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Galaxy Theme

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Theme History

The Galaxy Theme was introduced to Webkinz World in February 2010.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
6059-1.png Constellation Convection Oven wShop 850 KC
6026-1.png Constellation Cruiser Chair wShop 430 KC
6027-1.png Constellation Cruiser Counter wShop 410 KC
6025-1.png Constellation Cruiser Passenger Seats wShop 810 KC
6028-1.png Frozen Stasis Fridge wShop 780 KC
6055-1.png Galactic Deck Flooring wShop Deluxe Only: 350 KC
6060-1.png Galactic Hull Pillar wShop 680 KC
6063-1.png Galactic Viewport wShop 625 KC
File:galacticviewscreen.png Galactic Viewscreen wShop 1875 KC
6065-1.png Galactic Wallpaper wShop Deluxe Only: 350 KC
File:navigationcontrolcenter.png Navigation Control Center wShop 625 KC
Spacecaptainschair.png Space Captain's Chair eStore Regular 6,000
Deluxe 5,000
File:spacesensorswallpanel.png Space Sensors Wall Panel wShop 840 KC
6058-1.png Strategic Space Control Table wShop 965 KC

Theme Trivia


When the Galaxy Theme was first introduced, members wondered about the chair-like item under the window in the theme preview. This item was not released with the rest of the furniture. A few weeks after the release of the theme, the Creative Director made the following announcement on Twitter @webkinz:

That was a "cockpit" chair that opened and closed. It didn't work right, so it wasn't released.

Shortly after that, the chair was removed from the theme preview.

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