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Gardening is an activity that can be played in outdoor yards in Webkinz World. Players are able to grow, tend to, and harvest crops.

Gardens can only be created in outdoor rooms. The seeds can be bought at the W Shop or the Ganz eStore. You can also get the seeds as a POTM item or PSI.

After planting seeds, you can move them around the room, but if you remove them from the room the growing cycle starts over from the beginning.

In order to garden, you must move your pet over to a plant. A menu will appear, from which you can choose to inspect, rake, water, dig or harvest your plants. Most plants take about 8 days to fully grow. While you don't have to water ever, you do need to rake them to get rid of any weeds. When they're full grown, you can harvest them and feed them to your pets! You can also sell back the vegetables you grew for KinzCash.[1] If you neglect your garden, your plants will die and you will have to "dig" them up to start the growing cycle over.


The Seeds

Seed Harvest Type Days Until Harvest[2] Yield Sale Value
Cabbage Seeds Farm Fresh Cabbage W Shop 8 Days 1-2 8 KC
Carrot Seeds Farm Fresh Carrot W Shop 7 Days 1-3 7 KC
Corn Seeds Farm Fresh Corn W Shop 9 Days 1-4 6 KC
Pumpkin Seeds Farm Fresh Pumpkin W Shop 6 Days 1 10 KC
Strawberry Seeds Farm Fresh Strawberries W Shop 9 Days 1-4 6 KC
Tomato Seeds Farm Fresh Tomato W Shop 11 Days 1-5 6 KC
Watermelon Seeds Farm Fresh Watermelon W Shop 6 Days 1 10 KC
Candy Cane Seeds Farm Fresh Candy Cane PSI (Peppermint Puppy) 6 days[3] 1-2[3] 5 KC
Marshmallow Seeds Farm Fresh Marshmallow PSI (Marshmallow Bunny) 6 days 1[4] 5 KC
Ossilily Plant (Seeds) Ossilily Bone PSI (Webkinz Collie) 6 Days 1 5 KC
Banana Split Seeds Farm Fresh Banana Split POTM Exclusive Item 7 days 1 20 KC
Caramel Apple Seeds Caramel Apple POTM Exclusive Item  ? Days 1-3 8 KC
Donut Plant Seeds Home Grown Donut POTM Exclusive Item 6 Days 1 7 KC
Extra Cheesy Macaroni Seeds Farm Fresh Cheesy Macaroni Ganz eStore 7 days 1 25 KC
Ice Cream Sandwich Seeds Farm Fresh Ice Cream Sandwich Ganz eStore 6 Days 1 5 KC
Jelly Bean Plant Seeds Jelly Beans (striped/spotted) Ganz eStore 7 Days 1-3 5 KC
Lollipop Seeds Colorful Swirl Lollipop Ganz eStore 8 Days 1-3[4] 6 KC
Magic Bean Seeds Giant Bean Ganz eStore 6 Days 1 10 KC
Sweet Sushi Plant Seeds Farm Fresh Sweet Sushi Ganz eStore 6 Days 1 10 KC

Magic W Sour Gumball Seeds

 ? Ganz eStore  ? Days 1  ? KC
Red Delicous apple seeds Farm fresh Red Delicoius Apple Fall fest
Delcous Candy Apple Seeds Farm fresh Delicous Candy Apple  Fall fest
Green Delicious Apple Farm Fresh Green Apple  Fall fest

Growing Stages


As you are gardening you will notice that the plants will begin to grow. The different growing stages for each plant are shown below:
Image:Cabbage Growing Stages.png
File:Carrots Growing Stages.png
File:Corn Growing Stages.png
File:Pumpkin Growing Stages.png
File:Strawberries Growing Stages.png
File:Tomato Growing Stages.png
File:Watermelon Growing Stages.png
Candy Cane
File:Candy Cane Growing Stages.png
Ossilily Bone
File:Ossilily Bone Growing Stages.png
File:Marshmallow Growing Stages.png
Banana Split
File:Banana Split Growing Stages.png
Caramel Apple
Image:Caramel Apple Growing Stages.png
File:Donut Growing Stages.png
Extra Cheesy Macaroni
File:Extra Cheesy Macaroni Growing Stages.png
Giant (Magic) Bean
File:Giant Bean Growing Stages.png
Ice Cream Sandwich
File:Ice Cream Sandwich Growing Stages.png
Jelly Beans
File:Jelly Beans Growing Stages.png
File:Lollipop Growing Stages.png
Magic W Sour Gumball
Image:Magic W Sour Gumball Growing Stages.png
Sweet Sushi
File:Sweet Sushi Growing Stages.png

Gardening for Profit

Gardening has become one of the most popular ways to make money in Webkinz World. The below sections will help you understand how to make the most money when Gardening.

This section only applies to w-shop seeds/plants.

Number of Days Until Profitability[1]

Crop Quantity Initial Investment Average Harvest Sale Value Average Money per Harvest Days Until Harvest Number of Harvests to Recoup Initial Investment Total Days to Recoup Initial Investment
Cabbages 75 $4,750 1.471 $8 $883 8 5.4 43.0
Carrots 75 $4,750 1.998 $7 $1,049 7 4.5 31.7
Corn 75 $4,750 2.487 $6 $1,119 9 4.2 38.2
Pumpkins 75 $4,375 1.000 $10 $750 6 5.8 35.0
Strawberries 75 $4,750 3.012 $6 $1,355 9 3.5 31.5
Tomatoes 75 $4,750 2.522 $6 $1,135 11 4.2 46.0
Watermelons 75 $4,375 1.000 $10 $750 6 5.8 35.0

The most profitable crops are Strawberries and Carrots. Strawberries are slightly more profitable in the long run but in the short term Carrots are slightly more profitable. Both crops will make you lots of money.

The least profitable crops are Cabbages and Tomatoes. The others crops fall somewhere in between.


  • You do NOT have to water your plants, only rake. There is no advantage to watering and there is no disadvantage to not watering.[1]
  • 70-80 seeds/garden is what you should use. You do NOT want to overstuff the room. Well, maybe you do, if you don't mind taking the risk of a stuck pet at adoption and therefore, a stuck account. Assuming that a stuck pet is not for you, you'll want to ensure that each door has at least 3 squares for a pet to walk out of the door. It is also highly recommended to leave some space in the middle for a pet to arrive during adoption. Leaving spaces does allow for some creative designs![1]
  • You will have four (4) days to save your crops from drying up OR becoming overripe. Are you saying to yourself, "You know, there's more to life than WW!" Good news! WW recognizes that and gives you time to save your crops. But, wait there's more ... bad news! WW wants you to keep them at the top of your priority list so you cannot stay away during your week-long vacation. All crops have the same 4-day cycle. When a plant get weeds, you've got 4 days to rake. When a plant is ready to harvest, you've got 4 days to harvest.[1]
  • Plants do get stuck. Some people like to say that its because you don't water. That is not the case. They get stuck whether you water or do not water. Why do they get stuck? Two reasons:
    • In order to avoid a delay in plant growth, you must rake daily! If you do not rake a plant with weeds, the plant cannot grow.
    • Have you looked at those gardens? That room is looking mighty full!! It's the same concept as stuck items in rooms. You're more likely to have a stuck item if your room is overloaded. It can (and does) still happen with nearly empty rooms. Sometimes items unstick by themselves, other times they do not. Fortunately, the gardens usually unstick when you leave the room and then return. If you return in the same day, then your plant will grow as expected. If you return the next day, your plant will be a day behind. How do you ensure that your plant is not "stuck". Inspect the plant. If nothing happens, its stuck. If it says "Water" (or something else), its fine.[1]

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