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Healthy Harvest Challenge

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This challenge was introduced on November 12, 2011 in the lead up to Thanksgiving. It is not necessary to finish other challenges first in order to be able to participate in this challenge.


Part 1

  • Purchase the "How to Grow Your Own Food Guidebook" from the W Shop.
  • Plant 5 Growing Gardens Pumpkin Seeds in your pet's yard.
  • Water 5 Pumpkin Plants

Part 2

Part 3

  • Obtain a score of 1000 points or higher playing Pumpkin Patch Protector in the Arcade.
  • Harvest 10 Farm Fresh food crops.
  • Feed your pet any three pieces of food that you have harvested from a Growing Garden plant.


Part 1

Garden Hose, 25 KinzCash

Part 2

25 KinzCash, Harvest Time Poster


Part 3

Magic Bean Seeds, 25 KinzCash