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Inside Rooms

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Inside Rooms

Inside rooms are rooms that any pet can obtain. When you adopt a pet that neither swims or flies you receive a medium size inside room. You can place almost anything in them except outdoor or undersea or treetop items.

Purchasing A Room

To purchase a room click on the "House Map" icon in the upper left corner of your room. Then once you are in the map, click on the "Buy A Room" button and pick your size of room.

To see other types of rooms that can be added to your Webkinz House, visit Room Types.

Sizes and Prices

Inside rooms come in three sizes. Small (5x5), Medium (7x7), and Large(10x10).

File:Small room.PNG

This is a small room, it costs 500 KC to purchase.

File:Medium room.PNG

This is a medium room, the room you originally get when you adopt a pet. This room costs 700 KC.

File:Large room.PNG

This is a large room, it costs 1,000 KC to purchase.