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I Gotta Lotta Soft Spots for You!

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Video/Song Information

"I Gotta Lotta Soft Spots for you!" is the Pet of the Month (POTM) Video/Song for September 2009. Other POTM videos/songs can be found in the Music Starz library.


Sometimes images in the POTM videos reveal upcoming new items or places in Webkinz. In this video, the Strawberry Cloud Leopard and Kinzville Park were first shown.


Well, I've gotta coat that all the gals love, They think I'm debonair.

When I strut my stuff, they love my fluff, but, ah, what do I care?

You know there's only one gal for me, I told you before and it's true.

I've gotta lotta soft spots for you!

You're a strawberry leopard with a shimmering face I just can't forget.

I run after you all over the place, But you're playing hard-to-get!

I'm the only cat for you, I'm as sweet as honey without the goo!

I've gotta lotta soft spots for yoooooou!

Count em with me now!

One, Two, Three. Baby, can't you see?

Four, Five, Six. I'm so love sick!

Seven, Eight, Nine. Oh, Won't you please be mine?

I gotta lotta soft spots for you!

Oh, I gotta sofa I know you'll love where we can watch TV. There's a couple of monkeys waitin' for us and I write poetry!

Roses are red, honey, violets are blue! I'm a sweet loving leopard who's crazy bout you!

I gotta lotta soft spots for you!

I gotta lotta soft spots for yoou!

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