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History of Solved Outfits

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Secret Outfits

September 16
Recipe Ingredients Status
Cowgirl Dress Cowboy Hat Cowboy Shirt Sundress Solved by jbdooodle
Detective Cap Blue Ball Cap Red Ball Cap Tan Suit Jacket Solved by mlachance9
Glass Slippers Funky Girl Glass Princess Hat Ruby Slippers Solved by LinLin
Patched Denim Jacket Green Layered Tee Jeans Purple Layered Tee Example Recipe
Seaside Sarong Bright Green Swim Trunks Summer Fun Swimsuit Top Wide Tan Pants Solved by fumble99
Sparkly Silver Suit Jacket Tuxexdo Jacket Kinzville Academy Slacks Tiara Solved By mrmike655
Sparkly Silver Suit Pants Sparkly Pink Bow Tan Suit Pants Tuxedo Shoes Solved by Jingles139
Tie Dye Top Purple Pajama Top Blue and Yellow Fleece Flower Power Swimsuit Top Solved by August
Toga Flip Flops Kinzville Academy Skirt White Jeans Solved by judy999
Toy Solider Coat Dogbeard's Coat Mod Jacket Red Sneakers Solved by fvb
Toy Solider Hat Dude Hat Funky Plaid Hat Party Hat Ginger945
Wizard's Apprentice Robes Academy Sweater Tuxedo Pants Wizard's Hat Solved by Auntkinz
March 17
Recipe Ingredients Status
Alpine Hat Aviator Hat Bubble Vest Soft Suede Boots Solved
Bright Spies Trench Coat Cowboy Hat Dark Shades Wing Tip Shoes Solved by dawnscott1
Sweet Dreams Bathrobe Fuzzy Slippers Thick-Knit Sweater Yoga Pants Solved by mulberry59
Tabby's Glasses Lovely Leopard Cat Cap Penny Loafers White Hollywood Sunglasses Announced on Webkinz Newz
Wild Watermelon Shirt Ballerina Leotard Top Summer Fun Swimsuit Top Emerald Polka - Dot Rain Boots Solved by Starburst1425
July 7
Recipe Ingredients Status
Highland Jacket and Top Unknown Unknown Unknown Unsolved
Highland Kilt Funky Plaid Hat Kilt Skirt Purple Kilt Solved by taytertots
Prismatic Dress Dude Hat Flower Power Swimsuit Top Wide Tan Pants Solved
Stunning Kimono Chalk Flower Top Bright Green Swim Trunks Smocked Sundress Solved by dawnscott1
October 1
Recipe Ingredients Status
Groovy Retro Jeans cuffe jeans chalk flower top rainbowboats Solved by Orca12296 (and younger brother)
Supper Star Shirt White hollywood glasses Purple mod hat Funky flowered dress Solved by Steffeefacee
Starry Starry hat Wizzrds hat Purple mod hat Star fly pants Solved by Pixel Pony
December 8
Recipe Ingredients Status
Emerald Ski Jacket Unknown Unknown Unknown Unsolved
Feather Light Shoes Unknown Unknown Unknown Unsolved
Speedster Cap Unknown Unknown Unknown Unsolved
March 16
Recipe Ingredients Status
Busy Artists Smock Pink Pok a dot rain booots Purple beanie Yellow rain coat Solved by dawnscott1
Jolly Jester's Hat Unknown Unknown Unknown Unsolved
Nice Neon Swimsuit Unknown Unknown Unknown Unsolved
Super Star Leggings Unknown Unknown Unknown Unsolved
October 26
Recipe Ingredients Status
Neon Tutu Pink Cowgirl Boots Fall Floral Skirt Thick-Knit Sweater Reported by Starburst1425[1]
Pretty Plaid Gown Blue and Green Kilt Fall Flora Dress Ruffled Sequin Sandals Repoted By MsAmy05
Racecar Driver Outfit Black Sports Pants Black Vest Kinzville Academy Varsity Jacket gaaralvr92
Rockin' Fringe Vest Unknown Unknown Unknown Unsolved
Super Funky Hoodie Unknown Unknown Unknown Unsolved
September 5
Recipe Ingredients Status
Cool Squares Shirt Unknown Unknown Unknown Unsolved
Moonberry Dress Plaid Buckle Hat Purple Pajama Top Smocked Sundress Solved by Bookworm255
Rockin' Neon Shoes Unknown Unknown Unknown Unsolved
Sweet Treats Toque Red Bow Stripy Toque Sequin Cabbie Cap Solved by Rufus Rules
True North Sweater Fall striped Hoddie Grey argyle Sweater Yoga pants Anounced on Webkinzs newz

Chronological List of Secret Outfits

Date Recipe Solved by/Reported by
N/A Patched Denim Jacket Example Recipe
9/17/09 Glass Slippers LinLin
9/17/09 Cowgirl Dress jbdooodle
9/17/09 Wizard's Apprentice Robe Auntkinz
9/17/09 Toy Soldier Coat fvb
9/17/09 Toga judy999
9/17/09 Toy Soldier Hat Ginger945
9/20/09 Tye Dye Top August
9/24/09 Sparkly Silver Suit Pants Jingles139
2/10/10 Detective Cap mlachance9
7/10/10 Highland Kilt taytertots
7/10/10 Sweet Dreams Bathrobe mulberry59
7/23/2010 Strawberry Hat 8arose
8/10/2010 Stunning Kimono dawnscott1
8/24/2010 Bright Spies Trench Coat dawnscott1
10/7/2010 Starry Starry Hat Pixel Pony
2/9/2011 Groovy Retro Jeans Orca12296
2/23/2011 Prismatic Dress Plumpy Eunice Hippo
5/20/2011 Tabby's Glasses Webkinz Newz
6/9/2011 Superstar Shirt Steffeefacee
6/12/2011 Beautiful Blue Ballgown CCBMom
6/12/2011 Rad Rainbow Overalls steffeefacee
7/23/2011 Alpine Hat Mousemum
12/8/2011 Seaside Sarong fumble99
6/18/2012 Racecar Driver Outfit gaaralvr92
9/7/2012 Moonberry Dress Bookworm255
9/13/2012 Sweet Treats Toque Rufus Rules
08/08/2014 Neon Tutu Starburst1425

How Long the Outfits Were Unsolved

Less Than 48 Hours
Place Recipe Time
1. Glass Slippers 25 hours, 15 minutes
2. Cowgirl Dress 33 hours, 39 minutes
3. Wizard's Apprentice Robe 37 hours, 2 minutes
4. Toy Solider Coat 39 hours, 9 minutes
5. Toga 41 hours, 47 minutes
6. Toy Soldier Hat 47 Hours, 15 minutes
Less Than a Week
7. Highland Kilt 2 Days, 18 Hours
8. Tye Dye Top 4 Days, 16 Hours
Less Than a Month
9. Sparkly Silver Suit Pants 8 Days, 0 Hours
10. Stunning Kimono 30 days
Less Than Six Months
11. Sweet Dreams Bathrobe 3 Months, 23 Days
12. Detective Cap 4 Months, 25 Days
13. Bright Spies Trench Coat 5 Months, 7 days

Fashion Designer Hall of Fame

A Fashion Designer is a WI Member who has solved a recipe. Please note these titles have no purpose; they are just bragging rights.

  • Auntkinz
  • fumble99
  • fvb
  • jdooodle
  • judy999
  • LinLin
  • Ginger945
  • August
  • Jingles139
  • mlachance9
  • mulberry59
  • taytertots
  • dawnscott1
  • Bookworm255
  • Rufus Rules
  • gaaralvr92

Master Fashion Designer

Master Fashion Designers are members who have solved more than one Clothing Outfit.

Number Member Outfits
2 Outfits dawnscott1 Bright Spies Trench Coat and Stunning Kimono

Jack of All Trades

A Jack of all trades is someone who has solved both a Secret Recipe and a Secret Outfit.

  • Auntkinz solved: Trickle Treacle (Recipe) and the Wizard's Apprentice Robe (Outfit)
  • fvb solved: Springerle Drizz and Picaroon (Recipes) and the Toy Soldier Coat (Outfit)
  • fumble99 solved: 8 food recipes and the Seaside Sarong (Outfit)


  1. The first two ingredients were released as part of the OneWebkinzWorld Promotion