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Hamster Maze Parts

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The following chart is "sortable". Just click on a column title to sort by that info.

Room Name Time to Build[1] Cost to Buy[2] Requires
File:archwayhedgemazeroom_.png Archway Hedge Maze Room 16 hours 6700 MM 1 Hamsters
File:arcticroommaze.png Arctic Room 40 hours 04500 MM 2 Hamsters (any)
File:botanicalparkroom.png Botanical Park Room 16 hours 2200 MM 1 Hamsters (any?)
File:bowlingroommaze.png Bowling Alley Room 96 hours 11000 MM 3 Hamsters (different)
FIle:cakerollroommaze.png Cake Roll Room 64 hours 07600 MM 2 Hamsters
File:cannonabyssmaze.png Cannon Abyss Room 12 hours 01500 MM 1 Hamster
Colorful Car Wash Room 24 hours 2200 MM 1 Hamsters (any?)
File:conveyorbeltroommaze.png Conveyor Belt Room 32 hours 3500 MM 2 Hamsters (any)
File:elevatortubemaze.png Elevator Tube Room 24 hours 02500 MM 2 Hamsters (different)
File:ferriewheelmaze.png Ferris Wheel Room 24 hours 02600 MM 2 Hamsters (any)
File:finishroommaze.png Finish Room 02 hours 00350 MM 1 Hamster
File:foosballroom.png Foosball Room 32 hours 3000 MM 1 Hamsters (any?)
File:Fountainhedgemazeroom.png Fountain Hedge Maze Room 72 hours 7600 MM 1 Hamster
File:fruitpillarmaze.png Fruit Pillar Room 32 hours 04000 MM 2 Hamsters (any)
File:Goldengatedrainbowroom.png Golden Gated Rainbow Room ? hours 2400 MM 2 Hamsters
File:golfroommaze.png Golf Room 16 hours 01800 MM 1 Hamster
File:gourmetkitchenmaze.png Gourmet Kitchen Room 04 hours 00520 MM 1 Hamster
File:Gyroscopehedgemazeroom.png Gyroscope Hedge Maze Room 4 550 MM 1 Hamster (any?)
File:halloweenroommaze.png Halloween Room[3] 12 hours 01700 MM 1 Hamster
File:Holidayroom.png Holiday Room[4] ? hours ? MM ? Hamsters
File:medievalcatapultmaze.png Medieval Catapult Room 32 hours 03800 MM 2 3 Hamsters (different)[5]
File:Medievalgauntletroom.png Medieval Gauntlet Room 48 hours 6000 MM 1 Hamster
File:pianohalfpiperoom.png Piano Half-Pipe Room ? hours 1500 MM 2 Hamsters (?)
File:pinballroom.png Pinball Room ? hours 3000 MM 2 Hamsters (?)
Playground Room ? hour 2700 MM 2 Hamsters
File:Pouringheartsroom.png Pouring Hearts Room 8 hours 1600 MM 1 Hamster
File:Rainbowsendroom.png Rainbow's End Room 16 hours 2000 MM 1 Hamster
File:rollingrestbedroommaze.png Rolling Rest Bedroom 04 hours 00550 MM 1 Hamster
File:ropebridgemaze.png Rope Bridge Room 16 hours 02100 MM 1 Hamster
File:Rosehedgemazeroom.png Rose Hedge Maze Room 48 hours 5800 MM 1 Hamster
File:skijumpmaze.png Ski Jump Room 08 hours 01100 MM 1 Hamster
File:skylightloungemaze.png Skylight Lounge Room 8 hours 00950 MM 1 hamster
File:spacecoastermaze.png Space Coaster Room 48 hours 05800 MM 5 Hamsters (different)
File:startingroommaze.png Starting Room 02 hours 00350 MM 1 Hamster
File:Sundialhedgemazeroom.png Sundial Hedge Maze Room 96 hours 8500 MM 1 Hamster
File:teleportermaze.png Teleporter Room 40 hours 04750 MM 3 Hamsters (different)
File:Templetrapsroom.png Temple Traps Room 40 hours 4800 MM 1 Hamster
File:Tikivolcanoroom.png Tiki Volcano Room ? hours 12000 MM 2 Hamsters
File:Topiarcheshedgemazeroom.png Topiarches Hedge Maze Room 6 hours 600 MM 1 Hamster
File:tranquilgardenmaze.png Tranquil Garden Room 16 hours 01950 MM 2 Hamsters (any)
FIle:trapezemaze.png Trapeze Room 16 hours 02000 MM 1 Hamster
File:treecoastermaze.png Tree Coaster Room 32 hours 03900 MM 2 Hamsters (different)
File:tvdenmaze.png TV Den Room 08 hours 00975 MM 1 Hamster
File:wildwestroom.png Wild West Room ? hours 1700 MM 2 Hamsters (?)
File:windtunnelmaze.png Wind Tunnel Room 48 hours 05700 MM 3 Hamsters (any)
File:windmillmaze.png Windmill Room 24 hours 02800 MM 2 Hamsters (any)
  1. The "Time to Build" is for one hamster.
  2. The "Cost to Buy" is in Mazin' Moolah.
  3. The Halloween Room is a seasonal item. It was last available on November 4, 2010.
  4. The Holiday Room is a seasonal item.
  5. Although the Webkinz Newz says it takes two unique Hamsters to build the Catapult, on August 28 Webkinz World started requiring three unique Hamsters.

Tube Paper

The following chart is "sortable". Just click on a column title to sort by that info.

Tube Paper Name How to Get
Arrow Flow buy for 2200 MM
Basic Blue buy for 0500 MM
Basic Green adopt any hamster
Basic Orange buy for 0500 MM
Basic Purple buy for 0500 MM
Basic Red buy for 0500 MM
Basic Yellow buy for 0500 MM
File:bluelectronixdesignmaze.png Blue Lectronix buy for 550 MM
Bubble Fizz buy for 600 MM
File:carrotsdesignmaze.png Carrots adopt "Carrots"
Checkered Chase adopt any hamster
File:chilidesign.png Chili adopt "Chili"
File:cinnamondesignmaze.png Cinnamon adopt "Cinnamon"
Cobbled Empire buy for 1750 MM
Cookiedesign.png Cookie adopt "Cookie"
Diamond Decal buy for 800 MM
Fancy Feathers buy for 2650 MM
Fantastic Forest buy for 4800 MM
Flora adopt "Flora"
Frescohamsterwallpaper.png Fresco adopt "Fresco"
Funky Frills adopt any hamster
Garden Path adopt any hamster
File:Heartsafluttertubedesign.png Hearts Aflutter Tube Design buy for 250 MM
Heroic Highway buy for 1050 MM
Holiday Tube Design[1] buy for 150 MM
Honeytubes.png Honey adopt "Honey"
Hopedesign.png Hope adopt "Hope"
Ivy Trellis buy for 4550 MM
Jade Rain buy for 950 MM
Jigsaw Puzzle buy for 600 MM
Lovely Lavender adopt any hamster
File:meadowdesign.png Meadow adopt "Meadow"
Metal Highway buy for 600 MM
Midnighthamsterwallpaper.png Midnight adopt "Midnight"
Modern Mazer adopt any hamster
100px-NickHamsterTubeTexture.jpg Nick adopt "Nick"
Night Cityscape buy for 1100 MM
File:nimbidesignmaze.png Nimbi adopt "Nimbi"
Palace Princess adopt any hamster
Party Time adopt any hamster
File:pattydesign.png Patty adopt "Patty"
Petuniatubes.png Petunia adopt "Petunia"
Pink Deco buy for 2000 MM
File:pinklectronixdesignmaze.png Pink Lectronix buy for 550 MM
Pink Parfait buy for 7500 MM
Pinkadelic buy for 1400 MM
Pixiedesign.png Pixie adopt "Pixie"
File:prettyplaiddesignmaze.png Pretty Plaid buy for 600 MM
Prestotubes.png Presto adopt "Presto"
Race Track adopt any hamster
Rainbow Clouds buy for 5800 MM
file:Rainbowsenddeignmaze.png Rainbow's End buy for 300 MM
File:riverbankraindropsdesignmaze.png Riverbank Raindrops buy for 1000 MM
File:shufflesdesignmaze.png Shuffles adopt "Shuffles"
Skyline Symphony buy for 3600 MM
Snowflaketubes.png Snowflake adopt "Snowflake"
Sparkledesign.png Sparkle adopt "Sparkle"
Spookytubedesign.png Spooky adopt "Spooky"
File:sprinklesdesign.png Sprinkles adopt "Sprinkles"
Star Waves buy for 5000 MM
Stone Path buy for 2300 MM
Sunflower Field adopt any hamster
Sunshinetubes.png Sunshine adopt "Sunshine"
Sweetietubes.png Sweetie adopt "Sweetie
Tickled Pink adopt any hamster
Twilighttubes.png Twilight adopt "Twilight"
File:underseaaquariumdesignmaze.png Undersea Aquarium buy for 1000 MM
Wafflesdesign.png Waffles adopt "Waffles"
Wild West buy for 7500 MM
Willowdesign.png Willow adopt Willow
Zaptubes.png Zap adopt "Zap"
  1. The holiday tube design was advertised on WKN with the left picture, but, for those who bought it, the design appears like the righthand picture

Ball Designs

The following chart is "sortable". Just click on a column title to sort by that info.

Ball Name How to Get
Arrow Route buy for 3000 MM
Beautiful Butterfly buy for 5400 MM
Black and White PawPrints buy for 1540 MM
Beveled Baubles buy for 5200 MM
Blue Blots Ball buy for 1000 MM
Blue Groove buy for 560 MM
Blue Neon Net buy for 600 MM
Bumblee buy for 1100 MM
File:carrotsballdesign.png Carrots adopt "Carrots"
Checkered Champion buy for 300 MM
Chugging Tracks buy for 6475 MM
File:Cinnamonballdesign.png Cinnamon adopt "Cinnamon"
Colorful PawPrints buy for 1850 MM
Cookieball.png Cookie adopt "Cookie"
Crystal Clear buy for 130 MM
Diamond Spiral buy for 2100 MM
File:floraballdesign.png Flora adopt "Flora"
Flying Flowers buy for 2900 MM
Frescoball.png Fresco adopt "Fresco"
Green Groove buy for 560 MM
Gyro Jacks buy for 400 MM
Honeyball.png Honey adopt "Honey"
Hopeball.png Hope adopt "Hope"
Ivy Tumbler buy for 4000 MM
Lectronix Tumbler buy for 1500 MM
File:meadowball.png Meadow adopt "Meadow"
Midnightball.png Midnight adopt "Midnight"
100px-NickHamsterBallDesign.jpg Nick adopt "Nick"
File:nimbiballdesign.png Nimbi Adobt "Nimbi"
Nuts and Bolts buy for 1000 MM
Orange Neon Net buy for 600 MM
File:pattyball.png Patty adopt "Patty"
PawPrints buy for 1300 MM
Petuniaball.png Petunia adopt "Petunia"
Pixieball.png Pixie adopt "Pixie"
Prestoball.png Presto adopt "Presto"
Pretty Pace buy for 3400
Princess Tiara buy for 11000 MM
Rainbow Roller buy for 2000 MM
Red Groove buy for 560 MM
File:shufflesball.png Shuffles adopt "Shuffles"
Snowflakeball.png Snowflake adopt "Snowflake"
Sparkleball.png Sparkle adopt "Sparkle"
Speed Stripes buy for 7800 MM
Spookyballdesign.png Spooky adopt "Spooky"
File:sprinklesball.png Sprinkles adopt "Sprinkles"
Star Spinner buy for 700 MM
Sunshineball.png Sunshine adopt "Sunshine"
Superstar buy for 11000 MM
Sweetieball.png Sweetie adopt "Sweetie"
Twilightball.png Twilight adopt "Twilight"
Vert-a-Go buy for 1800 MM
Wafflesball.png Waffles adopt "Waffles"
Wild Waves buy for 600 MM
Willowball.png Willow adopt "Willow"
Zapball.png Zap adopt "Zap"


The following chart is "sortable". Just click on a column title to sort by that info.

Tube Name Time to Build[1] Cost to Buy[2] Hamsters Required
File:crossjunctiontube.png Cross Junction 60 minutes 490 MM 1 Hamster
File:largecorkscrewtube.png Large Corkscrew 80 minutes 570 MM 2 Hamsters
FIle:longcurvetube.png Long Curve 48 minutes 360 MM 1 Hamster
FIle:longrisingcurvetube.png Long Rising Curve 60 minutes 450 MM 1 Hamster
File:longslidetube.png Long Slide 120 minutes 580 MM 2 Hamsters
File:longstraighttube.png Long Straight 48 minutes 360 MM 1 Hamster
File:mediumcurvetube.png Medium Curve 40 minutes 300 MM 1 Hamster
File:mediumrisingcurvetube.png Medium Rising Curve 300 minutes 360 MM 1 Hamster
File:mediumslidetube.png Medium Slide[3] 90 minutes 535 MM 2 Hamsters
File:mediumstraighttube.png Medium Straight 40 minutes 300 MM 1 Hamster
File:shortcurvetube.png Short Curve 24 minutes 180 MM 1 Hamster
File:shortrisingcurvetube.png Short Rising Curve 30 minutes 225 MM 1 Hamster
File:shortslidetube.png Short Slide 60 minutes 490 MM 2 Hamsters
File:shortstraighttube.png Short Straight 24 minutes 180 MM 1 Hamster
File:smallcorkscrewtube.png Small Corkscrew 64 minutes 510 MM 2 Hamsters
File:tintersectiontube.png T-Intersection 60 minutes 450 MM 1 Hamster
File:windingsnaketube.png Winding Snake 96 minutes 550 MM 2 Hamsters
  1. The "Time to Build" is for one hamster.
  2. The "Cost to Buy" is in Mazin' Moolah.
  3. The "Medium Slide" was originally called "Large Slide". Ganz changed the name and lowered the build time from 96 to 90 minutes when the "Long Slide" and "Short Slide" were added.
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