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Jukebox & Radio Collection

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Foods in WW
Picture Name Item Type
4708-1.png Banana Boom Box PSI
Bengalboombox.png Bengal Boom Box eStore Item
4361-1.png Bobbin' Robbin Jukebox PSI
1012-1.png Boom Box Vanity wShop Item
Dropthebeatstereo.png Drop The Beat Stereo wShop Item-
416-1.png Funky Girl Karaoke Machine wShop Item
417-1.png Funky Girl Stereo wShop Item
Jivinjukebox.png Groovin' Googles Jukebox Ganz eStore
2041-1.png Jumpin' Jukebox Rare Item
521-1.png Kid's Boom Box CSO Item
File:musicstarzjukebox2.png Music Starz Jukebox Feature Code Item
232-1.png Night Stand wShop Item
4250-1.png Songbird Stereo PSI
Soundsofspringstereo.png Sounds of Spring Stereo Webkinz Newz
File:Soundsofthecityboombox.png Sounds of the City Boom Box eStore Item
399-1.png Space Jukebox CSO Item
Stpattysjukebox.png St. Pattys Jukebox Webkinz Newz
5476-1.png Strawberry Jammin' Jukebox PSI