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KinzChat Plus

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NOTE: Ganz limited KinzChat Plus to only the Trading Room on March 12, 2014, but brought it back to the Kinzville Park the next day after complaints by Webkinz members.

The KinzChat Plus area is a special chat feature which allows members in WKW to have open chat with other members. KinzChat Plus does have some filtering that will not allow some things such as: numbers, names, states, countries. If you would like Ganz to add a word to the KinzChat Plus dictionary you can suggest a word. It is a box next to the area where you type.

Signing Up

To access KinzChat Plus must have your parents' permission. To register your account for KinzChat Plus, go into the Parent's Area in Webkinz World.[1] There you will see a button that says 'Enable/Disable KinzChat Plus'. Click it. After your parents have filled out the information there, go to your email. In your parents email you will receive a confirmation link to follow back to Webkinz. Once your parents have confirmed back to Webkinz, you will be able to use KinzChat Plus.

KinzChat Plus is NOT available to all Webkinz members. Members who select "other" as their country of residence, upon registering their account, will not be granted access. You will not receive the email from the parents area in order to access KiinzChat PLUS services. You will not be granted access even if you contact Ganz directly.

KinzChat Plus Schedule

It has limited hours and less zones than regular KinzChat. Areas in Webkinz World where you can access and use KinzChat Plus include the Clubhouse, the Kinzville Park, and the Coral Cove at the Vacation Island.

Club House Schedule: Gold 8:00am-12:00AM Light Blue 8:00am-12:00am Light Green 8:00am-12:00am Yellow 8:00am-12:00am

Kinzvile Park Schedule: 59 rooms 8:00am-12:00am

Coral Cove on Tropical Vacation Island: 20 rooms vs 40 rooms in KinzChat Gold 8:00am-12:00AM Light Blue 8:00am-12:00am Light Green 8:00am-12:00am Yellow 8:00am-12:00am

KinzChat Plus Rules

Before entering any of the KinzChat Plus areas, Webkinz World Members are required to agree to the KinzChat Plus Rules. Violations of the KinzChat Plus Rules can lead to warnings and temporary banning or permanent banning from the KinzChat Plus areas.

The KinzChat Plus Rules can be found at the following Ganz website:

The rules are divided into four categories. Clicking on each of the categories below will open up the more detailed rules as of October 2010. For the most recent version of the rules, please visit the Ganz Clubhouse Rules [1] website.

Disclosing Personal Information [2]

Discussing Inappropriate Topics

Disrespecting Other Members

Engaging in Disruptive Behavior

  2. It is against the Clubhouse Rules to tell others about social or personal websites. As such, using the phrase "Webkinz Insider" or even just "Insider" in KinzChat Plus areas can lead to a warning and/or a temporary or permanent ban from the KinzChat Plus areas.