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History of the Mega Stove Secret Recipes

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Mega Stove Secret recipes were introduced to Webkinz World on July 9, 2009. Mega Stove Secret Recipes can only be made on the Mega Stove and require 5 ingredients to make a recipe. Due to the higher number of ingredients these recipes have proved to be very elusive and difficult to solve.

Mega Stove Recipes

Below is a list of all the Mega Stove Recipes ever released. The list tells you what Mega Stove Recipes have been solved and what recipes still remain unknown.

In the Solver column below you may see one of the following things:

  • Unsolved means that the recipe is not solved yet.
  • Reported by means this member was the first person to report how it was solved but most likely not the member who solved the recipe.
  • Not Solved By a WI Member means that it has been confirmed that the first person to solve this recipe was not a member of WI.

Please Note: The format for the date in the below table is YYYY-MM-DD

This page includes a sortable table. To sort the information in the table click on this icon ( File:Sortable.gif ) at the top of the columns in the table.
Picture Recipe Name Date Released Solver Date Solved
4713-1.png Dulcospire 2009-07-09 Not Solved by a WI Member 2009-07-16
4818-1.png Kinzlet Milanese 2009-07-09 Webkinz Newz 2014-01-18
Shoopdeloopsoup.png Shoopdeloop Soup 2011-01-19 Webkinz Newz 2014-08-18
4894-1.png Ultimacarooney 2009-07-09 Example Recipe 2009-07-09
6033-1.png Yibbles 2010-02-17 meandspencer (Trophy)[1] 2011-08-25
4709-1.png Flanpyre 2009-07-09 Unsolved Unsolved
4819-1.png Pomumitta 2009-07-09 2015-01-06 Revealed by Webkinz News
4896-1.png Crunchkinz 2009-07-09 Unsolved Unsolved
4889-1.png Yumidenum 2009-07-09 Unsolved Unsolved
4853-1.png Superstinachew 2009-07-09 Unsolved Unsolved
4721-1.png Knotty Numnums 2009-07-09 Unsolved Unsolved
4845-1.png Whirlowisk 2009-07-09 Unsolved Unsolved
4846-1.png Wurstinfurst 2009-07-09 Unsolved Unsolved
6048-1.png Laphabet Oops 2010-02-17 Unsolved Unsolved
6001-1.png Brisked Triflador 2010-02-17 Unsolved Unsolved
6113-1.png Nonano Pomano 2010-02-17 Unsolved Unsolved
6014-1.png Grufflegoop 2010-02-17 Unsolved Unsolved
6555-1.png Bramblefuzz 2010-05-26 Unsolved Unsolved
6557-1.png Roserina Blushini 2010-05-26 Unsolved Unsolved
6554-1.png Whispacrumb 2010-05-26 Unsolved Unsolved
6556-1.png Plink-a-Plunk 2010-05-26 Unsolved Unsolved
6558-1.png Oastewisle Ovaland 2010-05-26 Unsolved Unsolved
Ceramibakette.png Ceramibakette 2011-01-19 Unsolved Unsolved
Crystellmatacrisp.png Crystellmata Crisp 2011-01-19 2018-1-08 Revealed by Webkinzs Newz
Orbishimmeros.png Orbishimmeros 2011-01-19 Unsolved Unsolved
Plumbalaumpannam.png Plumbalum Pannam 2011-01-19 Unsolved Unsolved
ultimate hard candy twist 2017-07-12 Report by Starburst1425 2017-07-19

Mega Stove Notes

The new 2011-01-19 set of recipes is the only one which can use the new thirteen foods.