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Gingerbread Collection

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Picture Name Availability Cost
File:Gingerbreadelephantavatar.png Gingerbread Elephant Ganz eStore Regular: 12,500
Deluxe: 10,000
File:Gingerbreadpuppyavatar.png Gingerbread Puppy Ganz eStore Regular: 12,500
Deluxe: 10,000

Gingerbread Clothing

Picture Name Item Type
File:Gingerbreadman.png Gingerbread Man WKN
File:Gingerbreadmanhat.png Gingerbread Man Hat Parents Club
File:Gingerbreadmanshoe.png Gingerbread Man Shoe Parents Club

Gingerbread Items

Picture Name Item Type
Gingercatpsiinroom.png Baker's Oven PSI (Ginger Cat)
Candyhouse.png Candy House Ganz eStore
Build a Fairy Tale
Curioshopfestivegingerbreadhouse.png Curio Shop Festive Gingerbread House Christmas Countdown (Dec 2011)
Curioshopgingerbreadhouse.png Curio Shop Gingerbread House Christmas Countdown (Dec 2010)
Gingerbreadalleyhouses.png Gingerbread Alley Houses Ganz eStore
Gingerbreadbed.png Gingerbread Bed PSI (Gingerbread Puppy)
Gingerbreadbuggy.png Gingerbread Buggy Ganz eStore (Promo)
Gingerbreadcabin.png Gingerbread Cabin Building Kit
Gingerbreadcarousel.png Gingerbread Carousel Ganz eStore
Gingerbreadforest.png Gingerbread Forest Ganz eStore
Gingerbreadhouse.png Gingerbread House Ganz eStore
Gingerbreadoven.png Gingerbread Oven PSI (Poinsetta Lion)
Gingerbreadshops.png Gingerbread Shops Ganz eStore
Gingerbreadtree.png Gingerbread Tree Ganz eStore
1965-1.png Gingerbread TV Curio Shop
Kinzvilleacademygingerbreadhouse.png Kinzville Academy Gingerbread House Christmas Countdown (Dec 2013)
Kinzvillegingerbreadclocktower.png Kinzville Gingerbread Clock Tower Ganz eStore
Kinzvillegingerbreadhouse.png Kinzville Gingerbread House Christmas Countdown (Dec 2009)
Sweetbiscuithouse.png Sweet Biscuit House Ganz eStore
Giant Tea Theme
1972-1.png Sweets N Treats Flooring Curio Shop
1973-1.png Sweets N Treats Gingerbread Walls Curio Shop
1969-1.png Sweets N Treats Stove Curio Shop
Teabiscuitchair.png Tea Biscuit Chair Ganz estore
Giant Tea Theme
Wishfactorygingerbreadhouse.png Wish Factory Gingerbread House Christmas Countdown (Dec 2012)

Gingerbread Food

Picture Name Item Type
Gingerbreadelf.png Gingerbread Elf Click to Win
(Arthur Christmas Movie Promotion)
Gingerbreadreindeercookies.png Gingerbread Reindeer Cookies Christmas Countdown (2009)
120px-Giftsgaloregingerbreadcookies.png Gifts Galore Gingerbread Cookies Christmas Countdown (2010)
3045-1.png Gingerbread Monkey Christmas 2007 Giftbox
Plateofgingerbreadcookies.png Plate of Gingerbread Cookies Harvested from
eStore Gingerbread Tree
5681-1.png Gingerbread Paw Prints PSF (Ginger Cat)
7534-1.png Gingerbread Biscuits PSF (Holiday Husky)
Gingersnappie.png Gingersnap Pie PSF (Gingerbread Puppy)

Foods in WW