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File:Phone_off.JPG File:Phine.JPG

Your Kinzphone is very important in Webkinz World. You use it to:

  • Add friends
  • Add hosts as friends
  • Search for your friends
  • Invite friends over
  • Play games with friends
  • Switch zones if you go to the Clubhouse, the Kinzville Park or Coral Cove

For regular members, the phone will have 3 Color Zones: Light Blue, Yellow, and Light Green.
For Deluxe members, there was an additional Gold zone, but it is now retired. Also, the Dark Blue and Pink zones have been retired.

There are also features for your Kinzphone that come with the Deluxe Membership. These special features include changing the pattern, shape, and color of your Kinzphone.

Clubhouse Use

In the Clubhouse and Coral Cove, you can set your phone to allow friend invites or to block them so other members can't add you to their phone. In the retired Dark Blue and Pink Zones you could not access KinzChat Plus. In the Kinzville Park, you can not add friends.