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Ichiban Theme

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Theme History

The Ichiban Theme was introduced to Webkinz World in January 2009.

The Ichiban Theme was removed from the wShop on January 1, 2015.

On June 12, 2015 Webkinz Newz notified players that the Ichiban Theme will be returning to the wShop with new items on July 8, 2015.

On July 8, 2015 the Ichiban Theme returned to the wShop. The Bonsai Brush Painting Scroll was retired. The Crushing Wave Vase Fridge, Healthful Hearth Stove and Legendary Learning Bookcase were added for the first time.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
4198-1.png Bamboo Brush Painting Scroll wShop Deluxe Only: 400 KC
4188-1.png Bamboo (Print) Screen Walls wShop Regular: 250 KC
Deluxe: 250 KC
4189-1.png Bamboo Strip Flooring wShop Regular: 300 KC
Deluxe: 300 KC
4186-1.png Bonsai Brush Painting Scroll wShop Regular: 60 KC
Deluxe: 60 KC
File:Crushingwavevasefridge.png Crushing Wave Vase Fridge wShop Regular: 600 KC
Deluxe: 600 KC
4182-1.png Dynamic Daimyo Sofa wShop Regular: 800 KC
Deluxe: 800 KC
4171-1.png Full Tatami Mat wShop Regular: 235 KC
Deluxe: 235 KC
4172-1.png Half Tatami Mat wShop Regular: 115 KC
Deluxe: 115 KC
File:Healthfulhearthstove.png Healthful Hearth Stove wShop Deluxe Only:750 KC
Highclasschinacabinet.png High Class China Cabinet Ganz eStore ? points
Highclassteatrolley.png High Class Tea Trolley Ganz eStore ? points
4183-1.png Konnichiwa Coffee Table wShop Regular: 310 KC
Deluxe: 310 KC
File:Legendarylearningbookcase.png Legendary Learning Bookcase wShop Regular: 690 KC
Deluxe:690 KC
4165-1.png Mysterious Mirror Dresser wShop Deluxe Only: 795 KC
4166-1.png Paper Lantern wShop Deluxe Only: 280 KC
4185-1.png Peace and Harmony Pedestal wShop Regular: 365 KC
Deluxe: 365 KC
4197-1.png Red and Gold Zabuton wShop Regular: 225 KC
Deluxe: 225 KC
4152-1.png Rising Sun Window wShop Regular: 525 KC
Deluxe: 525 KC
4199-1.png Samurai Armor Stand[1] Curio Shop Rare Item 2,200 KC
4153-1.png Shoji Room Divider wShop Deluxe Only: 410 KC
4151-1.png Shoji Side Table wShop Regular: 215 KC
Deluxe: 215 KC
4160-1.png Sushi Serving Table wShop Regular: 760 KC
Deluxe: 760 KC
4196-1.png Tokugawa's Toy Box wShop Regular: 510 KC
Deluxe: 510 KC
4164-1.png Traditional Taiko Drum wShop Deluxe Only: 755 KC
4150-1.png Zen Master Mattress wShop Deluxe Only: 950 KC
4163-1.png Zen Master Zabuton wShop Regular: 285 KC
Deluxe: 285 KC


  1. The Samurai Armor Stand appeared on the Webkinz Day 2009 Super Wheel.

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