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Green Leaf Theme

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Theme History

The Green Leaf Theme was introduced on July 7, 2010.

On September 9, 2015, Webkinz Newz notified players that this theme would be temporarily retired from the wshop on September 23, 2015. Some items may not return.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
File:Accordionshadelamp.png Accordion Shade Lamp wShop Regular: 150 KC
Deluxe: 150 KC
File:Beyondbeliefcactus.png Beyond Belief Cactus wShop Regular: 180 KC
Deluxe: 180 KC
File:Cabanawidescreentv.png Cabana Widescreen TV wShop Regular: 1,200 KC
Deluxe: 1,200 KC
File:Cleanandgreenfireplace.png Clean and Green Fireplace Ganz eStore Regular: 7,000 Points
Deluxe: 6,000 Points
File:Firstresortbed.png First Resort Bed wShop Regular: 550 KC
Deluxe: 550 KC
FIle:Greenleafflooring.png Green Leaf Flooring wShop Regular: 250 KC
Deluxe: 250 KC
File:Greenleaftoybox.png Green Leaf Toy Box wShop Regular: 300 KC
Deluxe: 300 KC
File:Greenleafwallpaper.png Green Leaf Wallpaper wShop Deluxe only: 250 KC
File:Greenteaandcoffeetable.png Green Tea and Coffee Table wShop Regular: 325 KC
Deluxe: 325 KC
File:Leafysidetable.png Leafy Side Table wShop Regular: 150 KC
Deluxe: 150 KC
File:Looseleafdiningtable.png Loose Leaf Dining Table wShop Deluxe only: 600 KC
File:Minibiosphere.png Mini Bio Sphere wShop Regular: 225 KC
Deluxe: 225 KC
File:Modernleafydiningchair.png Modern Leafy Dining Chair wShop Deluxe only: 120 KC
File:Moralfloralsofa.png Moral Floral Sofa wShop Regular: 850 KC
Deluxe: 850 KC
File:Natureshugleafrug.png Nature's Hug Leaf Rug wShop Regular: 330 KC
Deluxe: 330 KC
File:Sweetreleafchair.png Sweet Re-leaf Chair wShop Regular: 220 KC
Deluxe: 220 KC
File:Tropicaldresser.png Tropical Dresser wShop Regular: 400 KC
Deluxe: 400 KC

> Click HERE to view the main Room Themes page

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