballerina Tights.png Ballerina Tights Bottoms 50
File:balletslippers.png Ballet Slippers Footwear 40
File:Baseball Hoodie.png Baseball Hoodie Tops 60
File:Bigbluebowbelt.png Big Blue Bow Belt Belts Deluxe Only: 60
832.png Big Funky Hat Hats 50
File:Black Belt.png Black Belt Belts 20
File:blackboots.png Black Boots Footwear 50
File:Black Jeans.png Black Jeans Bottoms 80
File:Black Sport Pants.png Black Sport Pants Bottoms 50
File:Black T Shirt.png Black T-Shirt Tops 25
File:Black Vest.png Black Vest Tops 65
File:blackandwhitesneakers.png Black and White Sneakers Footwear 45
Bloominshades.png Bloomin' Shades Glasses 120
File:Blue and Green Kilt.png Blue and Green Kilt Dresses & Skirts 105
757-1.png Blue Ball Cap Hats 20
File:Blue Bermudas.png Blue Bermudas Bottoms 150
833-1.png Blue Bow Hats 15
File:Blueflannelshirt.png Blue Flannel Shirt Tops 185
File:Blue Football Jersey.png Blue Football Jersey Tops 60
File:bluemaryjanes.png Blue Mary Janes Footwear 75
Bluestripedtop.png Blue Striped Top Tops 150
File:Blue T Shirt.png Blue T-Shirt Tops 20
File: Blue and Pink Striped Polo Shirt.png Blue and Pink Striped Polo Shirt Tops 50
1827-2.png Blue and Yellow Fleece Sweater Tops 60
File:Boardwalk Board Shorts.png Boardwalk Board Shorts Bottoms 155
Boatnecktee.png Boatneck Tee Tops 225
File:Boys Plaid Shirt.png Boy's Plaid Shirt Tops 77
Boysnavycardigan%26scarf.png Boy's Navy Cardigan and Scarf Tops Deluxe Only: 190
File:Boy's Varsity Pants.png Boy's Varsity Pants Bottoms 158
File:Boyswarmtrousers.png Boys Warm Trousers Bottoms 220
File:Boyszipperjacket.png Boys Zipper Jacket Tops 150
Breezymotorcyclejacket.png Breezy Motorcycle Jacket Tops Deluxe Only: 350
1483-2.png Bright Green Swim Trunks Bottoms 40
File:Brightsweaterandscarf.png Bright Sweater and Scarf Tops Deluxe Only: 90
Brightvestandshirt.png Bright Vest and Shirt Tops Deluxe Only: 325
File:Brown Corduroy Pants.png Brown Corduroy Pants Bottoms 65
1022-2.png Bubble Vest Tops 60
Butterflywingbelt.png Butterfly Wing Belt Belts Deluxe Only: 2,800
File:Camo Cargo Pants.png Camo Cargo Pants Bottoms 75
File:Camotanktop.png Camo Tank Top Tops 395
File:Candytanktop.png Candy Tank Top Tops 475
Candystripedwellies.png Candy Striped Wellies Footwear 120
1282-2.png Captain Dogbeard's Coat Tops 125
File:Cardiwithpinktop.png Cardi with Pink Top Tops 235
File:Cargo Pants.png Cargo Pants Bottoms 65
2545-2.png Chalk Flower Top Tops 65
Checkeredboardshorts.png Checkered Board Shorts Bottoms 200
File:Chicsleevedjacket.png Chic Sleeved Jacket Tops 350
File:Chicwinterdress.png Chic Winter Dress Dresses & Skirts Deluxe Only: 300
File:Chunkyknithat.png Chunky Knit Hat Hats 124
1322-1.png Clogs Footwear 50
File:Colorful Hoodie Sandals.png Colorful Hoodie Sandals Footwear 230
File:Colorful Long Sleeve Top.png Colorful Long Sleeve Tee Tops 240
File:Colorstorm Tankini Bottom.png Color Storm Tankini Bottom Bottoms 120
File:Color Storm Tankini Top.png Color Storm Tankini Top Tops 180
Coolbaggybluejeans.png Cool Baggy Blue Jeans Bottoms Deluxe Only: 999
Coolcollarcoat.png Cool Collar Coat Tops Deluxe Only: 835
793-1.png Cowboy Hat Hats 50
File:cowboyminiboots.png Cowboy Mini Boots Footwear 85
File:Cowgirl Boots.png Cowgirl Boots Footwear 115
File:Cow Poke Chaps.png Cow Poke Chaps Bottoms 70
802-2.png Cow Poke Top Tops 45
File:Cozypatternedsweater.png Cozy Patterned Sweater Tops 230
File:Cozyrainbowheadband.png Cozy Rainbow Headband Hats Deluxe Only: 220
File:cuffedjeans.png Cuffed Jeans Bottoms 65
File:Cummerbund.png Cummerbund Belts 20
File:Cute Cropped Jacket.png Cute Cropped Jacket Tops 70
884.png Daisy Hair Clip Hats 15
File:Dapper Vest and Shirt.png Dapper Vest and Shirt Tops 80
836-2.png Dark Shades Glasses 75
Delightfuldiningdress.png Delightful Dining Dress Dresses & Skirts Deluxe Only: 2,500
File:Denim Bermudas.png Denim Bermudas Bottoms 180
Denimdress.png Denim Dress Dresses & Skirts 325
File:Denim Romp Wear.png Denim Romp Wear Dresses & Skirts 278
File:Distressedstretchyjeans.png Distressed Stretchy Jeans Bottoms 315
931-1.png Dude Hat Hats 55
File:emeraldpolkadotrainboots.png Emerald Polka-dot Rain Boots Footwear 65
800-2.png European Flare Shades Glasses 70
Eyeglasses.png Eyeglasses Glasses 50
File:Faded and Frayed Shorts.png Faded and Frayed Shorts Bottoms 185
File:Fall Floral Dress.png Fall Floral Dress Dresses & Skirts 210
File:Fall Floral Skirt.png Fall Floral Skirt Dresses & Skirts 110
File:Fallpatternedleggings.png Fall Patterned Leggings Bottoms Deluxe Only: 120
File:Fallstylestripedhoodie.png Fall Style Striped Hoodie Tops 60
File:Fancyturquoiseblouse.png Fancy Turquoise Blouse Tops 40
Finefeatheredfashionhat.png Fine Fethered Fashion Hat Hats Deluxe Only: 525
834-2.png Flip Flops Footwear 30
856.png Floppy Sun Hat Hats 45
File:Flower Power Swimsuit Bottom.png Flower Power Swimsuit Bottom Bottoms 30
1476-2.png Flower Power Swimsuit Top Tops 30
File:Fluorescent Flip Flops.png Fluorescent Flip Flops Footwear 75
Freshspringhat.png Fresh Spring Hat Hats 50
Funinfuchsiashorts.png Fun in Fuchsia Shorts Bottoms Deluxe Only: 150
File:Funkyflowertee.png Funky Flower Tee Tops 430
File:funkyfloweredpants.png Funky Flowered Pants Bottoms 70
882-2.png Funky Girl Glasses Glasses 65
1284-1.png Funky Plaid Hat Hats 50
File:Fuzzybuckleboots.png Fuzzy Buckle Boots Footwear 100
835-2.png Fuzzy Slippers Footwear 35
File:Getcrackingtop.png Get Cracking Top Tops 232
Goldrockandrollsunglasses.png Gold Rock and Sunglasses Glasses Deluxe Only: 300
Goodasgoldhairband.png Good as Gold Hairband Hats 75
File:Green and White Fleece Sweater.png Green and White Fleece Sweater Tops 60
File:Green Graphic Polo.png Green Graphic Polo Tops 265
1828-2.png Green Layered Tee Tops 40
File:Green Pants.png Green Pants Bottoms 75
Greenstarstruckshades.png Green Starstruck Shades Glasses Deluxe Only: 299
File:Green Stiped Polo Shirt.png Green Striped Polo Shirt Tops 45
File:Groovy Hearts Swimsuit Bottom.png Groovy Hearts Swimsuit Bottom Bottoms 30
File:Groovy Hearts Swimsuit Top.png Groovy Hearts Swimsuit Top Tops 30
File:Hearts One Piece.png Hearts One Piece Dresses & Skirts 200
Highcutrunners.png High Cut Runners Footwear 175
File:Holidaychoirpants.png Holiday Choir Pants Bottoms 295
File:Holidaychoirshoes.png Holiday Choir Shoes Footwear 80
File:Holidaychoirskirt.png Holiday Choir Skirt Dresses & Skirts 280
File:Holidaychoirtop.png Holiday Choir Top Tops 310
806-2.png Jeans Bottoms 65
File:Jeggingcaprishirts.png Jegging Capri Shorts Bottoms 195
3466-2.png Kilt Skirt Bottoms 95
2758.png Kinzville Academy Cap Hats 35
File:Kinzville Academy Long Tee.png Kinzville Academy Long Tee Tops 60
2733-2.png Kinzville Academy Skirt Dresses & Skirts 50
File:Kinzville Academy Slacks.png Kinzville Academy Slacks Bottoms 75
File:Kinzville Academy Varsity Jacket.png Kinzville Academy Varsity Jacket Tops 250
File:Lacesleeveddress.png Lace Sleeved Dress Dresses & Skirts Deluxe Only: 190
File:Lightweightstripedtop.png Lightweight Striped Top Tops 280
Lovelylavenderdress.png Lovely Lavender Dress Dresses & Skirts Deluxe Only: 2,100
File:Lovely Leafy Swimsuit Bottom.png Lovely Leafy Swimsuit Bottom Bottoms 30
File:Lovely Leafy Swimsuit Top.png Lovely Leafy Swimsuit Top Tops 30
1710.png Lovely Leopard Cat Cap Hats 30
File:Made in the Shade Tank.png Made in the Shade Tank Tops 175
File:Maroon Hoody.png Maroon Hoody Tops 40
File:moccasins.png Moccasins Footwear 70
3570-2.png Mod Jacket Tops 110
Neonflipflops.png Neon Flip Flops Footwear Deluxe Only: 150
File:Orangesportywarmupzippy.png Orange Sporty Warm-Up Zippy Tops Deluxe Only: 175
859-1.png Party Hat Hats 25
File:Patternedskirtandtights.png Patterned Skirt and Tights Dresses & Skirts 200
File:Peace Sign Swim Shorts.png Peace Sign Swim Shorts Dresses & Skirts 190
File:pennyloafers.png Penny Loafers Footwear 80
Petalpowershorts.png Petal Power Shorts Bottoms Deluxe Only: 150
Pilotsgoggles.png Pilot's Goggles Glasses 55
File:Pink and Purple Fleecy.png Pink & Purple Fleecy Tops 60
File:Pink Baggy Jeans.png Pink Baggy Jeans Bottoms 70
794.png Pink Bow Hats 15
Pinkheartsbow.png Pink Hearts Bow Hats 20
File:Pink Jersey Dress.png Pink Jersey Dress Dresses & Skirts 378
Pinknewsboycap.png Pink Newsboy Cap Hats 65
File:Pinkpatternedjeans.png Pink Patterned Jeans Bottoms Deluxe Only: 120
File:pinkpolkadotrainboots.png Pink Polka-Dot Rain Boots Footwear 65
File:Pink Stiped Swimsuit Bottom.png Pink Striped Swimsuit Bottom Bottoms 30
File:Pink Striped Swimsuit Top.png Pink Striped Swimsuit Top Tops 30
File:pirateboots.png Pirate Boots Footwear 50
Pirateeyepatch.png Pirate Eye Patch Glasses 20
Piratehat.png Pirate Hat Hats 55
File:Pirate Pants.png Pirate Pants Bottoms 70
Plaidbucklecap.png Plaid Buckle Cap Hats 155
Plaidhightops.png Plaid High Tops Footwear Deluxe Only: 190
File:Plaid Skirt.png Plaid Skirt Dresses & Skirts 160
File:Play Hard Tee.png Play Hard Tee Tops 50
File:polkadotpjbottom.png Polka Dot PJ Bottom Bottoms 45
File:Polka Dot PJ Top.png Polka Dot PJ Top Tops 35
Polkadotrainboots.png Polka Dot Rain Boots Footwear 125
Polkadotraincoat.png Polka Dot Rain Coat Tops 200
Polkadotrainhat.png Polka Dot Rain Hat Hats 90
File:Polkadotwintercoat.png Polka Dot Winter Coat Tops Deluxe Only: 380
File:powderblueskirt.png Powder Blue Skirt Dresses & Skirts 50
File:Preppybuttonshirt.png Preppy Button Shirt Tops 360
File:Preppywinterjacket.png Preppy Winter Jacket Tops Deluxe Only: 400
883-1.png Princess Hat Hats 35
File:Puffywintervest.png Puffy Winter Vest Tops 200
Purplebeanie.png Purple Beanie Hats 60
3773-2.png Purple Kilt Dresses & Skirts 95
1829-2.png Purple Layered Tee Tops 40
File:Purple Leggings.png Purple Leggings Bottoms 130
Purplemodhat.png Purple Mod Hat Hats 80
837-2.png Purple Pajama Top Tops 35
File:purplesneakers.png Purple Sneakers Footwear 45
File:Purple Stripe Pajama Bottom.png Purple Stripe Pajama Bottom Bottoms 45
File:Purple Swim Trunks.png Purple Swim Trunks Bottoms 35
File:rainboots.png Rain Boots Footwear 45
Rainhat.png Rain Hat Hats 25
File:rainbowboots.png Rainbow Boots Footwear 80
File:Rainbowstripepants.png Rainbow Stripe Pants Bottoms 75
Rainbowswimsuit.png Rainbow Swimsuit Dresses & Skirts Deluxe Only: 410
Raindropraincoat.png Raindrop Raincoat Tops Deluxe Only: 300
File:Red and Green Striped Polo Shirt.png Red and Green Striped Polo Shirt Tops 50
File:Red and White Tankini Bottom.png Red and White Tankini Bottom Bottoms 120
File:Red and White Tankini Top.png Red and White Tankini Top Tops 175
758-1.png Red Ball Cap Hats 20
File:Red Belt.png Red Belt Belts 10
Redbow.png Red Bow Hats 15
File:Red Denim Jeans.png Red Denim Jeans Bottoms 75
File:redmaryjanes.png Red Mary Janes Footwear 90
790-1.png Red Sneakers Footwear 45
Redstripedfedora.png Red Striped Fedora Hats Deluxe Only: 150
File:Red T-Shirt.png Red T-Shirt Tops 20
Redwebkinzrunners.png Red Webkinz Runners Footwear Deluxe Only: 488
File:Retrorainbowbelt.png Retro Rainbow Belt Belts 20
File:Untitled.png Rhinestone Flats Footwear 90
Rosyrunners.png Rosy Runners Footwear Deluxe: 200
File:Royal Blue Hoody.png Royal Blue Hoody Tops 40
797-1.png Ruby Slippers Footwear 70
File:Ruffled Sequin Sandals.png Ruffled Sequin Sandals Footwear 45
File:Ruffled Skirt.png Ruffled Skirt Dresses & Skirts 195
File:Rustyredtam.png Rusty Red Tam Hats Deluxe Only: 90
Sequincabbiecap.png Sequin Cabbie Cap Hats 130
File:Sheriff's Belt.png Sheriff's Belt Belts 45
File:Silver Braided Belt.png Silver Braided Belt Belts 35
File:Skinny Studded Belt.png Skinny Studded Belt Belts 30
File:slouchboots.png Slouch Boots Footwear 140
File:Smart Sweater Vest.png Smart Sweater Vest Tops 50
2585-2.png Smocked Sundress Dresses & Skirts 95
File:Soccer Rules Shorts.png Soccer Rules Shorts Bottoms 125
File:softsuedeboots.png Soft Suede Boots Footwear 75
Sparklypinkbow.png Sparkly Pink Bow Hats 15
Springrunningjacket.png Spring Running Jacket Tops Deluxe Only: 210
Springsparkledress.png Spring Sparkle Dress Dresses & Skirts Deluxe Only: 195
1219-2.png Star Fly Pants Bottoms 60
Stripedcottondress.png Striped Cotton Dress Dresses & Skirts 300
Stripednewsyhat.png Striped Newsy Hat Hats Deluxe Only: 348
File:Striped Polo.png Striped Polo Tops 65
File:Striped Rugby Jersey.png Striped Rugby Jersey Tops 160
Stripedturtleneck.png Striped Turtle Neck Tops 180
Stripybeachhat.png Stripy Beach Hat Hats Deluxe Only: 400
Stripytoque.png Stripy Toque Hats 75
File:Studded Low Top Sneakers.png Studded Low Top Sneakers Footwear 65
File:Summer Fun Swimsuit Bottom.png Summer Fun Swimsuit Bottom Bottoms 30
File:Summerfunswimsuittop.png Summer Fun Swimsuit Top Tops 30
Summerjumpsuit.png Summer Jumpsuit Dresses & Skirts Deluxe Only: 380
Summershades.png Summer Shades Glasses 180
Sunshinesundress.png Sunshine Sundress Dresses & Skirts Deluxe Only: 425
20101015053633%21Sweaterdress.png Sweater Dress Dresses & Skirts 285
Swimgoggleswshop.png Swim Goggles Glasses 35
File:Swimming Trunks.png Swimming Trunks Bottoms 30
2742-2.png Tan Suit Jacket Tops 165
2745-2.png Tan Suit Pants Bottoms 80
Teddyhat.png Teddy Hat Hats Deluxe Only: 250
Terrifictealhat.png Terrific Teal Hat Hats Deluxe Only: 470
2741-2.png Thick-Knit Sweater Tops 95
Tiara.png Tiara Hats 35
File:Tie Dye Tank.png Tie Dye Tank Tops 165
Tophat.png Top Hat Hats 95
File:trendysneakers.png Trendy Sneakers Footwear 165
Tropicalboardshorts.png Tropical Board Shorts Bottoms Deluxe Only: 260
File:Tuxedo Jacket.png Tuxedo Jacket Tops 95
885-2.png Tuxedo Pants Bottoms 80
888-2.png Tuxedo Shoes Footwear 65
File:Vest and Shirt Combo.png Vest and Shirt Combo Tops 75
File:Warmwintercap.png Warm Winter Cap Hats 120
File:Wavy One Piece.png Wavy One Piece Dresses & Skirts 207
File:Webkinz Beach Club Shirt.png Webkinz Beach Club Shirt Tops 175
Whitebeachpants.png White Beach Pants Bottoms Deluxe Only: 250
File:White Crest Polo.png White Crest Polo Tops 244
1824-2.png White Hollywood Sunglasses Glasses 95
1288-2.png White Jeans Bottoms 75
Whitetigerprintdress.png White Tiger Print Dress Dresses & Skirts Deluxe Only: 1,650
1705-2.png Wide Tan Pants Bottoms 60
File:Wildflower Swimsuit Bottom.png Wildflower Swimsuit Bottom Bottoms 30
File:Wildflower Swimsuit Top.png Wildflower Swimsuit Top Tops 30
File:wingtipshoes.png Wing Tip Shoes Footwear 90
796-1.png Wizard's Hat Hats 35
File:workerboots.png Worker Boots Footwear 80
File:Yellow Raincoat.png Yellow Raincoat Tops 60
File:Yellow Rain Pants.png Yellow Rain Pants Bottoms 50
File:Yellow Tank Top.png Yellow Tank Top Tops 35
1221-2.png Yoga Pants Bottoms 70
File:Zanychristmastreesweater.png Zany Christmas Tree Sweater Tops Deluxe Only: 350
File:Zanysantakinzsweater.png Zany Santakinz Sweater Tops 350
File:Zanysnowflakesweater.png Zany Snowflake Sweater Tops 350
Zumbuckledbelt.png Zum Buckled Belt Belts 75

How can I get PJ to STOP TALKING?

PJ seems to give the "long welcome speech" for each first visit to the Outlet after logging out and back in. The first time you arrive at the Kinzstyle Outlet, you really should listen to everything she has to say. After that, if you don't want to hear her entire speech again, once she starts talking, click on the menu to go to the Map of Kinzville, then click on her shop to return to the Outlet. PJ's "welcome back" speech should be shorter.

You can also cut her off in mid-speech by clicking on any category and then click on "check out" WITHOUT clicking on any clothing to buy. She'll stop her regular speech and say "I like your style, but you should add some items to your cart first."

The speech balloons will be gone and she will not resume her regular speech.

FYI: Even when PJ is talking, you can still select and click on the items behind her speech bubble -even if you can't see what you're clicking on.

I'm getting a blue box/screen/I didn't get my clothing item

If you see a blank blue screen when you try to access the Kinzstyle Outlet OR
If you made a clothing item but it showed a blank box OR
If you made a clothing item but it did not appear in your dock

-Try logging out, clearing your cache, restarting your browser, and logging back in again.


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