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Keep Kinzville Clean Challenge

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The Keep Kinzville Clean challenge first appeared in Webkinz World on November 23, 2011. This challenge becomes available after finishing the Spring Cleaning Challenge.


Part 1

  • Pick up 3 pieces of trash at the Kinzville Park
  • Plant any 5 packs of Growing Gardens Seeds in your pet's yard
  • Earn a total of 30 KinzCash playing Flutterbugged in the Arcade

Part 2

  • Pick up 5 pieces of trash at the Kinzville Park
  • Achieve a score of 600 points or higher playing Color Storm in the Arcade
  • Plant a Cherry Blossom Tree in your pet's yard

Part 3


Part 1

Zodiac Earth Costume Shoes


Part 2

Zodiac Earth Costume Hat


Part 3

Zodiac Earth Costume Top, Zodiac Earth Costume Bottom

File:Zodiacearthcostumetop.png File:Zodiacearthcostumebottom.png