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This page contains a glossary of common Webkinz World and Webkinz Insider Terms. For information about abbreviations specifically see the Abbreviations Dictionary Page.

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  • Administrator : An appointed administrator with the official capacity to perform moderator-related duties, along with user and forum management. They are designated by the red color.

  • Adoption Center : A place in Webkinz World run by Ms. Birdy, where you can adopt new Webkinz.

  • Adoption Gift : The items you get automatically when you adopt a pet.

  • Agility Training : A physical skill of your Webkinz pet acquired from doing the Track and Field class at Kinzville Academy; completing level 5 unlocks the jump action for your pet; some stadium contests require certain levels of this skill.

  • Alyssa : The good fairy in the magical forest, who has many items related to her, and is one of the stars of the arcade game Tulip Troubles 2.

  • Alyssa's Star Challenge : An activity hosted by Alyssa that any Webkinz World any member can play once a day, where you try to connect constellations and catch comets.

  • Amanda Miranda Panda : A sixteen year old panda that hosts the wheel of wishes and the wish machine, has some items related to her, and appears in a W tales book.

  • Appliance : Referring to one of the five ways you can make recipes (blender, sandwich maker, stove, super chef stove, mega stove).

  • Arte Fact : Arte is the proprietor of the Curio Shop on webkinz.

  • Arte's Favorite (Abbreviation: AF "Arte's Favorite" or CSO "Curio Shop Only"): Also called "Curio Shop Only" item, this is an item that is only sold in Arte's Curio Shop in Webkinz World and can not be found in the W-shop. Only a subset of items is available in Arte's Curio Shop during any given hour and AF's are tracked on Webkinz Insider in the Rare Tracking Thread.

  • Automerge : If the same user replies to their post on a WI thread, and those two posts are one right after the other, eventually, the forum software will update and merge the two posts together (takes a variable amount of time for this to occur). Two ways to avoid the automerge are to begin your second post with 20 symbols (such as smileys) or purchase an Insider Insider subscription .

  • Avatar : A picture, which can be uploaded by any member, that will show up next to all of your posts.

  • Avatar & Signature Shops : Nothing is sold or bought at these "shops". Instead, these are threads that are created and maintained by Webkinz Insider members where anyone can go and ask for a picture for their Avatar or Signature; Reputation and Ratings are a way of thanking the Shop owner for their help, but such reward is entirely optional.


  • Baby Sitter : A medium level job you can do at the Employment Office.

  • Balloon Dartz : An hourly activity where you shoot balloons with a dart. KinzCash, toys, or other prizes might fall out.

  • Bamboo Break : An arcade game added in early 2009 which is styled like Tetris.

  • Bananza : An arcade game added when the arcade was first released, where you play as the monkey to try to collect bananas and avoid falling coconuts.

  • Boost Values : The amount of points a food will increase a Webkinz pet's Hunger, Health, and Happiness bars.

  • Bump a Thread (Abbreviation: Bumping or Bump): Bumping is when a person posts on a thread for the sole purpose of getting the thread to show up first in the list of threads in that forum (because threads are placed in order of which ones have most recently received a post). Bumping is only allowed in the Gift Exchange area that only permitted members can see.


  • Calendar Trivia : Every day Ganz releases a new question, which exposes more and more of the background of a calendar.

  • Candy Bash : An arcade game where you try to hit falling blocks of food with a bean, and try to catch the candy that explodes out of them, and the bean you threw at the blocks of candy.

  • Candy Bash 2 : An arcade game released as the sequel to Candy Bash, where you try to hit falling blocks of food with a bean, and try to catch the candy that explodes out of them.

  • Charm : The word "charm" has at least three different meanings in WW. First it refers to Real retail charms or Virtual eStore Charms; these charms are purchased and come with a feature code that opens the Fairy Falls part of the Magical Forest on WW. Second, it can refer to specific charms that are acquired by clicking on floating fairies in the Fairy Falls activity; third, it can be the nick name for a clothing item that your pet can wear called a "Charm Tiara" that is won in the Fairy Falls activity.

  • Click-to-Win Event : A special event during which players can click on either a special advertisement or a floating object to win a prize; occurs over several days

  • Clubhouse Clickers Event : A special event in Webkinz World where a special character will "visit" the Clubhouse and pass out prizes to players who click on him/her; occurs over several days.

  • Code Shop : A place in Webkinz World where you can enter feature codes and unlock items.

  • Color Storm : An arcade game released when the arcade came out, where you try to match colored blocks that fall out of a storm cloud.

  • Coral Cove Party : These are parties that occur daily for one hour at random times.

  • Clothing Machine : In the Kinzstyle Outlet you can add three different clothing to the Clothing Machine to make a new piece of clothing.

  • Curio Shop Only Items (Abbreviation: CSO "Curio Shop Only" or AF "Arte's Favorite"): Also called "Arte's Favorites", these are items that are only sold in Arte's Curio Shop in Webkinz World and can not be found in the W-shop. Only a subset of items is available in Arte's Curio Shop during any given hour and AF's are tracked on Webkinz Insider in the Rare Tracking Thread.


  • Daily Chat Thread (Abbreviation: DCT and GE DCT): These Webkinz Insider threads are located in the open Mike Section, and one can also be found in the protected Gift Exchange subforum. Although a staffperson often makes a topic for the first post, the DCT is where people chat about random topics.The first person to post on the DCT after the staffperson creates the thread is allowed to make "first post claims" just for a bit of fun. The DCT is the only place in the WI forum where you can make first post claims.

  • Deluxe Membership : A Deluxe Membership is available for purchase on the ganzestore website, and it opens up additional functions in Webkinz World. Deluxe Members get additional games, a gift box every month, extra hourly events, an extra job each day, an extra class at the Kinzville Academy each day and more.

  • Doug the Dog : A Character in Webkinz World who you meet in the clubhouse to trade gems for prizes.


  • eStore : Ganz owns an online shop where you can buy virtual items, pets, deluxe accounts and more for your Webkinz World account.


  • Fair Gift Exchange Policy (Abbreviation: FGEP): A set of Webkinz Insider rules designed by the administrators, moderators and Gift Coaches for trading Webkinz World items safely and fairly. The system uses the WIGEV. May also refer to the specific thread that Gift Trainees must post on to show that they agree to this policy.

  • Fairy Falls : A place in Magical Forest unlocked by the first series of Charms, where you click on a fairy and get prizes, keys, food or a bad fairy.

  • Fall Fest : A Webkinz World event that lasts about 6 days, usually scheduled at the end of September. The event includes a Click-to-Win event during which autumn leaves float across the screen in Webkinz World one at a time. Players clicking on a leaf receive an autumn-themed prize.

  • Footprint : The footprint of a furniture item refers to how many of spaces or squares that the item will occupy on the floor of your Webkinz World room. A large indoor room in WW has a 10 x 10 blocks in which 100 items with one footprint each could fit.

  • Founder : These members founded WebkinzInsider.Com. They have unlimited access to all site features. They are designated by the red color.


  • Ganz : The company that owns and operates Webkinz World, headquartered in Canada.

  • Gift Exchange (Abbreviation: GE): An area in WI where approved members trade WW items.

  • Gift Training Section (Abbreviation: GTS and TS): A protected section of the WI forum where people wishing to enter the Gift Exchange identify a Gift Coach to help them learn to trade by the Fair Gift Exchange Policy. Because it is a protected section of the forum, it is locked and invisible to most WI members excluding Gift Trainees and the WI Staff.

  • Gift Trainee Section Fair Gift Exchange Policy Thread (Abbreviation: GTS FGEP): A sticky thread in the protected Gift Training Section where new Gift Trainees post their agreement to follow the trading rules set up by Webkinz Insider.

  • Graphics Staff : An appointed member who assists the staff in designing and maintaining the visual look of WebkinzInsider.Com. They are designated by the green color.

  • Guest : A registered guest is a former member of Webkinz Insider who wanted their account deleted for whatever reason. To be a guest, the former member must have contacted the staff who deleted their account, and now instead of a status it says "Guest". An unregistered guest is someone who has never joined WI.


  • Hotlinking : "Hotlinking" is when, instead of saving a picture to your computer and then uploading it to Webkinz Insider, you copy the address of the picture on another site and use that address to post the picture here on WI. This takes away server/processing resources from the other site and can slow down Webkinz Insider. It is not allowed except for sites like "tinypic", "photobucket", "imageshack","imgur", etc that are set up specifically for you to hotlink.


  • Insider Insider Subscription : A subscription to the Webkinz Insider Forum that shows your support of the forum. It can be purchased with real money. Insider Insider members receive certain benefits over the free regular WI membership such as more PM (Private Messaging) space, the option to remove ads from appearing at the top, botton, and sides of your screen, the option of a special badge below your user name and even more benefits.



  • Kinzcash (Abbreviation: KC): The currency of Webkinz World. It can be used to buy items for your pet.

  • Kinz Klip : An accessory Webkinz item sold by Webkinz retailers. A clip or clasp that can be hooked to keys or a bookbag and comes attached to a small plush toy that looks like a miniature Zumbuddy; Kinz Klips come with a code for the Code shop that opens the Zums Sighting section of Zumwhere where you can take pictures of Zums for your Field Guide, earn Zummies, and purchase items in the Zum Catelog.

  • KinzStyle Outlet : You can buy clothing for your pets, make new clothing in the Clothing Machine, and find specials every hour.


  • Lil' Kinz : A type of plush Webkinz Pet that are identical to Regular Webkinz Pets but they're smaller - only 6 1/2" tall and often cheaper. In Webkinz World, their image is also smaller than a regular Webkinz Pet but their PSI, PSF, and Adoption Gifts are similar to the regular sized Webkinz pets.


  • Mazin' Hamster : A small plush Webkinz hamster sold with a code that can be used in the Code shop to unlock a virtual hamster and the Mazin' Hamster section of Webkinz World where you can build hamster mazes and compete for trophies among other fun activities. Mazin' Hamsters do NOT renew Webkinz accounts and do NOT come with any adoption gifts.

  • Mazin' Mall : A store in Webkinz World that sells Hamster items (tubes, balls, rooms, designs) and Webkinz World items in exchange for Mazin' Moolah.

  • Mega Stove : An appliance that makes recipes using 5 different Webkinz food ingredients. The Mega Stove can be purchased in the W-Shop, and most food ingredients can be purchased at the W-shop or grown in your Webkinz garden.

  • Moderator : An appointed moderator with official capacity to move/edit/delete posts and other moderator-type activities. They are designated by the blue color.


  • Namespace : A MediaWiki term; in the Webkinz Insider Wiki, pages are grouped into namespaces; common namespaces include: Mainspace; File; User; User talk; Media; these namespaces give a little information about the function or purpose of a the page; they also help to determine how pages will interact.



  • Party Pack : an item available for purchase in the W-shop. By dragging this item into a players room, players can schedule parties in the Clubhouse or a room in their own WW house and invite up to eight friends to attend.

  • Peek-a-Newz Event (Abbreviation: PaN): a Webkinz Newz event with prizes in which players must find a peeking Webkinz character 5 times, log in with their Webkinz ID and win a prize.

  • Plumpy Eunice Hippo : An advice column writer for the kinzville times.

  • Polly Jean Collie : Agent at the kinzstyle outlet.

  • Pet of the Month (Abbreviation: POTM): A certain webkinz or lil'Kinz that is chosen to be pet of the month for one month. During that time, members who adopt the pet will receive a special gift, and members who own the pet are able to participate in special events.


  • Quizzy's Corner : A place in Webkinz World to answer trivia questions.


  • Reporting a Post : A way of calling a moderator's attention to a post in the WI forum that doesn't follow the rules or is suspicious. Reporting is accomplished by clicking the red flag next to the post Reportflag.png, filling out the reason and clicking send. In rare cases, the report tool can also be used to request a moderator to close a thread or to let a moderator know about an unusually noteworthy event such as when someone first posts that they have solved a Webkinz clothing or secret recipe.

  • Reputation : A way that a Webkinz Insider member can show their appreciation for a particularly useful post in the forum. To give reputation, you must be a member of Webkinz Insider and you give reputation by clicking on the Reputation.gif next to a post, completing the box and clicking the "Add to Reputation" box.

  • Retired : Retired pets are those Webkinz pets that are no longer being provided to retailers for sale; retired items are virtual items that are no longer obtainable from any activities or KC shops in Kinzville but which may still be available through trades with other Webkinz members who obtained them before they were retired. Retired items are generally valued higher than currently available items.

  • Retirement Party : In WW when a pet is going to be retired, Ganz has begun to celebrate the day with giving everyone who signs on a cupcake. Members with the pet retiring will get 2 extra hourly events and everyone gets to play a special game with Sailboats.


  • Secret Recipes : Over 100 recipes that have been released in Webkinz World; when these recipes are released, the ingredients are not given and Webkinz World members must figure out the recipes by trying different combinations of ingredients on different appliances. There are 5 different appliances: the regular Stove, the Blender, the Sandwich Maker, the Super Chef Stove and the Mega Stove.

  • Shutter Shades (Abbreviation: "Shuts"): A popular clothing item that your pet can wear. These sunglasses are one piece of the Rock Star KinzCostume. The feature codes for the KinzCostumes come from the KinzClothes (human-sized) T-Shirts.

  • Signature (Forum) (Abbreviation: Siggie): A customized message that appears below each of your posts in the WI Forum.

  • Slips (Abbreviation: Purple Slips or Nafaria's Purple Slips): Slips: A popular clothing item that your pet can wear. These shoes are properly called Nafaria's Purple Slippers, which is a clothing item in the Trading Card Series 4.

  • Sticky Thread (Abbreviation: Sticky): A thread found always at the top of a forum or subforum. Even if no one posts in it, it will still show up on at the top. Threads are made sticky by moderators because they contain special announcements or important information such as rules and FAQs.

  • Super Bed Exclusive (Abbreviation: Super Bed): available when you receive a Super Bed Gift Box after adopting a Webkinz pet, available with the 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th etc adoption (every 5).

  • Super Chef Stove : An appliance in Webkinz World that can only be found in the Clubhouse's Super Chef Room. It will create regular stove recipes if three W Shop foods are inserted, or it can also make Super Secret Recipes with a combination of three regular secret recipes.

  • Swirling Leaf Tiara (Abbreviation: Swirl): A clothing item that is the Grand Prize awarded to members who have found all 40 virtual forest charms in the Magic Mire Area.


  • Template : A standard WIki page which is designed to be included and used on many WIki pages.

  • Tags : At the end of a WI thread, a member will see a link "edit tags" on the right-hand side above the Quick Reply text window. Clicking on this link will expand the area to allow a user to add tags which are a set of words that will become associated with the thread. Tags are intended to be words that relate to the thread topic, and are a useful way to search for threads with similar subject matter and content. This complements the normal search system, which searches only for certain words or phrases and/or posts by specific users.

  • Thread : A sequence of messages, posted one after another, on the same topic in an Internet forum such as Webkinz Insider.

  • Trade Talk : Trade talk is any conversation (VM, PM or on a forum thread) that discusses the exchange of Webkinz items from one person to another, including exchanges that occur by KinzPost gifts, within Webkinz trading rooms, or in any way on the Webkinz Insider Forum; trade talk is not allowed anywhere in the Webkinz Insider forum except in the Gift Exchange program, which a person must apply and be accepted to before joining.




  • W-Shop : A shop where you buy toys, furniture, decorations, and food for your pets.

  • Webkinz Day : A special annual holiday event that celebrates the launch of Webkinz World on April 29th, 2005; a special prize is received for members who log in on the this day each year. In 2010, Webkinz Day included a Clubhouse Clickers event from April 23rd through April 29th where players in the Clubhouse could click on Goober and win prizes.

  • Webkinz Insider (Abbreviation: WI): An internet forum intended to help Webkinz members get the most out of their Webkinz membership and that is not affiliated with either Ganz or Webkinz. The forum consists of tracking and help threads as well as a Webkinz cookbook, threads devoted to solving Webkinz secret recipes, the WIGEV, a Wiki of information pages on Webkinz topics, and tools such as the WI Room Designer and much more. Two types of memberships exist: a free membership or an Insider Insider Subscription.

  • Webkinz Insider Wiki (Abbreviation: WIki): An electronic database of information pages about Webkinz World and supported by the Webkinz Insider forum. The WIki is written and edited by regular Webkinz Insider Members.

  • Webkinz Newz (Abbreviation: WKN): This website is sponsored by Ganz and is the official website for Webkinz information. This site sometimes sponsors Click-to-Win and other Ganz-sponsored contests.

  • WIGEV : The WIGEV (Webkinz Insider Gift Exchange Value) shows you the values of all Webkinz World items.

  • Wiki : A special kind of on-line database. It's sort of like an encyclopedia where regular people, even those with no programming knowledge, can contribute information.

  • WIki SysOp : An appointed system operator for the Webkinz Insider Wiki. They have the the ability to perform moderation activities in the WIki. They are designated by the maroon color.




  • Zum : A virtual version of a plush Zumbuddy unlocked by the code associated with a Zumbuddy or an eStore Zum. Zums live in Zumwhere.

  • Zumbuddy : Brightly-colored, winged, plush toy sold by Ganz that comes with a code that unlocks a similar virtual animal, called a Zum, and allows access to Zumwhere.

  • Zummies : A Webkinz currency used in Zumwhere; red, orange, green, blue Zummies can be used to buy items at the Z-Shop and yellow, pink, turquoise, and purple Zummies can be used to buy items in the Zumthings Catalog.

  • Zums Field Guide (Abbreviation: Field Guide): A book that can be purchased in the wShop for 250 KinzCash. The book records what Zums you have gotten pictures of in the Sighting Zums Section of Zumwhere. The last section of the Zum Field Guide contains the Zumthings Catalog where you can buy virtual items for both your Zums and for your regular Webkinz house.

  • Zumwhere : A place in WW where you play with your Zumbuddies in their own room. Zumbuddies can play with toys, eat, sleep and have a Party (Visit Zums). You can also try to take pictures of Zums for Zummies (Zums Sighting).


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