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General Store Theme

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Theme History

The General Store Theme was introduced to the wShop in June 2009.

On August 28, 2013, the General Store Theme was made available to Deluxe Members only.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
File:antiqueproducescale.png Antique Produce Scale wShop 900 KC
file:4813.png Antique Store Clock wShop 750 KC
File:bountifulbottledgoodsdisplay.png Bountiful Bottled Goods Display wShop 1100 KC
File:colorfulcandybarrel.png Colorful Candy Barrel [1] wShop 400 KC
File:cookingmadesimplechalkboard.png Cooking Made Simple Chalkboard wShop 250 KC
File:deliciousstoredessertsdisplay.png Delicious Store Desserts Display wShop 550 KC
4630-1.png General Store Flooring wShop 250 KC
4685-1.png General Store Wallpaper wShop 250 KC
File:snacksamplingstation.png Snack Sampling Station wShop 600 KC
File:storebreaddisplay.png Store Bread Display wShop 400 KC
File:storecheckoutcounter.png Store Checkout Counter wShop 600 KC
File:sweetsnacksstoredisplay.png Sweet Snacks Store Display wShop 550 KC
File:tastyfreetreatschalkboard.png Tasty Free Treats Chalkboard wShop 250 KC
File:topshelfstoreladder.png Top Shelf Store Ladder wShop 350 KC
File:waxedcheesedisplay.png Waxed Cheese Display wShop 400 KC
File:webkinzwareswallshelving.png Webkinz Wares Wall Shelving wShop 400 KC
File:whitewoodstool.png White Wood Stool wShop 200 KC
File:zangozfruitstand.png Zangoz Fruit Stand wShop 650 KC
  1. The top of the barrel is purple, yellow, green or blue depending on which way you turn the item.

> Click HERE to view the main Room Themes page

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