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This page is protected because it is a high traffic page..

Welcome to the Webkinz Insider WIki! The following help section is created and edited by wiki users, just like the rest of the wiki.


Webkinz Expert, but new to Wikis?

  • A wiki is designed to allow users to edit its content. If you see something you think could be improved about the Webkinz Insider WIki, improve it! Just click the "edit" tab at the top of most pages to edit their contents. You will have to log in or create an account before you can edit articles. It's free and fun!
    • If an article is write protected and you can't edit it, use the "Discussion" tab to suggest the addition of information or changes to the article or pm a WIki SysOp or post to a SysOp's Talk page.

  • Don't be afraid to edit. Part of the wiki system is an integrated version tracking system, so there's never a fear of losing something. If you make a mistake, you or someone else can easily fix it - so take the initiative and make a change if you think it's useful. (Tip: when editing, you can also use the "Preview" button to check how the page will look before you save it!)

  • If you need help getting started, check out our Editing Help Article and our Formatting Help Article to learn the formatting syntax used for editing pages

  • Check out our WIki Style Guide which has some handy pointers on how to format pages so they stay consistent with the rest of the wiki. Don't worry if you just want to make a small change, though - go ahead and do it; someone can always update it later to make it consistent.

  • If you want to experiment with wiki code someplace other than an actual article page, you can use your own userpage, or the shared sandbox page.

  • Once you feel comfortable with Wiki syntax, feel free to start adding your Webkinz World knowledge to the many articles, or create your own!

I've created an article, but can't add a link to main articles

Many of the high-traffic pages in our WIki, such as the Webkinz Insider Gift Exchange Value (WIGEV) Guide, are write-protected and can only be edited by WikiSysops. If you've created an article and want it linked within one of these pages, click the "Discussion" tab and add your link and a short description of your article. Don't forget to leave your signature! Alternatively, you can leave a note on our WikiSysop's Talk Page, as well.

Wiki Expert, but new to Webkinz?

  • The WebkinzInsider WIki was created as a guide and reference to the ever-expanding Webkinz World.

  • This wiki runs on Mediawiki software and we'd love you to help contribute and style-format the Wiki, so feel free to help out wherever you can!

New to both?

  • If you're looking for information about Webkinz World, the best place to start is either browsing from the Main Page, or using the search box in the left-hand column. (Note: clicking "Go" will try to go to a page with the exact name you entered - if you want to look for keywords, click Search instead!)

  • If you can't find what you're looking for, remember that the WebkinzInsider WIki is built on article contributions from our users, and it's possible that no one has written about that topic yet!

  • If you want to contribute (perhaps you found a topic that didn't have any info when you were looking for it, and now you know more about it), go for it! Don't be afraid, just jump right in and start editing! If you want to create a new page, just type the name in the search box on the left and click Go - if it doesn't exist, you'll be given the option to create the new article!

Other Help


Contacting a SysOp

If you have a question or just simply want to get in contact with one of the Webkinz Insider SysOps follow one of the links below:

SysOp Talk Page Forum PM
Canonymous Talk Page Send PM
monkeecj Talk Page Send PM