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Hop Movie Promotion

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In March, 2011 a series of third-party advertisements started running in Webkinz world to promote the Hop movie. The movie premiered on April 1, 2011. The promotion included both a Webkinz Video Challenge and a Click-to-Win activity.

Hop Webkinz Video Challenge

A snapshot of the Hop advertisement found in Webkinz World.

Clicking on the "Watch" button on the HOP Movie trailers found on the Ads of Webkinz World, led players to a video clip and Webkinz Video Challenge. Players answering all the questions correctly were awarded a clothing or object prize or a free pet code for a Hopping Bunny. This contest was only available to players in the United States and Canada.

The Webkinz Video Challenge questions can be found HERE.

The Video Challenge itself can be found here
As of March 16, 2012, prizes were still being awarded.

The Prizes

To see the prizes visit (Picture Gallery) Click-to-Win Items

Hop Click-to-Win Activity

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In addition to the video challenge, players clicking on the Hop eggs floating across their screen were awarded a food prize of a purple patterned egg or chick peeps.

File:FloatingHopEgg.png Purplepatternedegg.png Chickpeeps.png

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