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GIMP is a free downloadable program that you can use to make and edit graphics:

The web site for this program contains much useful information in its FAQ's and here is a link to GIMP Tutorials:

How to make Transparent Signatures using GIMP

1. Open up GIMP.

2. Go to File > New, and this is what will pop up


3. Choose the sizes. The size limit for WI signatures is 450 x 150. You can later crop it if needed. File:step3.png

4. Now, go to "Advanced Options". Go to where it says "Fill with" Put "Transparent". Click OK. File:step4.png

5. This is what it should look like now.

6. Now, click the big, bold A in the toolbox, and this is what your toolbox should look like once you do.


7. Now, choose your font (I will use my favorite font, Complete in Him) (Most fonts that you find on will need to be downloaded onto GIMP.

To download fonts to gimp, all you have to do is click "start" and go to your computer's control panel and drag your font into that folder and it will appear in your fonts directory on gimp because gimp uses the fonts that are in your folder.

Then, choose your size, color, whatever floats your boat! 


8. Now, click the canvas. This is what should pop up.


9. Write the text that you want in your siggie in that box, and it should start to appear on the canvas. You can adjust the size if you'd like! Once you're done with and you're happy with your text, click CLOSE on the box.

10. There you have it! Now go to File > Save As.


11. Another box will pop out. This is where you'll name and save your new siggie. You should save it as a .PNG for best quality. I will name my siggie Kathy.PNG. Click Save.


TADAAA! There you have it. Look at you, you now have a nice, new signature! Cropping, you say? You can easily crop a photo on a free, easy website, Upload your photo to a free image hosting website, I use Imageshack and Tinypic.

My finished product:


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