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Gem Mining

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Gem Mining is a job you can do at the Employment Office.

It should not be confused with the Gem Hunt in the Curio Shop.



What Am I trying to Do?

The screen will show revealed gems for 10 seconds. During this time, try to memorize the location of each gem. When the time is up, work as quickly as you can to click and reposition the slag with no gems inside so you can get to the slag that you remembered contains gems. Sometimes, you cannot drop a piece of slag because the column you are trying to drop it in is full. In this case, try to drop it in another spot. Once you have picked up what you believe to be a gem, drop it in the container on the right. If there is not a gem inside the slag, 2 seconds will be deducted from your time. If the time runs out before you have dropped all the gems into the container, you fail the job and do not get paid.

How Do I Do It?

Use the mouse to click on the slag, picking it up, and click again to release it in a new place. If you believe that the slag you picked up is a gem, then put the rock into the gem box on the right hand side. If the slag you put in the gem box is really slag, and not a gem, then you will get two seconds taken off of your time.


  • The best way to get the gems is to remember the order. They are usually along the bottom on the first level.
  • Once it gets harder, just practice. You may not get it every time but practice makes perfect.
  • Remember to watch the clock and see how much time you have left; usually it helps you to go faster.
  • It helps to try to picture the shapes that the gems make under the slag. For example, gems that are lined up like the diagram below make the shape of a chair.  If you just remember that the gems form a chair, it's much easier than trying to remember that there is a gem located in the second column, fourth slag down.

/ = Slag

+ = Gem

/    /    /    /    /

/    /    /    /    /

+   /    /    +   /

+   +   /    /    /

+   +   /    /    +

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