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Games Room

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Room Overview

This room contains several games that you can play with other members of Webkinz World. To play a game, click on the game you want to play and either choose to play a multiplayer game with another member or to play a one player game with a computer player.

List of Games in the Games Room


Items in Room

What to recreate this room in your house? Here are some of the items you'll need:

Picture Name Item Type
1328-1.png Captain's Quarters Flooring Curio Shop Only
2248-1.png Card Suite Coffee Table Trading Card Item
2238-1.png Chair of Clubs Trading Card Item
2232-1.png Chair of Diamonds Trading Card Item
2233-1.png Chair of Hearts Trading Card Item
2234-1.png Chair of Spades Trading Card Item
2237-1.png Chinese Checkers Side Table Trading Card Item
2239-1.png Classic Gaming Room Walpaper Curio Shop Only
3264-1.png Cool Pooch Pool Table PSI
2236-1.png Crown Me Trophy Pedestal Trading Card Item
4480-1.png Dignified Drape Window Exclusive
4501-1.png Fashionable Gas Fireplace Exclusive
Fluffyingtonsantiquearmchair.png Fluffyington's Antique Armchair Trading Card Item
Fluffingtonsmarblebust.png Fluffyington's Marble Bust Trading Card Item
2252-1.png Game Piece Sofa Trading Card Item
2235-1.png Game Time Canopy Lamp Trading Card Item
535-1.png Giant Venus Flytrap Exclusive
4500-1.png Stately Bookshelf Exclusive
2426-1.png Wooden Grandfather Clock Exclusive
957-1.png Zingoz Switcherooz W-Shop