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Interactive Items

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Interactive items are one category of items that Webkinz World members like to collect. Interactive items have a function such as washing your pet, providing a place for your pet to store items, or allowing your pet to watch television shows.

Other categories of collectible items can be found at the Collector Page Index.


Bathtubs and Sinks

Pets can wash themselves in sinks and bathtubs. Pets can brush their teeth, brush their fur, and wash their face. Pets can wash their hair in the bathtub. You can use the shower head and put a rubber duck into the water. After both, your pets are cleaner, happier, and healthier. Bathtubs can be found in the Bathtub Collection.


Beds are interactive because your pet is able to sleep on them. Beds are found in the Bed Collection.


Blenders are used to make drinks for your pet (but the drinks act as a normal food item). Blenders are found in the Blender Collection. For more information on how to cook with blenders, visit the Webkinz_Recipes pages.

Food Makers

Most food makers are found at the Ganz eStore. One exception is the Celestial S'more Campsite which is an Adventure Park prize. The food items produced by the food makers can be used to feed your pet, sent to friends VIA Kinzpost, or sold to the WShop. By clicking on the food maker, the food makers produce one food item per day per Webkinz account. Invited guests to a Webkinz house can obtain a food item in addition to the owner of the account.

Picture Name Food Picture Food Name Food
120px-6980.gif Apple Cider Press File:Glassofapplecider.png Glass of Apple Cider 3 KC
File:Applefritterconveyor.png Apple Fritter Conveyor File:Boxofapplefritters.png Box of Apple Fritters 10 KC
File:Bakekitchenoven.png Bake Kitchen Oven File:Chocolateturnover.png Chocolate Turnover 5 KC
File:Bakeshopcakedisplay.png Bake Shop Cake Display File:Sweetshopcakeslice.png Sweet Shop Cake Slice 10 KC
File:Bakeshopsodafountain.png Bake Shop Soda Fountain File:Pinksoda.png Pink Soda 5 KC
File:Blacklicoricetree.png Black Licorice Tree File:Blacklicorice.png Black Licorice 1 KC
File:Bunnyzangozgumballmachine.png Bunny Zangoz Gumball
File:Sweetspringgumball.png Sweet Spring Gumball 3 KC
File:Cashcowmilkdispenser.png Cash Cow Milk Dispenser File:Cashcowmilkbottle.png Cash Cow Milk Bottle 5 KC
File:Caramelappledrinkstation.png Caramel Apple Drink Station File:Caramelappledrink.png Caramel Apple Drink 8 KC
File:Carnivalpeanutroaster.png Carnival Peanuts Roaster File:Bagofroastedpeanuts.png Bag of Roasted Peanuts 18 KC
File:Celestialsmorecampsite.png Celestial S'more Campsite File:Celestialsmore.png Celestial S'more 5 KC
File:Chilidogcart.png‎ Chili Dog Cart File:Chilidog.png Chili Dog 5 KC
File:Chocolatefonduefountain.png Chocolate Fondue Fountain File:Chocolatecoveredstrawberries.png Chocolate Covered Strawberries 8 KC
File:Classicstylepopcorncart.png Classic Style Popcorn Cart File:Freshlypoppedpopcorn.png Freshly Popped Popcorn 18 KC
File:Coconutpineapplesmoothiemaker.png Coconut Pineapple Smoothie
File:Coconutpineapplesmoothie.png Coconut Pineapple
5 KC
File:Cookiesandcreamtree.png Cookies and Cream Tree File:Chocolateandcreamcookies.png Chocolate and Cream Cookies 13 KC
File:Cottoncandymaker.png Cotton Candy Maker File:Colorfulcottoncandy.png Colorful Cotton Candy 7 KC
File:Cranberryjuicepress.png Cranberry Juice Press File:Cranberryjuice.png Cranberry Juice 5 KC
File:Driveinsnackbar.png Drive in Snack Bar File:Fizzysoda.png Fizzy Soda 3 KC
File:Flowerlollipoptree.png Flower Lollipop Tree File:Flowerlollipop.png Flower Lollipop 10 KC
File:Freshcutfriesstand.png Fresh Cut Fries Stand File:Freshcutfries.png Fresh Cut Fries 5 KC
File:Freshlemonadestand.png Fresh Lemonade Stand File:Freshlemonade.png Fresh Lemonade 13 KC
File:Funhousecupcakestand.png Funhouse Cupcake Stand File:Funhousecupcake.png Funhouse Cupcake 6 KC
File:Gingerbreadtree.png Gingerbread Tree File:Plateofgingerbreadcookies.png Plate of Gingerbread
5 KC
File:Goldennougattree.png Golden Nougat Tree File:Goldennougatcandy.png Golden Nougat Candy 13 KC
File:Gumballgizmo.png Gumball Gizmo File:Pinkgumball.png Pink Gumball 5 KC
File:Gumballtree.png Gumball Tree File:Rainbowgumball.png Rainbow Gumball 13 KC
File:Holidayzangozgumballmachine.png Holiday Zangoz Gumball
File:Zestypeppermintgumball.png Zesty Peppermint Gumball 8 KC
89px-5348.gif Hot Chocolate Machine File:Cafestylehotchocolate.png Cafe Style Hot Chocolate 10 KC
File:Hotcinnamonheartstree.png Hot Cinnamon Hearts Tree File:Hotcinnamonhearts.png Hot Cinnamon Hearts 5 KC
File:Icecreamstand.png Ice Cream Stand File:Softserveicecreamcone.png Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone 3 KC
File:Icepressomachine.png Icepresso Machine File:Icefrothy.png Ice Frothy 5 KC
File:Jasmineteaservingstation.png Jasmine Tea Serving Station File:Jasminetea.png Jasmine Tea 6 KC[1]
File:Jumbleberryjampackingstation.png Jumbleberry Jam Packing
File:Jumbleberryjam.png Jumbleberry Jam 3 KC
File:Kinzairvendingmachine.png Kinz Air Vending Machine File:Gummyluggage.png Gummy Luggage 2 KC
File:Lemonademaker.png Lemonade Maker File:Livelylemonade.png Lively Lemonade 3 KC
File:Luckytangerinetree.png Lucky Tangerine Tree File:Luckytangerine.png Lucky Tangerine 5 KC
File:Maplesugarshack.png Maple Sugar Shack File:Bottleofmaplesyrup.png Bottle of Maple Syrup 4 KC
File:Milkandcookiestree.png Milk and Cookies Tree File:Milkandcookies.png Milk and Cookies 3 KC
Milkshake Machine File:Milkshakefortwo.png 50's Diner Milkshake 5 KC
File:Mintchocolatecointree.png Mint Chocolate Coin Tree File:Mintchocolatecoin.png Mint Chocolate Coin 5 KC
File:Orchardappletree.png Orchard Apple Tree File:Orchardapple.png Orchard Apple 10 KC
File:Partyhatcookietree.png Party Hat Cookie Tree File:Partyhatcookie.png Party Hat Cookie 13 KC
File:Partypunchdispenser.png Party Punch Dispenser File:Partypunch.png Party Punch 3 KC
File:Peppermintcocoastand.png Peppermint Cocoa Stand File:Cupofpeppermintcocoa.png Cup of Peppermint Cocoa 13 KC
File:Peppermintpiecart.png Peppermint Pie Cart File:Peppermintpie.png Peppermint Pie 5 KC
File:Pickleberryrelishpackingstation.png Pickleberry Relish Packing
File:Pickleberryrelish.png Pickleberry Relish 3 KC
File:6101.gif Pink Popcorn Machine File:Bowlofpopcorn.png Bowl of Popcorn 5 KC
File:Pinksprinklestree.png Pink Sprinkles Tree File:Pinksprinkles.png Pink Sprinkles 13 KC
File:Premiumorganicjuicer.png Premium Organic Juicer File:Premiumorganicjuice.png Premium Organic Juice 5 KC
File:Prizewinningchilipot.png Prize Winning Chili Pot File:Prizewinningchili.png Prize Winning Chili 8 KC
File:Professionalpizzadispenser.png Professional Pizza Dispenser File:Professionalsiceofpizza.png Professional Slice of Pizza 5 KC
File:Pumpkinjuicepress.png Pumpkin Juice Press File:Pumpkinjuice.png Pumpkin Juice 13 KC
File:Pumpkinpiestand.png Pumpkin Pie Stand File:Sliceofpumpkinpie.png Slice of Pumpkin Pie 8 KC
File:Pumpkinsmoothiemaker.png Pumpkin Smoothie Maker File:Spicedpumpkinsmoothie.png Spiced Pumpkin Smoothie 10 KC
File:Pumpkinspicemarshmallowtree.png Pumpkin Spice Marshmallow
File:Pumpkinspicemarshmallow.png Pumpkin Spice
3 KC
File:Rainbowcookiebarktree.png Rainbow Cookie Bark Tree File:Rainbowcookiebark.png Rainbow Cookie Bark 13 KC
File:Rainbowcottoncandytree.png Rainbow Cotton Candy Tree File:Rainbowcottoncandy.png Rainbow Cotton Candy 6 KC
File:Rainbowrootbeermachine.png Rainbow Root Beer Machine File:Rainbowrootbeer.png Rainbow Root Beer 13 KC
File:Roastedcornstand.png Roasted Corn Stand File:Roastedcornonthecob.png Roasted Corn on the Cob 6 KC
File:Rockcandytree.png Rock Candy Tree File:Redrockcandy.png Rock Candy 7 KC
File:Saltwatertaffytree.png Saltwater Taffy Tree File:Saltwatertaffycandy.png Saltwater Taffy Candy 6 KC
File:Selfservesaladbar.png Self Serve Salad Bar File:Selfservesalad.png Self Serve Salad 5 KC
File:Secludedgardenrosewaterdispenser.png Secluded Garden Rosewater
File:Refreshingrosewatercup.png Refreshing Rosewater Cup 18 KC
File:Specialholidaynutcracker.png Special Holiday Nutcracker File:Bowlofmixednutmedley.png Bowl of Mixed Nut Medley 13 KC
File:Sugarberryjellypackingstation.png Sugarberry Jelly Packing Station File:Sugarberryjelly.png Sugarberry Jelly 3 KC
File:Sweetandsourheartplant.png Sweet and Sour Heart Plant File:Sweetandsourhearts.png Sweet and Sour Hearts 3 KC
File:Thanksgivingzangozgumballmachine.png Thanksgiving Zangoz Gumball
File:Thanksgivingzangozgumball.png Thanksgiving Zangoz Gumball 3 KC
File:Theaterchocolatecart.png Theater Chocolate Cart File:Theaterchocolatepop.png Theater Chocolate Pop 5 KC
File:Tropicalgummytree.png Tropical Gummy Tree File:Tropicalgummies.png Tropical Gummies 6 KC
File:Ultimatesnackstation.png Ultimate Snack Station File:Smallbagofchips.png Small Bag of Chips 5 KC
File:Unbirthdaycakedispenser.png Unbirthday Cake Dispenser File:Sliceofunbirthdaycake.png Slice of Unbirthday Cake 5 KC
File:Valentinecart.png Valentine Cart File:Valentinecookies.png Valentine Cookies 13 KC
File:Whitechocolatepretzeltree.png White Chocolate Pretzel Tree File:Whitechocolatepretzel.png White Chocolate Pretzel 8 KC
File:Wowsodadispenser.png WOW Soda Dispenser File:Wowsodapop.png Wow Soda Pop 7 KC
  1. Jasmine Tea originally sold back to the W-shop for 500 KC. The sell-back value became 6 KC after the March 2014 maintenance.

Fortune Tellers

To find out the fortunes, please see Fortune Teller Messages

Picture Name Category
Antique Fashion Mirror Exclusives
File:697.gif Crystal Advisor Ball Halloween
Fortune Telling Pig Statue Pet Specific Items
File:Gardengnomefortuneteller.png Garden Gnome Fortune Teller Ganz eStore
2831-1.png Magic 9 Ball Exclusives
5295-1.png Webkinz Wishing Well Exclusives
1470-1.png Googles Scrying Pond Pet Specific Items
Crankyfortuneteller.png Cranky Fortune Teller Estore Item
File: Wisewizardhat.png Wise Wizard Hat Ganz eStore (also via Webkinz Wizard Academy Challenge)


Play and Exercise Structures

Picture Name Category
4946-1.png Backyard Fun Tire Swing Ganz Estore
8455-1.png Bagpiper's Trampoline Scottish Terrier
4471-1.png Bamboo Chute Slide Signature Panda
Bamboochuteswing.png Bamboo Chute Swing Charming Panda PSI
Beakstalkslide.png Beanstalk Slide Ganz Estore
1914-1.png Beautiful Blush Treadmill Pink Pony PSI
Boardwalkgoldolaride.png Boardwalk Gondola Ride Ganz Estore
5164-1.png Bouncy Bed Trampoline PoTM Item
Bouncycastle.png Bouncy Castle Ganz Estore
2766-1.png Bounding Big Top Cannon Ganz Estore
5166-1.png Brontosaurus Slide Ganz Estore
Buildasnofortslide.png Build-A-Snow Fort Slide Ganz Estore
Burrowingcliffsideslide.png Burrowing Cliffside Slide Signature Black Footed Ferret PSI
Caramelsoupslide.png Caramel Soup Slide Ganz Estore
Castletowerslide.png Castle Tower Slide Ganz Estore
622-1.png Cat Trick Trampoline Grey and White Cat PSI
Coolcatstringswing.png Cool Cat String Swing Signature Orange Tabby Cat
Cozyloghideaway.png Cozy Log Hideaway Purple Floral Fawn PSI
Cruiseshipwaterslide.png Cruise Ship Water Slide Ganz Estore
3795-1.png Dashin Dachshund Treadmill Dachshund PSI
Dizzydropride.png Dizzy Drop Ride Ganz Estore
Dogbeardspirateshipride.png DogBeard's Pirate Ship Ride Ganz Estore
Fallfrenzytrampoline.png Fall Frenzy Trampoline Ganz Estore
Floatingdockslide.png Floating Dock Slide Ganz Estore
Flyingpetcircuscannon.png Flying Pet Circus Cannon Deluxe Annual Prize(2012)
Frozenfunslide.png Frozen Fun Slide Glacial Fox PSI
Frozenriverride.png Frozen River Ride Ganz Estore
Glassslipperslide.png Glass Slipper Slide Ganz Estore
6695-1.png Golden Glide Water Slide Small Signature Golden Retriever PSI
Goldengorillaslide.png Golden Gorilla Slide Ganz Estore
Gumfallslide.png Gum Falls Slide Ganz Estore
6733-1.png Gumball Pit BubbleGum Cheeky Cat PSI
7718-1.png Hide and go Burrow Prairie Dog PSI
Hidenadseekcity.png Hide and Seek City Ganz Estore
Holidayspiritswing.png Holiday Spirit Swing Ganz Estore Promotion Item
Hurdletrampoline.png Hurdle rampoline Kinzville Academy
Landingmattrampoline.png Landing Mat Trampoline Figurines and Items
Lazymuddyriver.png Lazy Muddy River Signature Pot Bellied Pig PSI
4825-1.png Lazy River Ride Ganz Estore
Lifeboatbouncer.png Lifeboat Bouncer Ganz Estore
Logjammerride.png Log Jammer Ride Ganz Estore
7709-1.png Lovely Tree Swing Love Puffin PSI
Luckyshamrocktrampoline.png Lucky Shamrock Trampoline Ganz Estore
Magicwcoaster.png Magic W Coaster Ganz Estore
Marshmallowtrampoline.png Marshmallow Trampoline Ganz Estore
6899-1.png Mellow Marsh Marshmallow Chipmunk PSI
Minieggplaypit.png Mini Egg Playpit Ganz Estore
Mountainminecartride.png Mountain Mine Cart Ride Deluxe Annual Prize(2010)
6730-1.png Muddy Marsh Signature Pig PSI
5837-1.png Mysterious Marsh Spotted Sea Monster PSI
Overtherainbowride.png Over the Rainbow Ride Ganz Estore Promotional Item
Peekaboopond.png Peek a Boo Pond Arctic Polar Bear PSI
Peppermintswirlslide.png Peppermint Swirl Slide Waffle Wallaby PSI
Pieintheskytrampoline.png Pie in the Sky Trampoline Ganz Estore
Platinumsellingshower.png Platinum Selling Shower Ganz Estore
Playpileofleaves.png Play Pile of Leaves Ganz Estore
Playfulbucketofpopcorn.png Playful Bucket of Popcorn Ganz Estore
6405-1.png Playful Dust Pit Chinchilla PSI
4476-1.png Playland Ball Pool Ganz Estore
Playpentrampoline.png Playpen Trampoline Exclusives
Poisonappletreeswing.png Poison Apple Tree Swing Ganz Estore
Preciouspurseswing.png Precious Purse Swing Small Signature Pug PSI
Prehistoricshower.png Prehistoric Shower Ganz Estore
Pretzelrollercoaster.png Pretzel Roller Coaster Ganz Estore
1236-1.png Racetrack Treadmill Horse PSI
Rainbowshower.png Rainbow Shower PoTM Item
652-1.png Retriever Treadmill Golden Retriever PSI
Rocketdropride.png Rocket Drop Ride Deluxe Annual Prize(2011)
Shamrockingswing.png Shamrockin' Swing Pine Marten PSI
6902-1.png Shooting Star Shower Virgo Horse PSI
7662-1.png Sky High Shower Signature Giraffe PSI
Simyspashower.png Slimy Spa Shower Ganz Estore
Spasteamshower.png Spa Steam Shower Ganz Estore
Speedclasstreadmill.png Speed Class Treadmill Kinzville Academy
Spotofteaslide.png Spot of Tea Slide Signature English Spot Bunny PSI
6015-1.png Sly Slide Small Signature Fox PSI
4359-1.png Suddenly Spring Trampoline Cotton Candy Bunny PSI
Sugarcubeplayzone.png Sugar Cube Play Zone Ganz Estore
Sugarrushraft.png Sugar Rush Raft Ganz Estore
4643-1.png Super Deluxe Roller Coaster Deluxe Annual Prize(2009)
Supersugarswing.png Super Sugar Swing Sugar Rush Butterfly PSI
Swinginthesky.png Swing in the Sky Rainbow Rascal PSI
6654-1.png Tall Grass Trampoline South African Springbok PSI
Teacuptreadmill.png Teacup Treadmill Ganz Estore
Tennisballswing.png Tennis Ball Swing Labradoodle PSI
Threeringswing.png Three Ring Swing Big Top Elephant PSI
Treetopwindingwaterslide.png Tree Top Winding Water Slide Ganz Estore
1787-1.png Tree Frog Trampoline Tree Frog PSI
Tyrannicalrexslide.png Tyrannical Rex Slide Ganz Estore Promotional Item
Wackyzingozporchswing.png Wacky Zingoz Porch Swing Ganz Estore
Whitewaterraftingride.png White Water Rafting Ride Ganz Estore
Wildrideiceslide.png Wild Ride Ice SLide Ganz Estore
Wildwatertrampoline.png Wild Water Trampoline Ganz Estore
Wildwaterslide.png Wild Water Slide Ganz Estore
Worldofzingozwaterslide.png World of Zingoz Waterslide Ganz Estore


Sandwich Makers

Picture Name Category
Chromesandwichmaker.png Chrome Sandwich Maker Wshop
1250-1.png Funky Girl Sandwich Maker Wshop
3230-1.png Pop Star Sandwich Maker Wshop
4133-1.png High End Sandwich Maker eStore
Solarpoweredsandwichmaker.png Solar Powered Sandwich Make Kinzville Park
Chefgazpachosandwichmaker.png Chef Gazpacho Sandwich Maker Ganz Estore



Picture Name Category
Antiquebathroomsink.png Antique Bathroom Sink W Shop
FIle:bloominsink.png Bloomin' Sink W Shop
779-1.png Blue Skies Kitchen Sink W Shop
Daffodilbathroomsink.png Daffodil Bathroom Sink W Shop
Elegantswansink.png Elegant Swan Sink W Shop
1425-1.png Funky Girl Bathroom Sink W Shop
4134-1.png High End Kitchen Sink Ganz eStore
Hightechsciencesink.png High-Tech Science Sink W Shop
Porcelainsink.png Porcelain Sink W Shop
2313-1.png Salon Sink Feature Code Items
Seabluebathroomsink.png Sea Blue Bathroom Sink W Shop



Information about how to store virtual Webkinz items can be found on the Storage page. Prices of W Shop storage units can be compared at the Storing Items on a Budget page.

Storage items vary in the number of items they hold, the size of their footprints (how much space they take in a room), and the types of items they hold.

Storage items can be divided into those that store

Books Only

Food Items Only

Food and Nonfood Items

Nonfood Items Only

Wallpaper and Flooring


Stoves are interactive because your pet is able to cook on them. Stoves are found in the Stove Collection. For more information on types of Webkinz kitchen appliances and how to cook on Webkinz stoves visit the Webkinz_Recipes pages.


Picture Name Category
2378-1.png Alchemy TV wShop
Avantecondotv.png Avante Condo TV Ganz eStore
1850-1.png Awesome Arctic Television wShop
383-1.png Ballerina Television wShop
327-1.png Baseball Television Retired, Curio Shop Only
1800-1.png Big Race Television wShop
Cabanawidescreentv.png Cabana Widescreen TV wShop
Cardcollectorhdtv.png Card Collector HDTV Trading Cards
Caringandsharingtelevision.png Caring and Sharing Television Retired - Webkinz Foundation
255-1.png Cat Television Curio Shop Only
Cavetv.png Cave TV wShop
2242-1.png Checkmate TV Trading Cards
2272-1.png Cheerleader Television wShop
4044-1.png Circus Spectacular Television Ganz eStore
1614-1.png Classroom TV wShop
525-1.png Deep Jungle Television wShop
1005-1.png Egyptian Television Retired from Rares
4830-1.png Emerald TV Pet Specific Items
507-1.png Football Television Retired, Curio Shop Only
414-1.png Funky Girl Television wShop
1965-1.png Gingerbread TV Retired from wShop, Curio Shop Only
3288-1.png Hoops DTV wShop
Hydradefinitiontelevision.png Hydra Definition Television wShop
Jivintv.png Jivin' TV Ganz eStore
Kidsplaytv.png Kid's Play TV wShop
492-1.png Kid's TV Curio Shop Only
3124-1.png KinzVision HDTV wShop
1025-1.png Kinzvision Plasma TV Rares
Ledentertainmentunit.png LED Entertainment Unit wShop
5230-1.png Longneck TV Pet Specific Items
Moderntelevision.png Modern Television Retired
Monkeymonkeybananatv.png Monkey & Monkey Banana TV Trading Cards
File:neogothicflatscreen.png Neo Gothic Flat Screen Rare Items
471-1.png Princess Television wShop
953-1.png Rabbit Eared Television Pet Specific Items
951-1.png Ribbity Reed Television Retired from wShop, Curio Shop Only
1015-1.png Rock Stage TV wShop
305-1.png Scoreboard Television Retired
2610-1.png Sea TV wShop
Shootoutsoccertv.png Shoot-Out Soccer TV Retired
776-1.png Sky-Vision wShop
6043-1.png Solar Powered TV Kinzville Park
401-1.png Space Viewing Screen Curio Shop Only
3292-1.png Spots N' Dots TV Pet Specific Items
File:swankypinktv.png Swanky Pink TV Retired from wShop, Curio Shop Only
File:Sweetscreentv.png Sweet Screen TV wShop
Sweet 16 Theme
4173-1.png Timeless Treasure TV Pet Specific Items
1497-1.png Top of the Charts TV wShop
2882-1.png Trading Card 2.0 TV Trading Cards
Tradingcardcondotv.png Trading Card Condo TV Trading Cards
5968-1.png Tranquil Television Exclusives
Treetoptv.png Treetop TV wShop
5891-1.png Triassic Television Pet Specific Items
Tubetelevision.png Tube Television Mazin' Hamsters
2241-1.png Ultra-modern TV Trading Card Item
File:undertheseatv.png Under the Sea TV wShop
3790-1.png Underwater Television Pet Specific Items
3187-1.png Visions in Pink TV wShop
1876-1.png Wacky Eucalyptus TV Pet Specific Items
File:webkinzworldwidescreen.png Webkinz World Wide Screen wShop
2258-1.png Ye Olde Moving Picture Box Trading Cards
Lazyzumbigscreen.png Lazy Zum Big Screen Zumwhere Item


Swimming Pools

Pets can swim in pools, and often their happiness levels improve. Pools can be found in the Swimming Pool Collection.