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Kinectimals Game Promotion

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Webkinz Newz Prizes

The prizes that accounts could receive from the Webkinz Newz Kinectimals Game Promotion were (from left to right) the Polar Bear Plushy, the White Tiger Cub Plushy, the Black Bear Cub Plushy, the Paw Print Painting and the Tiger Cub Poster. Accounts could also receive "Isla" the Panda Pet Buddy shown below.

File:polarbearcubplushy.png File:whitetigercubplushy.png File:blackbearcubplushy.png File:pawprintpainting.png File:tigercubposter.png

Isla the Panda Pet Buddy works much like a Zumbuddy, you can attach one to your pet by clicking on the yellow Zumbuddy icon (like shown below). Isla will float around your pet like a Zumbuddy.


"Holiday" Gift

The Kinectimals Island ATV arrived in Webkinz World accounts on 11/21/2011, the Kinectimals Exotic Bear Cub Statue arrived on 12/10/2011, and the Kinectimals Peaceful Meadow Window arrived on 12/18/2011.

File:islandatv.png File:Exoticbearcubstatue.png File:Peacefulmeadowwindow.png

"Holiday" Cards


Five foods were available from clicking floating pandas. In order to receive a piece of food, users had to complete three tricks with a Kinectimals panda: petting, sitting, and rolling over. The tasks were completed by dragging pawprint icons across horizontal and vertical bars.

Blueberry Nut Bar
Island Berry Smoothie
Tree Sap Soda
Wild Berry Biscuits
Wild Flower Porridge

Some users reported receiving the Exotic Bear Cub Statue as a prize from the Click-to-Win, though no notification was given. The statue was also available as a login gift during the promotion.