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Iceberg Escapades

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Icecap Adventure was an original Webkinz World Arcade game. It was retired and a similar game, Waddell's Icecap Adventure, was released. The original game was re-released for Deluxe members and renamed to Iceberg Escapades on July 17, 2013.



The object of the game is to help the penguin hero collect stars by jumping from iceberg to iceberg. The game begins with five lives. Lives are lost when you miss an iceberg or slip off and fall into the water. Standing on an iceberg for too long will cause it to melt - if you are standing on it when it breaks apart, you will lose a life.

There are 20 levels in the game, each of increasing difficulty. As the levels progress, the icebergs move more quickly and begin to bump into each other more violently. This makes it difficult to predict where to jump next. Also, the number of stars to collect increases from 8 in Levels 1-3 to 10 in Levels 4-11 to 12 in Levels 12-20.

"Blizzards" are levels in which it is snowing. On these levels, the penguin jumps at half of the normal speed, but stars are worth double the points. The Blizzard levels are:

  • Level 4
  • Level 8
  • Level 12
  • Level 16

When you complete a Blizzard level, you earn an extra life!


Use the arrow keys to move your penguin on the icebergs. The left and right arrows rotate your penguin; the up arrow moves him forward and the back arrow moves him backward. To jump, press and hold the spacebar.

As you hold the spacebar, an arrow will show you where you are jumping. When the top of the arrow reaches the location to which you want to jump, let go of the spacebar.


There is no trophy available for this game.


  • Always jump to the location where the iceberg to which you are jumping is going to be. If the iceberg is moving, it will not be in the same location before and after you jump, so jump towards the place it is moving.
  • One of the most important strategies in the game is to let the smallest icebergs melt underneath you. To do this, sit on a small iceberg for a while until it begins to break up. Then, jump to safety onto another iceberg. If you time this correctly, you will be safe and the smaller iceberg will have disappeared. The smallest icebergs are the most difficult to land on safely, so getting rid of them makes the game much easier. Try to use this strategy only after you already have to land on a small iceberg. If you are very successful, you can limit your icebergs down to just two.
  • Do not let all icebergs but one melt, or you will lose the game!
  • You do not have to jump directly from an iceberg with a star to another iceberg with a star. Instead, you can make as many jumps in between as you would like. To avoid jumping very long distances, first jump to an iceberg closer to the one you need to get to, and then jump from that second iceberg to the star.
  • Use the back arrow to help you stay on each iceberg after jumping. Moving yourself away from the edges of the iceberg and helping the penguin stay on after jumping are key to a successful game.

You receive 1 KinzCash for every 25 points achieved.

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