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In Room Games

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These games can be purchased at the W Shop or played in the Clubhouse.


Air Hockey

"Use your amazing Air Hockey skills against three fearsome robot opponents!"

Bathtub Battles

"Captain Dogbeard challenges you to sink your opponent's ships - before they sink yours!"


Also known as "Pool".


In the Webkinz Game "Checkers," players must make all their pieces jump over their opponent's pieces.

Farming Frenzy

"Are you ready to harvest some tomatoes, farmer? When your basket is full, sell them back to the farm."

Go Fish Card Game

"You can play this game with a friend!"


"4 in a row will win you this great game! Play alone or with a friend!"


"Pick up this game for some Skunk-finding fun! You can even play with a friend!"

Zingoz Switcherooz

"Dominate the board with your fun Zingoz pieces! A great game for you and your friends."