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Kinzpost Sorter

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Kinzpost Sorter is a job you can do at the Employment Office.


Summary of Kinzpost Sorter

You are trying to help sort the KinzPost packages by completing relatively easy math problems. Boxes with numbers appear on the conveyor belt from the left. Columns indicate the number of boxes you must use to reach each total in a stack. Drag the boxes either to the columns or to the holding tank at the right. This is considered a hard job.At level 1, you must complete three columns of sums, at level 2 four columns, and at level 3 five columns.

Job Board


You have to have completed at least 50 math questions at Quizzy's to do this job, although it's good to practice more, since this job includes very fast thinking.


How to Play

Here are the instructions for the game: Instructions

and here is a picture of the game in action!: Action


It is usually better to fill all the columns to within one or two of being full before pausing, since it's easier to adjust small differences. It's easier to see that you need 6 to bring a column from 31 to 37 than it is to see that you need 23 to bring the column from 14 to 37.

Finish shorter columns first, as there are fewer possible correct combinations. In rare cases, it may even be best to break up a completed tall column to finish a short one.

Avoid letting blocks fall off the conveyor belt or dropping them outside of a column, as this gives a one second penalty. This doesn't mean to never do it--just try not to. Even if you know you'll never use a block, it's better to throw it in the holding tank.

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