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History of the Secret Recipes

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This page is protected because it is a high traffic page.

The Secret Recipes have a long history in Webkinz World. To date well over 100 secret recipes have been released. Most of them have been solved by members in Webkinz World.

All the Front Page News Article Archives have been reviewed to ensure the accuracy of the claims below. But if you do find an inaccuracy please fix it.

The Secret Chef Trophy


A few days after Yummytummy Tumbler was solved a new feature was added to the recipes section, the Secret Chef Trophy. This trophy is awarded to the first member to solve a recipe in Webkinz World. For the purposes of this WIki article the first member to report the ingredients on the internet is credited with the solve no matter if they received a trophy or not. If the member did happen to receive a trophy (Trophy) will be written next to their username.

The Original Secret Recipes

For information and facts about the original, 3 ingredient, secret recipes see the History of the Original Secret Recipes page.

Mega Stove Secret Recipes

For information and facts about the mega stove, 5 ingredient, secret recipes see the History of the Mega Stove Secret Recipes page.

Super Stove Secret Recipes

For information and facts about the super stove secret recipes see the History of the Super Stove Secret Recipes page.

Fun Facts

Below is a list of assorted facts that have been gathered by many members of These facts serve no purpose other than for history, bragging and laughing.

Members Who Have Solved More Than One Recipe

Below is a list of the members here on WI who have not only solved a recipe but done it more than once. If they have solved more than one three-ingredient recipe they are nicknamed Master Chef. If they have solved more than one Super Secret Recipe they are nicknamed Super Chef. These nicknames are just for fun and serve no real purpose on WI or in Webkinz World.

Master Chefs

These members have solved more than one Original (3 Ingredient) Secret Recipe.

Number of Recipes Member Recipes Solved
12 Recipes Monkeecj Floridisa, Cogitaticake, Symphoscone, Grapplesnap, Bellatart, Blastop Rocaket, Falleafals, Keeleebabs, Wanapaneer, Spranklebeek, Polly's Lovely Lemon Cookie, and Tumbang
8 Recipes AChip Epochiquox Glimmer, Fraidy Parfait, Chortletorte, Shabloomers, Slimescraper, Misrateru Druppling, Poppaballoo, and Pearlipate
8 Recipes fumble99 Wigglumdrip, Ravishelli, Canoopaddarole, Tusslepuff, Freckled Wendaloo, Betwinkled Strumble, Spiny Sporcues, and Gigglifuzzeela
4 Recipes Lucy Hippo Gloprisma, Mataruk-Lucks, Mocha Polka, and Aminkle Grog
3 Recipes Kitten496 Syzyglorbit, Wishful Whirlawhip, and Chimericamaki
3 Recipes fvb Picaroon, Springerle Drizz, and Striped Mellowmallow
3 Recipes momwhoplays Shellbellow, Sweet Echocoa, and Murkiibuns
2 Recipes The Mother/Son duo of Hptigerlily and 149pokemon Megachinewich and Fixichini
2 Recipes ClaraZ25 Yummytummy Tumbler and Maizealoop

Super Chefs

These members have solved more than one Super Secret Recipe

Number of Recipes Member Recipes Solved
2 Recipes Jerkinz Nebulumyum and Ghoulosh
2 Recipes Kop Afinnyumfaroo and Entomosoflicky

Neat Facts

  • The shortest time a recipe was unsolved was Grapplesnap. It was solved within 2 hours of its release!
  • The longest time a recipe has been unsolved is Boiled Wyvernacle. It lasted 6 years, 2 months, and 7 days before it was solved.
  • Only 10 recipes have been so elusive that they were unsolved for over a year: Aminkle Grog, Spranklebeek, Petallastar Pop, Boiled Wyvernacle, Spiny Sporcues, Tumbang, Tusslepuff, Epochiquox Glimmer, Gladdugrumble, and Yummytummy Tumbler!
  • And only three have lasted more than 2 years: Yummytummy Tumbler, Tumbang, and Boiled Wyvernacle!
  • Plumpy actually solved a secret recipe in her article on Feb. 12, 2008. This is the most unique way that a recipe has been solved. The recipe that she solved was Fluffed Snuglapuffin.
  • The most recipes solved in one calendar month is 8. They were all solved in April, 2008.
  • If you try to eliminate every food in the W-shop plus cabbage, you would have to do 152,096 different combos.
  • If you make a recipe with oatmeal and/or chocolate pudding you can know that AChip has solved it. The only recipe that contains oatmeal is Slimescraper (which also contains chocolate pudding) and the other chocolate pudding recipe is Misrateru Druppling.
  • If you make a recipe with Candy Apple you can know that Kitten496 has solved it. She solved the only 2 recipes to have this ingredient, Syzyglorbit and Wishful Whirlawhip.
  • Webkinzworld14 actually solved Mount Snococo using only the name. His picture of it being solved was the first picture of that recipe that was released.
  • Jerkinz holds the record for the shortest time between solving 2 recipes. Less than 30 minutes! WOW! Ghoulosh and Nebulumyum were also the 2 first things he made on the Super Stove. He made both of them before he ever made any Creme de Rien (Gak).
  • There are 113 different secret recipes.
  • There are 225 recipes in Webkinz World.
  • The average cost of the original W-Shop foods is 6.556701 KinzCash
  • The average cost of the W-Shop foods with the 13 new ingredients is 6.60 KinzCash
  • 3 Recipes were not created by Ganz. They were created as part of a contest in Webkinz World. They were Mizzleberry Jacks, Jellamazoo Jiggle, and Goober's Galactic Gumball.