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Good Fairy Charm Contest

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How do I find the fairy?

1) Go to

2) Next wait for the page to finish loading.

  • In Firefox, the little circle will stop cycling around when the page has finished loading
  • In Internet Explorer the Windows icon will stop fluttering when the page has finished loading.

3) If you are lucky, the good fairy will appear. It will start near the top left of the screen where the Ganz eStore logo is and move around randomly from that point. (However, it will NOT float right off of the screen, it will continue to move around where you can see it. If you scroll further down or up, it will move so that you can always see it.) It looks like this:


4) Click on the fairy and a pop-up window will open with a fill-out form. Complete this form, entering your email address and successfully answer the skill-testing question. If you are successful, an email will instantly be sent to the address you entered with your charm code.

When we I receive my code?

You should receive your code shortly after you enter. Although the entry screen says that you will be selected within 24 hours in most cases the code will be delivered almost instantly.

I didn't see the fairy - do I just wait until she shows up?

No. If your page completely loaded and you didn't see the fairy, refresh the page to try again. DO NOT refresh the page until the page is completely loaded, though.

Do I have to have an eStore membership or be logged in to see the fairy?

No this contest is available as long as you meet the entry requirements. You do not need to have an eStore account or membership to win this contest.

I've been refreshing and refreshing and the fairy just isn't showing up!

The fairy doesn't show up very often, so it can be quite frustrating and you may have to refresh and wait a LOT before you see her. WI member DogLUVR has been very successful with the following technique:

Open up two or three windows and go to the estore main page. minimize the windows and drag them so that they are beside each other in a row. Continue to refresh each page until you see a fairy. She will appear in the upper left hand side of the screen

She is in the middle window.

Once the page completely loads, she will appear. So, if she doesn't appear as soon as the page loads, click refresh. Be sure to click on the fairy and not another link. If you do click on a link, try hitting the back button and maybe she will appear again.

Be patient, it may take a few minutes. My method DOES work, but you must remain patient. BE Patient!!! This contest seems to be more difficult than previous similar contests. The fairy doesn't appear as often as previous things such as the bird for the Pharaoh's Helm. Just keep trying!

Another possibility is that the contest is not available in your area. This contest is open only to residents of Canada and the United States, and residents of Quebec, New York and Florida are excluded. On the other hand, we have had reports of WI members in Florida being able to see the fairy, so perhaps you're just having rotten luck. One WI member even reported having no luck after hours of trying at home, but seeing a whole bunch of fairies using Internet access at her local library!

I'm excluded from this contest because of where I live? This is an outrage! Why doesn't Ganz like where I live?

Sometimes a company has to exclude certain provinces or states from their contests because of specific laws about contests that those areas have. For example, many sweepstakes are void in Quebec because the sponsors must follow a stringent set of rules set out by the Quebec government. (More information can be found at this Q&A.) These rules are very difficult for companies to follow, and the penalties for breaking the rules are very serious, so often you will see a company decide to simply not make a contest available for Quebec residents. It is very likely the same sort of thing for the states of New York and Florida, and countries outside the US and Canada.


Parts of the fill-out form are hidden by other parts of the form!

Maximize the form window so all the elements on the form page "stretch" out properly so you can see them. If that doesn't work, try changing the resolution settings for your monitor so more pixels show up on your screen.

I don't know the answer to the skill-testing question!

It's simple order-of-operations math. See this link for more information: [PEMDAS] However, here all the answers to the questions that members have been seeing:

(10+2)/(4*3)= 1

(12-3)/(2+1)= 3

(11+(12-5))*3= 54

(7+2)/(7-4)= 3

(6+7)*(5-2)= 39

(7*8/(17-13)= 14

(6*3)/(4+10-5)= 2

I did everything you said but I didn't get an email with a code!

You should receive your code right away. Try checking your email spam folder - it may have gotten shunted in there automatically by your email software, thinking it was spam. Another possibility is that your email server is slow - try sending yourself a test email to see if the test email is delivered right away. However, if the code email isn't in your spam folder, and your test email comes in right away, you probably entered your email in wrong in the fill-out form. You'll have to find the fairy again and this time enter your correct address.


What do I do with this code?

Log on to Webkinz World, go to the Code Shop, and enter the code you received.

What does the code give me?

The code gives you a virtual Good Fairy Charm. This unlocks the Magic Mire area of the Magical Forest and allows you to enter it to search for charms every eight hours. There are other goodies to be found in there, too. You can check out the WIki entry about Magic Mire for more information.

Your pet can also wear the charm around its neck. To make this happen, go to the Magical Forest and make sure that the Magic Mire option is at the front (but don't click on it). Then click on the "View Collection" link in the top left corner of the screen (the one which gives you numbers of how many charms you've unlocked and collected). This will bring up the "My Webkinz Charm Collection" screen. You will see a tree with lots of circles on it - each circle is for one of the Magic Mire charms, and half of the charm collection can be displayed at a time. You can see the other half of the charm collection by clicking the "Rotate Your Tree" link at the top left of the tree.

You will also see an image of your active pet at the top right of the display. To make your pet wear a charm, click and drag the charm you want over to your pet. You'll know you've been successful because you'll see your pet wearing the charm, and you'll see the charm appear in one of the three boxes underneath the picture of your pet. If you have more than one Magic Mire charm in your collection, your pet can wear up to three charms at a time.

I'm going to find the fairy again and get more codes!

That might not be possible for you - Ganz will only send out one code per email address entered.

If you can only use an email address for this prize once, how come so many people have gotten multiple codes?

Because they have more than one email address.

So if I can get a whole bunch of these good fairy charm codes, I can access all the rows of the Magic Mire forest charms?

No. You have to have all DIFFERENT charms to access different rows of the forest charms. Anytime you enter a code for a Magic Mire charm that you already have, you just get 250 KinzCash. So getting yourself lots of good fairy charms from this contest will certainly get you lots of KinzCash, but it's a very inefficient way to earn KinzCash, and there are lots of other people who would like to have those charm codes to unlock access.

Awesome! I'm going to get a bunch of these codes and save them to give them to my friends as holiday gifts in December!

Sorry, that won't work. According to the contest rules, all codes have to be activated within 60 days or they are forfeited, which presumably means they won't work if you try and enter them in the Code Shop after that period of time.

Can I donate extra codes somewhere?

Yes! If you already have emails that have been sent to you with codes you don't need, forward those emails to and WI will happily use them as prizes for a future WI contest (or contests).

If you want to generate more codes for WI to use, just use any email address that ends in "" in the fill-out form and it will reach the WI folks. Seriously, just make something up, like,,, that kind of thing. But it has to be a unique email address that no one else would have used to send extra codes before.

A really good way of doing it is to use your WI username and a number. So for instance, I used to send WI my first code, to send WI a second code, etc.