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I Dream in Pink

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Song/Video Information

"I Dream in Pink" is the Pet of the Month (POTM) music video for October 2010. Other POTM music videos can be found in the Music Starz library.


I Dream in Pink is the video for October 2010's pet of the month, the pink poodle.

File:ribbondog.JPG There is a preview of the Ribbon Dog that was released in December 2010.


Once Upon a Summer Day

Beside a Lazy Stream

I Lay Down and Close My Eyes

And Here's What I did Dream...

I Used To Live In France

The Capital of Fashion

They're Famous for Romance

But I Prefer Their Passion

The Fancy Clothes They Wear

The Way They Style Their Hair

And When I'm Over There

I Can Hardly Blink

And Everytime I Dream I Dream in Pink

I Like The Sound of Jazz

And Interesting Rhymes

Those Cats Just Ooze Pizzazz

They Sing in Swing Time

When I Go On The Town

I Like To Clown Around

And When I Lay My Head Down

I Give Myself A Wink

Cuz' Everytime I Dream I Dream In Pink

Cotton Candy Clouds

Over Magenta Trees

I See A Hot Pink House

Filled With Rose and Coral Cookies

It's A Beautiful World Out There

And We Can Make It Better

There's A Rainbow Everywhere

If We Put Our Hearts Together

There's A Color I'm Thinking Of

Suits Us Just Like A Glove

It's The Perfect Color Of Love

At Least That's What I Think

And Everytime I Dream I Dream In Pink

It's A Beautiful World Out There

In Pink, I Dream In Pink

Everytime I Dream I Dream In Pink

Ganz eStore

  • Dream in Pink Piano FIle:dreaminpinkpiano.png
  • Fair Weather Hat File:fairweatherhat.png
  • Magical Magenta Tree File:magicalmagentatree.png
  • Pink Music Notes File:pinkmusicnotes.png
  • Pink Poodle Album Cover FIle:pinkpoodlealbumcover.png
  • Pink Poodle Shoes File:pinkpoodleshoes.png
  • Prettier in Pink Gown FIle:prettierinpinkgown.png
  • Won't Sink Pink Ship File:wontsinkpinkship.png