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Hamburger Cook

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Hamburger Cook is a job at the Employment Office.


What Am I trying to Do?

The object of this game is to build a hamburger using lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and a burger. They will have a picture of the burger they want you to make and you have to copy it.

How Do I Do It?

To build a hamburger, you have to drag the items to the buns (which are already there) and they will have to be in order from bottom to top.


  • The job is timed, so a suggestion would be to use a computer mouse/trackpad that you're familiar with when you get into the higher levels.
  • You don't actually have to drag the toppings exactly onto the perfect place on the hamburger bun. In fact, you can drag the toppings only part way to the hamburger. Play around with how far you drag the toppings until you find a distance that the toppings quickly and reliably appear on the bun.
  • Don't let that lettuce fool you into thinking it is doubled! The lettuce has "double" look to it, and it is easy to think that there are two helpings of lettuce when there really is only one helping.
  • There are only five toppings on each hamburger. Knowing that there are five items should help you avoid twice of an item by mistake.


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