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Goobatomic Rockets 2010

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Goober in the Clubhouse


From April 23rd through April 29th, Goober passed out rockets in the Clubhouse to promote Webkinz Day.

How it Works

Goober's appearance in a Clubhouse Room will coincide with the sound of bubbling atoms just like in the game Goober's Lab ... then he'll say "Atomocolicious" and he'll be visible.

Originally, you could collect one rocket every 30 minutes. This changed to one every 20 minutes.

On Wednesday, April 28, Goober allowed you to collect one rocket every 10 minutes.

Later on Wednesday, April 28th, Goober allowed you to collect rockets every 5 minutes.

On the first day, Goober showed up at these times after the hour:

  • Yellow, Light Blue, Green: :05, :25, :45
  • Pink, Dark Blue, Gold (Deluxe): :09, :29, :49

On the second day, he showed up at these times:

  • Yellow, Light Blue, Green: :05, :35
  • Pink, Dark Blue, Gold (Deluxe): :09, :39

On Wednesday April 28, he showed up at these times:

  • Yellow, Light Blue, Green: :05, :20, :35, :50
  • Pink, Dark Blue, Gold (Deluxe): :08/9, :23/4, :38/9, :53/4

On Thursday April 29, he is showing up at these times:

  • Yellow, Light Blue, Green:  :05, :15, :25, :35, :45, :55
  • Pink, Dark Blue, Gold (Deluxe): :09, :19, :29, :39, :49, :59

He goes in various rooms at the different times. He may not show up in the room or zone you are in, but he may the next time.

Please see the Official Tracking Thread for the most updated information on Goober's location.

Tracking Goober

> Click HERE to visit the Official Goober Tracking Thread

Goober's Rockets

Goober has ten different rockets:

  • Atomic Burst Rocket
  • Falling Leaves Rocket
  • Glittering Gem Rocket
  • KinzCash Shower Rocket
  • Magic W Rocket
  • Magic Wand Rocket
  • Paw Print Rocket
  • Phoenix Fire Rocket
  • Rain of Fire Rocket
  • Vertigo Swirl Rocket

Fireworks Show

You can launch off your rockets for a cool firework show as many times as you like, and in any variety of rockets you wish. Launching off your rockets for a firework show will not effect you receiving a Fireworks Machine or not. Here is the arranging of the rockets:


Then here is the final firework surprise:


On Webkinz Day, after launching all your rockets this special firework surprise was given:

Happy Webkinz Day!

A badge received after launching rockets:


Grand Prize


The grand prize for collecting all ten of Goober's Rockets is an Webkinz Day Year 5 Fireworks Machine. It is animated and makes music. Only one Machine can be won per account, and the Machines cannot be traded or sent by KinzPost.

Collectors Badge

If you manage to collect 50 rockets from Goober, You will be awarded a special badge "Collecting is a Blast" for your effort.

Collectors Badge