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History of the Super Stove Secret Recipes

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The Super Stove Secret recipes are made on the Super Stove which is only available in the Super Chef Room and Daisy's Diner in the clubhouse. Super Stove Secret Recipes are different from the other secret recipes in which the ingredients are 3 ingredient recipes.

Super Stove Secret Recipes

Below is a Master List of all the Super Stove Secret Recipes. It includes the recipe's name, its release date, the solver, and its solve date.

In the Solver column below you may see one of the following things:

  • Unsolved means that the recipe is not solved yet.
  • Reported by means this member was the first person to report how it was solved but most likely not the member who solved the recipe.
  • Not Solved By a WI Member means that it has been confirmed that the first person to solve this recipe was not a member of WI.

Please Note: The format for the date in the below table is YYYY-MM-DD

This page includes a sortable table. To sort the information in the table click on this icon ( File:Sortable.gif ) at the top of the columns in the table.
Picture Recipe Name Date Released Solver Date Solved
4823-1.png Afinnyumfaroo 2009-10-14 Kop (Trophy) 2009-10-14
Bootooyoo.png Bootooyoo 2010-11-24 Not Solved by a WI Member 2014-10-01
4849-1.png Cogogumbo 2009-10-14 kinzmom1121 2009-10-14
4824-1.png Entomosoflicky 2009-10-14 Kop (Trophy) 2009-10-14
4850-1.png Ghoulosh 2009-10-14 Jerkinz (Trophy) 2009-10-14
4851-1.png Hydromoscone 2009-10-14 SnowCrystal (Trophy) 2009-10-14
4841-1.png Miximarch Pie 2009-10-14 Mommyof4 2009-10-14
4695-1.png Nebulumyum 2009-10-14 Jerkinz 2009-10-14
4698-1.png Obzorbolo 2009-10-14 Suzette424 (Trophy) 2009-10-14
4696-1.png Prismamunch 2009-10-14 Elephantboy42 (Trophy) 2009-10-14
4697-1.png Sorcusorbet 2009-10-14 Bittykitty (Trophy) 2009-10-14
4895-1.png Sturcarrunch 2009-10-14 Jedibristow (Trophy) 2009-10-14
4694-1.png Tempesturosa 2009-10-14 Kargaleth 2009-10-14
6216-1.png Fleefgrimbles 2010-03-31 Unsolved Unsolved
6215-1.png Macdoodles 2010-03-31 Unsolved Unsolved
6213-1.png Splatibonk 2010-03-31 Unsolved Unsolved
6217-1.png Winsabrim Kabrang 2010-03-31 Unsolved Unsolved
6214-1.png Wozzled Elphinda 2010-03-31 Unsolved Unsolved
Illissivyelixir.png Illissivy Elixir 2010-11-24 Unsolved Unsolved
Murkalgaemuffins.png Murkalgae Muffins 2010-11-24 Unsolved Unsolved
Neigowablancetta.png Neigowa Blancetta 2010-11-24 Webkinzs News 2015-02-20
Telemenwatsaroons.png Telemen Watsaroons 2010-11-24 Unsolved Unsolved
CascalleauAquappa.png Cascalleau Aquappa 2011-2-3 Webkinz News 2017-08-20
Grisalex.png Grisalex 2011-2-3 Unsolved Unsolved
HarpangeloHartillio.png Harpangelo Hartillio 2011-2-3 Unsolved Unsolved
Kismarkle.png Kismarkle 2011-2-3 Revealed by
Webkinz Newz
RoastedRoyalliario.png Roasted Royalliario 2011-2-3 Unsolved Unsolved

How Long Were the Super Secret Recipes Unsolved?

Below is a list of the Super Stove Secret Recipes organized from the recipe that took the shortest period of time to solve, Ghoulosh, to the recipes that took the longest period of time to solve, Sturcarrunch.

Less Than 3 Hours
Place Recipe Time
1. Ghoulosh 1 Hour, 27 minutes
2. Nebulumyum 1 Hour, 57 minutes
Less Than 6 Hours
Place Recipe Time
3. Miximarch Pie 3 Hours, 36 minutes
4. Tempesturosa 3 Hours, 40 minutes
5. Obzorbolo 3 Hours, 59 minutes
6. Afinnyumfaroo 4 Hours, 18 minutes
7. Cogogumbo 4 Hours, 33 minutes
8. Entomosoflicky 5 Hours, 31 minutes
Less Than 1 Day
Place Recipe Time
9. Prismamunch 7 hours, 42 minutes
10. Sorcusorbet 8 Hours, 24 minutes
11. Hydromoscone 9 Hours, 49 minutes
12. Sturcarrunch 17 Hours, 27 minutes

Super Secret Recipes Notes