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Gold Item Collection

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Picture Name Item Type
File:Potofgold.png Catch the Leprechaun Pot of Gold Clubhouse Events Item
238-1.png Fancy Table wShop
File:Foolsgoldchocolate.png Fool's Gold Chocolate Vacation Island Prize
File:Ghostsgolddoubloon.png Ghost's Gold Doubloon Vacation Island Prize
File:glamorousgoldencoffeetable.png Glamorous Golden Coffee Table Ganz eStore
File:Gleaminggoldsandals.png Gleaming Gold Sandals KinzStyle
File:gleaminggoldensofa.png Gleaming Golden Sofa Ganz eStore
3079-1.png Gold Beauty Pageant Trophy Webkinz Stadium
2257-1.png Gold Card Collector Trophy Trading Cards
3329-1.png Gold Cooking Competition Trophy Webkinz Stadium
File:goldcruiser.png Gold Cruiser Ganz eStore
File:goldenflooring.png Golden Flooring Ganz eStore
File:Goldleafarmoire.png Gold Leaf Armoire Magical Forest
File:Goldleafdiningchair.png Gold Leaf Dining Chair Magical Forest
File:Goldleafdiningtable.png Gold Leaf Dining Table Magical Forest
File:Goldloopbelt.png Gold Loop Belt KinzStyle
6159-1.png Gold Mine Pet Specific Item for the Donkey
3216-1.png Gold Open Competition Medal Webkinz Stadium
650-1.png Gold Safe Exclusive Items
650-1.png Gold Safe Replica Ganz eStore
5234-1.png Gold Star Chocolate Bar Deluxe Membership
File:Goldtreasurechest.png Gold Treasure Chest Clubhouse Events Item
File:Goldwingtrackshoes.png Gold Wing Track Shoes Kinzville Academy
File:goldenbasevase.png Golden Base Vase Ganz eStore
File:Goldenlamppost.png Golden Lamppost GanzWorld Rewards (Moneyz, WKN)
612-1.png Gold Zingoz Pop Trophy Trophies
5192-1.png Golden Bishop Hat Ganz eStore
6085-1.png Golden Chariot Bed Ganz eStore
5200-1.png Golden Chess Shoes Ganz eStore
5202-1.png Golden Chess Suit Ganz eStore
1007-1.png Golden Hippo Fridge Rares
6291-1.png Golden Honey Waterfall Pet Specific Items
5188-1.png Golden King Hat Ganz eStore
5194-1.png Golden Knight Hat Ganz eStore
File:Goldenloaderlounger.png Golden Loader Lounger Ganz eStore
1874-1.png Golden Menorah Christmas & Hanukkah Items
File:Goldenoillampofpersia.png Golden Oil Lamp of Persia Rares
5198-1.png Golden Pawn Hat Ganz eStore
File:goldenpiggybanker.png Golden Piggy Banker Ganz eStore
5190-1.png Golden Queen Hat Ganz eStore
File:goldenraydrapes.png Golden Ray Drapes Ganz eStore
File:goldenrenaissancestatue.png Golden Renaissance Statue Ganz eStore
5196-1.png Golden Rook Hat Ganz eStore
202-1.png Golden Rose Bed W Shop & PJ's Outlet
File:goldensconces.png Golden Sconces Ganz eStore
4977-1.png Golden Stone Path Deluxe Membership
3808-1.png Golden Sun Stove Rares
File:Goldentennistrophy.png Golden Tennis Trophy Trophies
File:goldentrendkitchenstool.png Golden Trend Kitchen Stool Ganz eStore
2633-1.png Golden Trumpet Trophy Trophies
File:Goldentuxedo.png Golden Tuxedo Pet Specific Items
File:goldenwallpaper.png Golden Wallpaper Ganz eStore
File:goodasgoldenstove.png Good as Golden Stove Ganz eStore
File:luxurylifegoldtub.png Golden Tiered Tub Ganz eStore
File:kingofcaratsgoldenfountain.png King of Karats Golden Fountain Ganz eStore
File:Mermonkeyartifact.png Mermonkey Artifact Vacation Island Item
File:napofluxurygoldenbed.png Nap of Luxury Golden Bed Ganz eStore
5726-1.png Pot O Gold Safe Ganz eStore
6153-1.png Pot of Gold Pond Pet Specific Items
File:pristineplanter.png Pristine Planter Ganz eStore
984-1.png Ra's Golden Bureau Rares
File:Shimmeringgolddress.png Shimmering Gold Dress KinzStyle & KinzClothes
5046-1.png Solid Gold Candelabra Ganz eStore
File:Solidgoldrecord.png Solid Gold Record W Shop & PJ's Outlet
File:Tasteforgoldfridge.png Taste for Gold Fridge Ganz eStore
4173-1.png Timeless Treasure TV Pet Specific Items
2381-1.png Wizard's Magic Mirror W-shop

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