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Jumbleberry Fields Theme

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The Jumbleberry Fields collection consists of prizes that can be won in the Jumbleberry Fields daily activity that was first available to play in Webkinz World on December 18, 2009. All Jumbleberry Items are prizes except for two items: the Fresh Berry Stand Fridge from the Ganz eStore and the My Preserves Shelf from the W Shop. The My Preserves Shelf allows members to access their berry jars from their rooms.

Note: Four items were retired on September 18, 2013 - the Berry Farm Scarecrow, Farmer's Boots, Farmer's Hat, and Jug of Pickleberry Juice.


Picture Name Type
Bakersapron.png Baker's Apron Sugarberry Prize
Bakershat.png Baker's Hat Sugarberry Prize
Countrybonnet.png Country Bonnet Sugarberry Prize
Countrypartydress.png Country Party Dress Jumbleberry Prize
5623-1.png Farmer's Boots Jumbleberry Prize
Farmershat.png Farmer's Hat Jumbleberry Prize
Farmersoveralls.png Farmer's Overalls Jumbleberry Prize
Jumbleberryhelmet.png Jumbleberry Helmet Jumbleberry Prize


Furniture & Objects

Items for Inside Rooms

Items marked with an asterisk can go in either outdoor or indoor rooms.

Picture Name Type
File:Baleofhay.png Bale of Hay* Jumbleberry Prize
File:Barrelofberriesfridge.png Barrel of Berries Fridge Pickleberry Prize
File:Berryfarmwindow.png Berry Farm Window Pickleberry Prize
File:Bundleofmoonberries.png Bundle of Moonberries Jumbleberry Prize
File:Countryquilt.png Country Quilt Moonberry Prize
File:Freshberrydisplay.png Fresh Berries Display* Pickleberry Prize
File:Freshberrystandfridge.png Fresh Berry Stand Fridge* Ganz eStore
File:Freshlybakedsugarberrypie.png Freshly Baked Sugarberry Pie Sugarberry Prize
File:Jammakersfridge.png Jam Maker's Fridge Pickleberry Prize
File:Jammakerssink.png Jam Maker's Sink Pickleberry Prize
File:Jammakersstove.png Jam Maker's Stove Pickleberry Prize
File:Jugofpickleberryjuice.png Jug of Pickleberry Juice* Sugarberry Prize
File:Jumbleberrybath.png Jumbleberry Bath* Moonberry Prize
File:Jumbleberrybeanbag.png Jumbleberry Bean Bag Chair Sugarberry Prize
File:Jumbleberrybirthdaycake.png Jumbleberry Birthday Cake Pickleberry Prize
File:Jumbleberryfieldsposter.png Jumbleberry Fields Poster Sugarberry Prize
File:Jumbleberrypie.png Jumbleberry Pie* Jumbleberry Prize
File:Jumbleberrytractor.png Jumbleberry Tractor* Moonberry Prize
File:Mapofjumbleberryfields.png Map of Jumbleberry Fields Jumbleberry Prize
File:Modernjuicer.png Modern Juicer Jumbleberry Prize
File:Moonberrypantry.png Moonberry Pantry Moonberry Prize
File:Mypreservesshelf.png My Preserves Shelf W Shop
File:Sugarberrybeanbagchair.png Sugarberry Bean Bag Chair Sugarberry Prize
File:Sugarberrywallclock.png Sugarberry Wall Clock Sugarberry Prize
File:Trayofsugarberrymuffins.png Tray of Sugarberry Muffins* Sugarberry Prize
File:Weatheredbarnbench.png Weathered Barn Bench Jumbleberry Prize
File:Weatheredbarnflooring.png Weathered Barn Flooring Pickleberry Prize
File:Weatheredbarnwallpaper.png Weathered Barn Wallpaper Pickleberry Prize

Items for Outside Rooms

Picture Name Type
Berryfarmscarecrow.png Berry Farm Scarecrow Sugarberry Prize
Freshberriessign.png Fresh Berries Sign Jumbleberry Prize
5716-1.png Homemade Preserves Sign Sugarberry Prize
Moonberrygreenhouse.png Moonberry Greenhouse Moonberry Prize
Moonberrypond.png Moonberry Pond Moonberry Prize


Room Themes