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Grocery Clerk

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Grocery Clerk is a job you can do at the Employment Office.


What am I trying to do?

The object of this job is to fill the conveyor belt(s) with groceries. Match up the different food items with their silhouettes. Pre-requisite: Complete 50 Math questions at Quizzy's Corner.

What are the levels like?

  • First Level: Fill 1 conveyor belt of groceries
  • Second Level: Fill 2 conveyor belts of groceries
  • Third Level: Fill 3 conveyor belts of groceries

How do I do it?

First Level showing one conveyor belt. File:Grocery clerk.PNG

Second Level showing two conveyor belts. File:Grocery3belts1clear2.jpg‎

Third Level showing three conveyor belts with the bottom one completed. File:Grocery3belts2.jpg‎

Click on the grocery item at the bottom of the screen and drag it up to the conveyor belt. Let go of the mouse button when your cursor arrow is positioned over the matching silhouette.

When a conveyor belt is full it will disappear. Fill all of them to successfully complete the job.

You do not lose time for items that "fall on the floor", so don't hesitate to try moving as fast as you can and taking some risks!


  • Watch where you place the grocery item as it is important to let go of the mouse button when your cursor arrow is over the silhouette of the item.
  • In level one you will see duplicate items on the conveyor belt. In level three each grocery item appears only once on each belt.
  • Match the items up going along the line. Many times the items you need are appearing at the bottom in the right order, with one or two missing. You can fill in the missing items when they come back around.
  • It is easiest to fill up the bottom belt (closest to the groceries at the bottom of the screen), then move to the next one up, then the top one. You can fill items in on the other belts as you see them of course, but it is easier to keep track of what you are doing this way.
  • Grocery Clerk actually gets easier as you move up through the levels, as you have much more time to finish.
  • This job is much easier with a fast computer. With a slow computer or connection the groceries sometimes do not appear in time to place them on the conveyor belt, and therefore you do not successfully complete the game.

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