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Main Role: Owner of the W-Shop

Jerry the Frog is a character in Webkinz World who has been seen on trading cards. Jerry is 37 years old.

Ganz stated the following about Jerry:

Jerry the Frog is a special host who was imagined for Webkinz World back in 2007 but never made it onto the site. He was originally designed for a “Super Sales” feature that was planned for the WShop, but when the project was shelved, so was he. Since then, there have been several other projects which have attempted to use the character, but none of those ever made it out of pre-production. Time will tell if this down-on-his-luck frog will ever find his way into Kinzville. Keep your eyes peeled though, and you might just spot Jerry in some surprising places already on Webkinz World!

Special Item

Jerry's Blazer is a Series 4 Trading Card prize.


Trading Card