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Haunted House Theme

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Theme History

The Haunted House Theme is a seasonal theme that is available in the wShop around Halloween each year.

From year to year the available items change. There is no way to predict what will return.

In 2015, Ganz announced that the Freaky Forest Theme will be the 2015 Halloween theme with all new items.[1]

Theme Previews

Halloween 2007


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
Allhallowsstove.png All Hallows' Stove wShop, 2010 1150 KC
Bloodcurdlingbatsticker.png Bloodcurdling Bat Sticker wShop, 2011 113 KC
Bonechillingfridge.png Bone Chilling Fridge wShop, 2014 750 KC
Chillinglanternslamp.png Chilling Lanterns Lamp wShop, 2010 1000 KC
Coldflamescauldron.png Cold Flames Cauldron wShop, 2012 1300 KC
681-1.png Coffee Table Tomb wShop, 2009 275 KC
5303-1.png Creature Closet eStore 8,000 points
679-1.png Creepy Bed wShop, 2007 850 KC
Creepycursedchair.png Creepy Cursed Chair wShop, 2014 250 KC
File:Creepyghostfatherclock.png Creepy Ghostfather Clock wShop, 2014 900 KC
697-1.png Crystal Advisor Ball wShop, 2008 250 KC
Cursedcradle.png Cursed Cradle wShop, 2011 1313 KC
Freakyfullmoonwindow.png Freaky Full Moon Window wShop, 2014 350 KC
Frighteningfireplace.png Frightening Fireplace wShop, 2014 1133 KC
2684-1.png Frightening Lightning Window wShop, 2009 700 KC
691-1.png Gargoyle Book Shelf wShop, 2009 535 KC
686-1.png Gargoyle Chair wShop, 2008 200 KC
695-1.png Gargoyle Desk wShop, 2009 350 KC
688-1.png Gargoyle Lamp wShop, 2006 100 KC
684-1.png Gargoyle Sofa wShop, 2009 625 KC
Ghastlygrave.png Ghastly Grave wShop, 2014 1013 KC
4042-1.png Ghostly Grand Piano eStore 8,000 points
709-1.png Ghostly Urn wShop, 2006 150 KC
693-1.png Giant Spider Dining Table wShop, 2007 500 KC
689-1.png Giant Spider Web wShop, 2009 150 KC
720-1.png Gothic Window wShop, 2007 300 KC
File:Greenoozepuddle.png Green Ooze Puddle wShop, 2014 95 KC
2686-1.png Haunted Creatures Flooring wShop, 2009 250 KC
2685-1.png Haunted Dungeon Gate wShop, 2008 1,800 KC
722-1.png Haunted House Flooring wShop, 2006 125 KC
Hauntedhousetable.png Haunted House Table wShop, 2014 1150 KC
723-1.png Haunted House Wallpaper wShop, 2006 125 KC
2725-1.png Haunted House Walls wShop, 2009 225 KC
690-1.png Haunted Organ wShop, 2009 1,500 KC
692-1.png Haunted Refrigerator wShop, 2009 575 KC
File:Hauntedtoilet.png Haunted Toilet wShop, 2014 620 KC (Deluxe only)
4097-1.png Haunting Breeze Scarecrow eStore 8000 points
Horrifyinghalloweenflooring.png Horrifying Halloween Flooring wShop, 2014 350 KC
Horrifyinghalloweenwallpaper.png Horrifying Halloween Wallpaper wShop, 2014 350 KC
Jackochair.png Jack O'Chair wShop, 2009 220 KC
Jackolanterncandelabra.png Jack O'Lantern Candelabra wShop, 2014 285 KC
Jackolanternwallsticker.png Jack O'Lantern Wall Sticker wShop, 2014 113 KC
680-1.png Jack-o-Side Table wShop, 2009 161 KC
696-1.png Mausoleum Television wShop, 2008 900 KC
Monsterclawsdoor.png Monster Claws Door wShop, 2010 1331 KC
685-1.png Monster's Lair Gate wShop, 2005 450 KC
File:Mysteriousoozechest.png Mysterious Ooze Chest wShop, 2014 700 KC
708-1.png Phantom Trophy Pedestal wShop, 2007 200 KC
Purplepumpkinchair.png Purple Pumpkin Chair wShop, 2010 395 KC
Purplepumpkindiningtable.png Purple Pumpkin Dining Table wShop, 2010 786 KC
File:Ricketyrottenstaircase.png Rickety Rotten Staircase wShop, 2014 966 KC
File:Scaryspecterwallsticker.png Scary Specter Wall Sticker wShop, 2014 113 KC
File:Slimysink.png Slimy Sink wShop, 2014 750 KC
683-1.png Spider's Web Window wShop, 2006 300 KC
File:Spiderwebbedbookshelf.png Spider Webbed Bookshelf wShop, 2014 666 KC
Spookycobwebbed.png Spooky Cobweb Bed wShop, 2009 1,376 KC
Spookyspiderweb.png Spooky Spider Web wShop, 2009 300 KC
File:Superscarystove.png Super Scary Stove wShop, 2014 1031 KC
File:Terrifyingtorch.png Terrifying Torch wShop, 2014 390 KC
682-1.png Tombstone Chair wShop, 2007 225 KC
Witchsbanquetplacesetting.png Witch's Banquet Place Setting wShop, 2012 125 KC
687-1.png Witch's Brew Stove wShop, 2007 750 KC

Trading Card


The Haunted House Theme is featured on a Webkinz Trading Card:

"How do you get ready for Halloween in Webkinz World? With the Haunted House theme, of course. This was our very first seasonal set of furniture and one of the first to have animated objects in it. When we created this spooky theme, we tried to make each piece of furniture look and feel as if it was alive. In fact, if you look closely at the Monster's Lair Gate, you might just see something moving in there..."

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