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Halloween Challenge

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The Halloween Challenge was a challenge that occurred a few days before Halloween 2011. Similar to the Key to Kinzville challenge, it required users to complete a series of goals to win a series of prizes.


The following were the goals in the Halloween Challenge. The goals in each part could have been completed in any order. Users could not use coupons when buying the items.

Part 1

  • Buy any 3 costume pieces for your pet from the Kinzstyle Outlet
  • Show off your costume by taking a stroll through the KinzVille Park.
  • Earn a total of 2,000 points by playing Candy Bash in the Arcade.

Part 2

  • Buy any piece of the wShop halloween theme
  • Feed your pet 5 Chocolate bars.
  • Earn 30 KinzCash playing Candy Bash 2 in the arcade.

Part 3

  • Send a KinzPost to any Webkinz Host on your Friends List
  • Feed your pet 10 SuperMega Toothbusters
  • Earn a total of 2000 points playing Home Before Dark in the Arcade


Below are the prizes for the different parts of the challenge.

Part 1

Night Witch Actor, Licorice Bats
1752-1.png 748-1.png

Part 2

50 Kinzcash, Halloween Jellybean Pile
ChallengeKinzCash.png File:Halloweenjellybeanpile.png

Part 3

Blue Bubble and Trouble Witch Costume