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Key to Kinzville

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New Version

Sometime during the summer of 2011 the path to the Key to Kinzville changed and became similar to all the other challenges. There are now 5 steps in the Key to Kinzville


Part One

  • Buy a stove, blender or sandwich maker from the WShop
  • Make a snack for your pet using a stove, sandwich maker or blender
  • Feed your pet a snack that you've made with a stove, sandwich maker or blender

Part Two

  • Visit the Magical Forest and search for stars in Alyssa's Star Challenge
  • Make 10 Wishes at Wishing Well 2
  • Buy any item from Arte's Curio Shop

Part Three

  • Buy a package of farm fresh seeds from the WShop
  • Plant the seeds in your pet's yard
  • Feed your pet a berry from Jumbleberry Fields in the Arcade

Part Four

  • Send your pet on a Tropical Island vacation from the Webkinz Travel Agency and buy a souvenir at the Souvenir Shack
  • Play a game of Link'D against any opponent at the Tournament Arena, the Kinzville Park or in your pet's room
  • Send a KinzPost to any host on your Friends List

Part Five

  • Send your pet to the Spa from the Travel Agency
  • Win a game of SuperModelz at the Tournament Arena
  • Pick up 5 pieces of trash at the Kinzville Park


Part One

Kinzville Pennant
Mayor's Belt


Part Two

Kinzville Snowglobe
Mayor's Dress Shoes


Part Three

Kinzville Street Sign
Mayor's Dress Pants


Part Four

Map of Kinzville
Mayor's Blazer


Part Five

The Key to Kinzville
Mayor's Hat



Step One
Rookie Badge
Step Two
Explorer Badge
Step Three
Voyager Badge
Step Four
Adventurer Badge
Step Five
Expert Badge

Former Version

Paths to the Key

There are three paths that you must finish to earn the Key of Kinzville. There is a Shopping Path, an Educational Path, and a Gaming Path. Everyone begins as a Tourist.

You can improve your status and earn prizes by completing five levels on each path:

  • Level 1 - Rookie

  • Level 2 - Explorer
  • Level 3 - Voyager

  • Level 4 - Adventurer

  • Level 5 - Expert

You do not have to complete a level before you can start another level challenge. For example, if you complete the Level 1 Educational path you can move on to the Level 2 Educational path even if you have not completed the Level 1 Shopping or Gaming Path.

To check your status, click on the "Unlock the Key to Kinzville" icon to the top left of the Map of Kinzville.

Shopping Path

  • Level 1 - Spend 1,000 KC at the wShop[1]
  • Level 5 - Host a Party with a wShop Party Pack
    • To complete this level, it is not necessary to have the party, just purchase the party pack and set it up.

Educational Path

Gaming Path

  1. These numbers were higher, but on January 20th, they changed it to half or more than half of the originals.
  2. These numbers were higher, but on January 20th, they changed it to half or more than half of the originals.