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Hat Collection

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If it goes on top of your pet's head, it's in this list.

Picture Name Item Type
Absolutelyeggsellenthat.png Absolutely Eggsellent Hat eStore
Adventureparkhat.png Adventure Park Hat Adventure Park
Airtrafficcontrollerheadphones.png Air Traffic Controller Headphones eStore
Aprilshowersshowercap.png April Showers Shower Cap eStore
Arabianprincehat.png Arabian prince Hat eStore
Arabianprincesstiara.png Arabian Princess Tiara eStore
Autumnleafcrown.png Autumn Leaf Crown eStore
2695-1.png Autumn Sunset Toque Fall Fest
file:1819.png Aviator Hat PJ's Outlet
file:1217.png Baby Blue Beanie PJ's Outlet
5661-1.png Baker's Hat Jumbleberry Fields
Balloonanimalcostumehat.png Balloon Animal Costume Hat eStore
File:Balloondarthat.png Balloon Dart Hat Balloon Dartz
Baseballuniformhelmet.png Baseball Uniform Helmet Persephone's Shop
Beautifulassistanthat.png Beautiful Assistant Hat eStore
2653-1.png Bee Antennae Curio Shop
File:Beigetoque.png Beige Toque W-Shop (Spring 2012)
file:832.png Big Funky Hat PJ's Outlet
Birdnesthat.png Bird Nest Hat eStore
Birthdaycakecap.png Birthday Cake Cap Deluxe Membership
Blackwhitecathat.png Black & While Cat Costume - Hat Halloween
Blackninjamask.png Black Ninja Mask Halloween
Blondefloppyhat.png Blonde Floppy Hat Smurfs
757-1.png Blue Ball Cap PJ's Outlet
file:833.png Blue Bow PJ's Outlet
Bluebubbleandtroublewitchhat.png Blue Bubble and Trouble Witch Hat eStore
Bluebunnytophat.png Blue Bunny Top Hat Spring Celebration
Bluehardhat.png Blue Hard Hat Adventure Park
Bluetruckerhat.png Blue Trucker Hat eStore
Borntoboardhelmet.png Born to Board Helmet eStore
Bouquetbathingcap.png Bouquet Bathing Cap eStore
Bowlerhat.png Bowler Hat WKN Video Challenge
Bramblecirclet.png Bramble Circlet Woodland Wonders
FIle:bubblewandhat.png Bubble Wand Hat Deluxe Membership
Bunnyears.png Bunny Ears (white) Easter Gift
Bunnytophat.png Bunny Top Hat Spring Celebration Egg Prize
File:butterflyantennae.png Butterfly Antennae Caterpillar PSI
Estorebutterflyantenna.png Butterfly Antennae(eStore) eStore
Candycornwitchhat.png Candy Corn Witch Hat Halloween
Captainwebkinzhelmet.png Captain Webkinz Helmet eStore
Cardcollectorberet.png Card Collector Beret Trading Cards
Caveexplorerhat.png Cave Explorer Hat Webkinz Newz
Caveexplorerhatgirls.png Cave Explorer Hat (Girls) Webkinz Newz
Celebratespringhat.png Celebrate Spring Hat eStore
Charmedmushroomhat.png Charmed Mushroom Hat Magical Forest
Charmingcarolertophat.png Charming Caroler Top Hat eStore
1314-1.png Chef's Hat Curio Shop
Cherrysundaecap.png Cherry Sundae Cap eStore
Christmascheerhood.png Christmas Cheer Hood eStore
3060-1.png Christmas Tree Hat Christmas Gift
6045-1.png Cleanup Kinz Hat Park Recycling
Cloudadventurehat.png Cloud Adventure Hat Webkinz Newz
4935-1.png Clown Wig PJ's Special
Confettishootinghat.png Confetti Shooting Hat eStore
5662-1.png Country Bonnet Jumbleberry Fields
Courtjesterhat.png Court Jester Hat Ganz eStore
793-1.png Cowboy Hat PJ's Outlet
file:884.png Daisy Hair Clip PJ's Outlet
Damedashmask.png Dame Dash Mask eStore
Dappercasualhat.png Dapper Casual Hat Peek-a-Newz Prize
Daredevilhelmet.png Daredevil Helmet Deluxe Membership
Deluxeheadress.png Deluxe Headdress Deluxe Membership
4645-1.png Deluxe Membership Hat Deluxe Membership
Desertamethysthat.png Desert Amethyst Hat Persephone's Shop
5226-1.png Detective Cap Clothing Machine
Dexdangerousvisor.png Dex Dangerous Visor[1] Trading Cards, Series 4
Divingbellhelmet.png Diving Bell Helmet Webkinz Newz
Djheadphones.png DJ Headphones Deluxe Membership
Duckbilledhat.png Duck Billed Hat Webkinz Newz
931-1.png Dude Hat PJ's Outlet
Duncecap.png Dunce Cap Clubhouse Party
Eagerbeaverhardhat.png Eager Beaver Hard Hat eStore
Elegantasianheaddress.png Elegant Asian Headdress Deluxe Membership
File:elegantequestrianhelmet.png Elegant Equestrian Helmet Deluxe Membership
Elephanthat.png Elephant Costume - Hat Halloween
904-1.png Elf Hat Christmas
3815-1.png Elf Outfit Hat Christmas Accessory
Enchantedtiara.png Enchanted Tiara Mirror, Mirror Promotion
Explorerhardhat.png Explorer Hard Hat Adventure Park
Fabledtophat.png Fabled Top Hat Mirror, Mirror Promotion
Fairweatherhat.png Fair Weather Hat eStore
Fairyfallsforesttiara.png Fairy Falls Forest Tiara Fairy Falls
Fallcabbiehat.png Fall Cabbie Hat Fall Fest
File:Fallenleavesheadband.png Fallen Leaves Headband
5620-1.png Farmer's Hat Jumbleberry Fields
Farmerswifestrawhat.png Farmer's Wife Straw Hat Webkinz Newz
Fashionistafedora.png Fashionista Fedora eStore
File:fastfoodwaitervisor.png Fast Food Waiter Visor SPREE Mall Item
Fieldhat.png Field Hat Zumwhere
File:Finefeatheredfashionhat.png Fine Feathered Fashion Hat Kinzstyle Outlet
Fishinghat.png Fishing Hat Sheldon's Shop
Flannelnightcap.png Flannel Nightcap Ms. Birdy Gift
file:856.png Floppy Sun Hat PJ's Outlet
Flowergirlheadpiece.png Flower Girl Headpiece eStore
Frankenkinzcap.png Frankenkinz Cap Halloween Gift
freeridezingozhat.jpg Free Ride Zingoz Hat Wacky Zingoz Celebration
File:Freshspringhat.png Fresh Spring Hat Kinzstyle Outlet
1923-1.png Funky Neon 'Fro Curio Shop
1284-1.png Funky Plaid Hat PJ's Outlet
Fuzzypinkbunnyears.png Fuzzy Pink Bunny Ears Easter Gift
Ghostpiratehat.png Ghost Pirate Hat Adventure Park
1919-1.png Gladiator Helmet Curio Shop
Gleefulswingdancehat.png Gleeful Swing Dance Hat eStore
Glidinjumpsuithelmet.png Glidin' Jumpsuit Helmet eStore
Gogreenhat.png Go Green Hat Webkinz Newz
5192-1.png Golden Bishop Hat Ganz eStore
5188-1.png Golden King Hat Ganz eStore
5194-1.png Golden Knight Hat Ganz eStore
5198-1.png Golden Pawn Hat Ganz eStore
5190-1.png Golden Queen Hat Ganz eStore
5196-1.png Golden Rook Hat Ganz eStore
Goldensolarhelmet.png Golden Solar Helmet Alyssa's Star Challenge
File:goldentuxtophat.png Golden Tux Top Hat Sig Golden Retriever PSI
File:Goodasgoldheadband.png Good as Gold Headband Kinzstyle Outlet
Gravyboathat.png Gravy Boat Hat eStore
Greenbubbleandtroublewitchhat.png Green Bubble and Trouble Witch Hat eStore
903-1.png Green Kinz Kringle Hat Christmas
Gretelbonnet.png Gretel Bonnet eStore
Gwspringfedora.png GW Spring Fedora Webkinz Newz
Halloweenhat.png Halloween Hat Halloween Gift
4624-1.png Halloween Headpiece Deluxe Membership
Hanselhat.png Hansel Hat eStore
2696-1.png Harvest Fruit Hat Fall Fest
Hippohat.png Hippo Costume - Hat Halloween
Hittheclubhat.png Hit the Club Hat eStore
Hittheslopeshat.png Hit the Slopes Hat eStore
Holidayspiritwoolcap.png Holiday Spirit Wool Cap eStore
Holnwongolfcap.png Holnwon Golf Cap Persephone's Shop
Howlingwerewolfmask.png Howling Werewolf Mask eStore
Hulaheaddress.png Hula Headdress KinzCostume
Icemanhat.png Ice Man Hat eStore
Iceprincecrown.png Ice Prince Crown eStore
Iceprincesstiara.png Ice Princess Tiara eStore
Infiniteinfernohemet.png Infinite Inferno Helmet eStore
Jackolanternhat.png Jack-o-Lantern Hat Halloween Gift
Jellyfishhat.png Jellyfish Hat eStore
Jumbleberryhelmet.png Jumbleberry Helmet Jumbleberry Fields
Ketchupbottlehat.png Ketchup Bottle Hat Estore Promo
4730-1.png King Crown Ganz eStore
Kinznewzcap.png Kinz Newz Cap eStore
file:2758.png Kinzville Academy Cap Kinzstyle Outlet
2779-1.png Knight's Helm Ganz eStore
File:Knittedflowerheadband.png Knitted Flower Headband Kinzstyle Outlet
Koalaholidayhat.png Koala Holiday Hat Webkinz Newz
Lightthewayantlers.png Light the Way Antlers eStore
4535-1.png Lime Gecko Jester Hat Figure Item
Lionhat.png Lion Costume - Hat Halloween
Lovelettershat.png Love Letters Hat Ganz eStore
file:1710.png Lovely Leopard Cat Cap PJ's Outlet
Lovespellhat.png Love Spell Hat Ganz eStore
Luckyleprechaunshat.png Lucky Leprechaun's Hat Deluxe Membership
Lumberjackhat.png Lumberjack Hat Fall Fest
Lunarhelmet.png Lunar Helmet Nafaria Star Trading
Madrhymeshat.png Mad Rhymes Hat eStore
Madscientistwig.png Mad Scientist Wig KinzCostume
Magicwtoque.png Magic W Toque Winterfest
Magicalforesttophat.png Magical Forest Top Hat Forest Key Prize
Manicmagicianhat.png Manic Magician Hat eStore
File:Marshmallowearmuffs.png Marshmallow Earmuffs Kinzstyle Outlet
Martianhelmet.png Martian Helmet Looney Tunes Promotion
Mayorshat.png Mayor's Hat Unlock the Key to Kinzville Prize
Merrychristmastoque2.png Merry Christmas Toque Christmas Gift
Merrymelodieshat.png Merry Melodies Hat Estore Promo
Microphoneheadset.png Microphone Headset eStore
4718-1.png Mining Helmet Doug Prize
Mosteggstravaganthat.png Most Eggstravagant Hat eStore
File:movietheatreushercap.png Movie Theater Cap SPREE Mall Item
Mrssantakinzbonnet.png Mrs. Santakinz Bonnet Christmas
Mummywrap.png Mummy Wrap Halloween Gift
Musicnotefedora.png Music Note Fedora
Nefertitisheaddress.png Nefertiti's Headdress Ganz eStore
Newstyleswinghat.png New Style Swing Hat eStore
Newstyleswingsuithat.png New Style Swing Suit Hat eStore
Nibbleskinzheadband.png Nibble's Kinz Headband eStore
Nickshat.png Nick's Hat Mazin' Hamsters
Noirdetectivehat.png Noir Detective Hat Webkinz Newz
Offtoschoolhat.png Off to School Hat eStore
Offtoschoolheadband.png Off to School Headband eStore
Partycap.png Party Cap Clubhouse Party
859-1.png Party Hat PJ's Outlet
5218-1.png Patchwork Hat Clothing Machine
Patriotictophat.png Patriotic Top Hat Deluxe Membership
Pinkpeacockfascinator.png Peak Peacock Fascinator eStore
4031-1.png Pharaoh's Helm Ganz eStore
Pilgrimhat.png Pilgrim Hat Thanksgiving Gift
Pineapplehat.png Pineapple Hat Sheldon's Shop
Piningforpineapplehat.png Pining for Pineapple Hat eStore
Pinkberet.png Pink Beret Hop Movie Promotion (Click-to-Win)
file:794.png Pink Bow PJ's Outlet
Pinkdivingbellhelmet.png Pink Diving Bell Helmet
Pinkgooglesmask.png Pink Googles Mask eStore
File:pinkheartsbow.png Pink Hearts Bow PJ's Outlet
File:pinknewsboycap.png Pink Newsboy Cap PJ's Outlet
Pinktruckerhat.png Pink Trucker Hat eStore
Piratecostumehat.png Pirate Costume Hat Don't Rock the Boat
File:piratehat.png Pirate Hat PJ's Outlet
5203-1.png Pirate Princess Hat Ganz eStore
Plaidbucklecap.png Plaid Buckle Cap Kinzstyle Outlet
File:Polkadotrainhat.png Polka Dot Rain Hat W-Shop (Spring 2012)
Ponchossombrero.png Poncho's Sombrero Trading Cards, Series 4
Poprockprincesshat.png Pop Rock Princess Hat Persephone's Shop
Powderblueswingsuithat.png Powder Blue Swing Suit Hat eStore
4736-1.png Prince Crown Ganz eStore
5029-1.png Princess Crown Ganz eStore
883-1.png Princess Hat PJ's Outlet
Purpleballcap.png Purple Ball Cap Retired Item
File:purplebeanie.png Purple Beanie PJ's Outlet
Purplebubbleandtroublewitchhat.png Purple Bubble and Trouble Witch Hat eStore
5541-1.png Purple Dwarf Hat Snow White Ads
Purplefloppywitchhat.png Purple Floppy Witch Hat Webkinz Newz
File:purplemodhat.png Purple Mod Hat PJ's Outlet
4733-1.png Queen Crown Ganz eStore
1936-1.png Queen Marie's Periwig Curio Shop
4623-1.png Racing Helmet Deluxe Membership
Ragdollcostumehat.png Ragdoll Costume Hat eStore
File:rainhat.png Rain Hat PJ's Outlet
Rainbowhat.png Rainbow Hat Deluxe Membership
Rapenzelwig.png Rapunzel Wig eStore
758-1.png Red Ball Cap PJ's Outlet
File:redbow.png Red Bow PJ's Outlet
Redfloppyhat.png Red Floppy Hat Smurfs
Redridinghood.png Red Riding Hood Ganz eStore
File:Redstripedfedora.png Red Striped Fedora
Ringmasterstophat.png Ringmaster's Top Hat Deluxe Membership
Roadtripgreenhat.png Road Trip Green Hat Webkinz Newz
Roadtrippinkhat.png Road Trip Pink Hat Webkinz Newz
Purplehat.png Road Trip Purple Hat Webkinz Newz
Roadtripredhat.png Road Trip Red Hat Webkinz Newz
Roadtripstaffhat.png Road Trip Staff Hat Webkinz Newz
Roadtripyellowhat.png Road Trip Yellow Hat Webkinz Newz
Robohelmet2.png Robo Helmet Deluxe Membership
1938-1.png Rockin' Pompadour Curio Shop
1949-1.png Rockinz Mohawk Wheel of Wishes
Romanheadwreath.png Roman Head Wreath Deluxe Membership
5191-1.png Royal Blue Bishop Hat Ganz eStore
Royalbluecrown.png Royal Blue Crown Retired Items
5187-1.png Royal Blue King Hat Ganz eStore
5193-1.png Royal Blue Knight Hat Ganz eStore
5197-1.png Royal Blue Pawn Hat Ganz eStore
5189-1.png Royal Blue Queen Hat Ganz eStore
5195-1.png Royal Blue Rook Hat Ganz eStore
Safaripithhelmet.png Safari Pith Helmet KinzCostume
Sailorscap.png Sailor's Cap Count the Sailboats
4626-1.png Samurai Helmet Deluxe Membership
902-1.png Santa Hat Christmas Accessory
Santakinzhelperettehat.png SantaKinz Helperette Hat Christmas
Santakinzhelperhat.png SantaKinz Helper Hat Christmas
Santakinzreindeerantlers2.png Santakinz' Reindeer Antlers Christmas Gift
Scarecrowhat.png Scarecrow Hat Halloween
Scooterhelmet.png Scooter Helmet Spree
Seacaptnhat.png Sea Captain's Hat Count the Sailboats
Seafaringhat.png Sea Faring Hat eStore
File:securityguarduniformhat.png Security Guard Uniform Hat SPREE Mall Item
Sequincabbiecap.png Sequin Cabbie Cap Kinzstyle Outlet
Shamrockhat.png Shamrock Hat eStore
Shamrockinbandana.png Shamrockin' Bandana Webkinz Newz
Sheldonssurferhat.png Sheldon's Surfer Hat Trading Cards, Series 4
Skateboardinghelmet.png Skateboarding Helmet eStore
Skunkberet.png Skunk Beret eStore
Sillyhat.png Silly Hat Estore Promo
Sillyskeletonmask.png Silly Skeleton Mask Halloween Gift
Silvertiara.png Silver Tiara Adventure Park
Snowglobehat.png Snow Globe Hat Winter Fest
Snowboardingtoque.png Snowboarding Toque Retired Items
Snowmanhat.png Snowman Hat Ganz eStore
2024-1.png Snowy Blue Toque Winterfest
Solarhelmet.png Solar Helmet Star Challenge
Sparklestiara.png Sparkles Tiara Mazin' Hamsters (Key Craze)
4488-1.png Sparkling Tiara Ganz eStore
File:sparklypinkbow.png Sparkly Pink Bow Kinzstyle Outlet
Spookyshat.png Spooky's Hat Mazin' Hamsters
File:Springfedora.png Spring Fedora Kinzstyle Outlet (Spring 2012)
File:Starlightheadwreath.png Starlight Head Wreath Click to Win
Starrystarryhat.png Starry Starry Hat Clothing Machine
Strawhat.png Straw Hat Sheldon's Shop
File:Strawberryhat.png Strawberry Hat Clothing Machine
File:Stripednewsyhat.png Striped Newsy Hat Kinzstyle Outlet
File:Stripybeachhat.png Stripy Beach Hat
File:stripytoque.png Stripy Toque Kinzstyle Outlet
Stylishskihelmet.png Stylish Ski Helmet Deluxe Membership
Summersunbonnet.png Summer Sun Bonnet Webkinz Newz
Sunnysummerhat.png Sunny Summer Hat Persephone's Shop
Sunflowerbonnet.png Sunflower Bonnet Deluxe Membership
Sunshinehat.png Sunshine Hat Sheldon's Shop
Sweetstarhat.png Sweet Star Hat Deluxe Prize Machine
File:Sweettreatstoque.png Sweet Treats Toque Solved Clothing Recipes
File:Swirlingleaftiara.png Swirling Leaf Tiara Woodland Wonders
Tabbyvonmeowheadset.png Tabby Von Meow Headset Trading Cards, Series 4
File:Terrifictealhat.png Terrific Teal Hat Kinzstyle Outlet
4489-1.png Thinking Cap Ganz eStore
File:tiara.png Tiara Kinzstyle Outlet
5369-1.png Too Cool Ball Cap Ganz eStore
File:tophat.png Top Hat PJ's Outlet
5346-1.png Toy Soldier Hat Clothing Machine
Tradingcardgamehat.png Trading Card Game Hat Trading Cards, Series 1
Tradingcardwizardhat.png Trading Card Wizard Hat Trading Cards, Series 2
1978-1.png Tutti-Frutti Headdress Curio Shop
File:tweenqueentiara.png Tween Queen Tiara SPREE Mall Item
Umbrellahat.png Umbrella Hat Sheldon's Shop
Unicyclehelmet.png Unicycle Helmet Adventure Park
5488-1.png Vampire Wig Curio Shop, Seasonal
File:victorianhat.png Victorian Hat Deluxe Membership
1937-1.png Viking Helmet Curio Shop
Vintageglamhairband.png Vintage Glam Hair Band Peek-a-Newz
Wackyerzingozhat.png WackyER Zingoz Hat Wacky Zingoz Celebration
Webkinzcarestophat.png Webkinz Cares Top Hat Webkinz Cares
1490-1.png Webkinz Crown of Wonder Gem Hunt
Webkinzfriendshat.png Webkinz Friends Hat Webkinz Friends
Webkinzhockeyhelmet.png Webkinz Hockey Helmet Webkinz Newz
Webkinztiara.png Webkinz Tiara Challenges
Webkizntophat.png Webkinz Top Hat Challenges
Webkinzwoolcap.png Webkinz Wool Cap Christmas Countdown
Weddingveil.png Wedding Veil Persephone's Shop
5337-1.png Wheel of the Month Hat Wheel of the Month
5336-1.png Wheel of WOW Hat Wheel of WOW
File:Wildwesthat.png Wild West Hat eStore
Whitefloppyhat.png White Floppy Hat Smurfs
Wingedhelmet.png Winged Helmet Kinzville Academy
Winterhat.png Winter Hat eStore
Witchhat.png Witch Hat Persephone's Shop
796-1.png Wizard's Hat PJ's Outlet
4154-1.png Woodland Tiara Woodland Wonders
Yellowduckbilledhat.png Yellow Duck Billed Hat Peek-a-Newz
Zodiacaircostumehat.png Zodiac Air Costume Hat Webkinz Newz
Zodiacearthcostumehat.png Zodiac Earth Costume Hat Webkinz Newz Prize
Zodiacfirecostumehat.png Zodiac Fire Costume Hat Webkinz Newz Prize
Zodiacwatercostumehat.png Zodiac Water Costume Hat Webkinz Newz Prize
Zombiefacepaint.png Zombie Face Paint[2] Halloween
Zumcostumehat.png Zum Costume Hat Zumwhere


  1. The Dex Dangerous Visor is actually an entire head covering.
  2. The Zombie Face Paint is actually an entire head covering.

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