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KinzCash is the currency of Webkinz World. KinzCash can be awarded in many ways and can be used to purchase many virtual things such as furniture, clothing and food for your pets. It is abbreviated as KC.


Where Can I Spend my KinzCash?

There are a variety of different shops in Webkinz World where you can go shopping: The W-Shop, the Curio Shop and the Kinzstyle Outlet.

You also need KinzCash to provide food and toys for your Zumbuddies.

If your pet get sick and you visit Dr. Quack's Clinic, Dr. Quack may have medicine for you to buy for 25 or 50 Kinzcash.

There is a fee when you send packages or letters using KinzPost. The cost depends on the options you choose.

As your Webkinz family grows, you may want to expand your house. Kinzcash is used to add extra Room Types to your home.

How do I Earn More KinzCash?

There are many different ways to earn KinzCash. Some of the most common ways to make KinzCash are playing games in the Arcade and Tournament Arena, spinning the Wheel of Wow, doing jobs in the Employment Agency, Gardening, playing at Quizzy's Corner, selling things to the WShop and adopting new pets.

>Click HERE for a KinzCash making guide.

You can spend Kinzcash on certain items at the W-Shop that, when used, give Kinzcash. (Items like this include the Air Hockey Table, Checkers Board, and Link'd game.)

Some people like to spend their Kinzcash on plants, then grow them, then sell them and earn more money than they spent to buy the plants.

How much KinzCash Can I Have?

There is no limit to the amount of KinzCash you can have. Many members have hundreds of thousands of KinzCash, and some members even have over 1 million KinzCash on their accounts.

What are Some Tips to Earning KinzCash?

In Webkinz World, the Kinzville Times Newspaper tells us these tips for earning kinzcash:

  • Visit the Employment Office and earn up to W350 at once!
  • Play the Wheel of WOW and see what you can win!
  • Visit the Daily KinzCare page and click on "I love my Webkinz" every day to get KinzCash and food! You start with 10 KinzCash per day, and get 5 more with each additional day you click!
  • Play at Wishing Well 2; you never know how much you'll win!
  • Do the surveys found in the Kinzville Times Newspaper under the Contact Us Section and the Comments & Suggestions sub-section. One click gets you W50 at least once a week (not to mention the happiness boost)!
  • Answer trivia questions at Quizzy's- that's one of the quickest ways to make LOADS of KinzCash.
  • Play games in the Tournament Arena and Arcade. You get extra KinzCash if you're a winner in the Tournament Arena!
  • Adopt a new Webkinz. You can never have too many furry friends- or KinzCash!
  • Make a garden! Once you harvest its food, sell it back to the W-Shop!